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Outside Magazine, September/October 2019



Deer, ducks, and other quarry won't even know you're there

Whether you're bringing Fido up a volcano or on an impossibly long trail, these tips from runner Alex Borsuk will help you and your pooch stay safe and happy

After Kirstie Ennis lost her leg, she climbed some of the hardest mountains in the world. And she’s just getting started.

Catch a big one in any kind of water

Say goodbye to your fitness tracker. Now your workout gear can deliver your stats.

A handful of new products are claiming they can. The jury's still out on whether they deliver enough of an edge to justify the agony.

Caffeine is old news on the supplement scene. These next-gen coffee products aim for additional benefits.

Believers in Mass Timber say smaller trees are the ultimate renewable construction material, but only if we learn to be smarter farmers and builders

Yes, fall in the northeast equals peak foliage. But the season also offers up an abundance of uncrowded adventures in the mountains, on lakes, and along the coast.

Upgrade your kit with well-made essentials

In April, alpinists David Lama, Jess Roskelley, and Hansjörg Auer went silent during a harrowing expedition in Canada. The climbing community mobilized, first for a search and then for a memorial. In the wake of the tragedy, writer Nick Heil examines the motives of cutting-edge climbers and wonders: How close should we stand to our own mortality to feel alive?


A few of our favorite adventure photographers share the behind-the-scenes tales of their legendary pictures


Colin O’Brady Wants to Tell You a Story: The explorer’s crossing of Antarctica put him in the spotlight. His skill in presenting himself to audiences hungry for vulnerable heroes will keep him there. —Tim Neville

Up Next: How climate change is disrupting wilderness exploration, opening up some places and shutting down others.

The Island of No Return: In 2018, John Allen Chau traveled to a remote speck of sand and jungle in the Indian Ocean, attempting to convert one of the world’s last uncontacted tribes to Christianity. Alex Perry pieces together the life and death of a young adventurer driven by unshakable faith.

Up Next: Disabled military veteran Kirstie Ennis makes a bid for the Explorers Grand Slam.

Cast Away: As the plastics crisis spirals out of control, an unlikely collection of executives and environmentalists set sail for the North Atlantic Gyre in a desperate attempt to find common ground. —Rowan Jacobsen

Up Next: Drag queen Pattie Gonia is transforming the outdoor industry.

The Dying of the Light: Last spring, alpinists David Lama, Hansjörg Auer, and Jess Roskelley were killed on Howse Peak. In the wake of the tragedy, Nick Heil wonders: How close should we stand to our own mortality to feel alive?

Up Next: Nirmal Purja chases a speed record on the world’s tallest mountains.


Big Idea

There Will Be Wood: Mass timber offers a smart way forward for logging and construction in America, but only if we can learn how to grow, harvest, and process trees like other crops. —Marc Peruzzi


Climate Change: Without a cast or narration, the abstract film Aquarela attempts to convey the urgency of our warming planet.


Fly Rods: Superior sticks for all kinds of waters.

Fishing: Upgrade your kit with well-made essentials.

Hunting: Deer and ducks won’t even know you’re there.

Tips and Tricks: Wisdom from MeatEater’s Steven Rinella, an angling knot to master, and stew made with Guinness.


Fall Away: Bright pieces that are ready to hit the road. 


New England: Autumn offers up an abundance of epic, uncrowded adventures to the region’s coasts, mountains, and lakes.

Base Camp: A new lodge in Bolivia’s Uyuni salt flats exponentially ups the awe factor. 


Performance: A handful of new brain endurance training apps are hitting the market. Can they deliver enough of an edge to justify the mental agony? 

Training: How to run farther with your adventure dog

Fuel: Next-generation coffee products that kick it up a notch.

Tools: Say goodbye to your fitness tracker. Now your workout gear can deliver your stats.