Outside Magazine, August 2018



Developers want rivers lined with high-rises and environmentalists want reintroduction of native grasses. A successful waterfront revitalization needs both.

The next generation of socially conscious developers are fighting to make sure downtown revitalization doesn’t just benefit the wealthy

Investing in trails, rapids, and other adventure-sports assets transforms culture and cash flow

Craft breweries inject culture, youth, and cash into communities. It’s no wonder towns across the country are fighting to get one.

Floods of people coming out of the city looking to save have positioned the suburbs for renewal

Techies turn to adventure to blow off steam. As San Francisco and Seattle price out everyone but executives, startups and established firms are seeking surprising outdoor play­grounds to put down roots.

Adventure assets have made millions in these five towns

Green beer isn’t just for Saint Patrick’s day. The craft-beer industry is growing with the planet in mind.

Great places to live don’t just happen—they’re made. We talked to experts around the country to find out exactly what the most livable towns are doing to rev up the local economy and attract adventure-loving residents.

At prices that won't break the bank

Garmin and Apple are among a recent wave of companies who’ve entered the stress tracking market. Do the products live up to their claims?

Eight products used by athletes and expert adventurers to protect their faces from the elements

Golf courses! Water parks! Man-made lakes! If Utah has its way, the retiree oasis of St. George will explode with growth, turning red rock to bluegrass and slaking its thirst with a new billion-dollar pipeline from the Colorado River.

High-mileage trail-running tackle

New York's Citi Bike, one of the largest bike-share programs in the world, relies on a volunteer army to help redistribute some 12,000 bicycles among 750 stations each day, ensuring that users can grab a ride when they need one. Most of these volunteers do a few out-of-the-way deliveries a month. Then there's Joe Miller, whose superhuman efforts seem to defy any plausible explanation.

Thanks to a grassroots movement, it's soon going to get a lot simpler to book campsites on federal lands. But with more than two-thirds of public campgrounds controlled by the states, the work has just begun.

Sleeping in a tent doesn’t have to mean roughing it

What possesses an American cleric, a man of history and scholarship, to renounce his vows, move to a crumbling stone farmhouse in a small French village, and spend his days digging potatoes and translating Thucydides? Bill Donahue goes in search of his favorite unconventional uncle.

The e-commerce behemoth is on its way to becoming the biggest marketplace for outdoor-recreation products and its influence over the industry grows every day. Is this the apocalypse for the shops and brands that have fueled our love of adventure? Or can they learn to fight back without destroying one another?


What it takes to document one of the world's most treacherous races. Words by Marley Walker.


Amazon Is the Future of Gear! Amazon Is the End of Gear! Jeff Bezos’s empire has been called a monopoly in plain sight and a wrecking ball to America’s retail economy. With Amazon grabbing a larger share of gear sales every day, outdoor stores face an existential crisis. Can they do what it takes to hang on? —Mya Frazier

The Monk’s Tale: Who among us hasn’t fantasized about moving to a little French village to sip Beaujolais as the Tour de France passes by on cobblestone streets? That’s what Bill Donahue’s uncle did in the 1980s, renouncing the priesthood for a life of gardening and scholarship. —Bill Donahue

The Purest Form of Bike Angel: Bike-share programs are great—until your pickup station is bone-dry or you get dock-blocked at the drop-off. New York City is solving these problems with a heavenly army of volunteers who earn points for relocating bikes. Tom Vanderbilt rides along with the undisputed champ. —Tom Vanderbilt

The Green Green Grass of Home: Imagine several hundred thousand residents moving to southwestern Utah, SUPing on man-made lakes and whizzing down a seven-story waterslide. To realize this vision, the state plans to suck 86,000 acre-feet per year from the Colorado River through a billion-dollar pipeline. —Mark Sundeen


Big Idea

End the Campground Monopoly: Reserving a campsite on public lands has been a painful experience for way too long, a consequence of the data-hoarding private companies in charge of book­ings. Marc Peruzzi wants a bigger tent.


Portfolio: Jen Edney on what it takes to shoot sailing’s round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race.

Best Towns

The Dream Town Blueprint: How does a city become a thriving adventure destination, the kind of spot where people long to move? According to America’s favorite cities, you’ll need a spruced-up waterfront, some craft beer, and a commitment to recreation.


Sunglasses: We can see clearly now with Oakley’s Flight Jacket shades.

Editors’ Choice

Essential Summer Gear: Our curated collection of all the right stuff to elevate your adventure game, whether camping, hiking, running, traveling, or making a splash.

The Process

Kelly Slater: How the champion surfer built his sustainable clothing brand Outerknown.


Wellness: Does your fitness tracker hold the key to beating stress?

Laird’s Laws: Don’t go it alone—you need a workout partner.

Grooming: Skincare for the burning season.