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Bringing local specialties home with you can be tricky, thanks to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's often impenetrable, occasionally draconian rules. Here's how to get the good stuff back safely.

Classic American adventures with great meals

Kristofor Lofgren, sustainable seafood expert and founder of Portland, Oregon's Bamboo Sushi, talks about his business and the seafood industry

Some of the greats in local liquor

Think the New York City Marathon is punishing? Try filling up on the the city's most iconic foods as you go.

Belize has world-famous diving and wild rainforests. This lodge has the menu to match.

From southern Europe to southeast Asia, six regions where great adventure is infused with even better food. Pack your appetite.

In the quest to make—and sell—the perfect drink, no one is going further than Scott Lindquist of Alaska Distillery. To concoct his premium vodkas, he hunts down 300-pound icebergs on Prince William Sound, then taps their ancient waters to power mysterious blends that keep winning awards. David Kushner heads north to sail and sip with the intrepid craftsman.

A rare look inside the nutrition lab at the Olympic Training Center reveals how America's best athletes eat to win

Top athletes share their meal strategies

Artisanal and organic are wildly overrated when you have a bag of freeze-dried food to cook up after a bitterly cold backcountry day. So says Steven Rinella, who reveals his love affair with mummified grub.

Hunting is making a comeback by tapping a new crowd of athletic locavores, and that means big business for performance-minded gear companies

Chef Blaine Wetzel has one rule for his 18-course dinners at Washington's remote Willows Inn. Whether it's geoduck or fried moss, everything is foraged, fished, or farmed on a nine-square-mile patch of rocky coast.

Body fat is just an inert layer of blubber, right? If only. New research shows that it's more like a toxic parasite that doesn't want to let go. The good news: if you exercise and eat right, you can force it to.

"If I die here on the road, at least I'm doing something to change my life."

From paleo to gluten-free, fueling an active day is more confusing than ever. Until now. Simplify your options with long-time food columnist and bestselling author Mark Bittman’s delicious new plan.

Real Men Love Kale
Bestselling food columnist Mark Bittman reveals a simple and delicious new plan to fuel your active day. Surprise: it’s mostly vegan.

Eating the Island
People are flocking to Washington’s remote Willows Inn, where 26-year-old chef Blaine Wetzel creates feverishly creative tasting menus fished, farmed, and foraged out his back door. By Rowan Jacobsen

Your fat has a brain. Seriously. And it’s trying to kill you. The only thing that can save you is fat’s worst enemy: muscle. Bill Gifford reports from the front lines of the battle for control of your body.

Hunger Is the Best Sauce
When you’re hunkered down in a tent in bone-chilling rain, damn if freeze-dried grub isn’t some of the tastiest cuisine you’ll ever try. An ode to the modern foodie’s worst nightmare. By Steven Rinella

Cold Fusion
Meltwater from ancient glaciers: that’s how Alaska Distillery iceberg cowboy Scott Lindquist starts his vodka recipe. And to get it, he uses ropes, climbing screws, and a hockey stick to lasso-car-size cubes in Prince William Sound. By David Kushner

Apparel designers are creating gear for a new generation of athletic hunters—and making a killing.
Crisis Response:
Mapping the urgent work of hunger relief.
Restaurateur Kristofor Lofgren breaks down the challenges of sustainable sushi.
Craft distilleries and the craze for hometown hooch.
The only four cookbooks you’ll ever need.
Bagels, pizza, knish. A food marathon in New York City.

Eat Here Now:
From Spain to Vietnam, the best trips for hungry adventurers.
Go List:
Getting exotic treats through customs; Alta’s anniversary ale; great airport dining.
Base Camp:
Slow food meets tropical living in Belize.
Weekend Plan:
Five perfect pit stops after a day of climbing, surfing, hiking, or canyoneering.

The nutrition fueling America’s best athletes is as important as their exercise regimens. Nick Heil goes behind the scenes at the Olympic Training Center.

Your guide to going whole hog come barbecue season.
Buying Right:
Why manual coffeemakers are best.
Our mashup of the burliest blenders.