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I moved to Vermont for college and want to take up cross-country skiing. Can you point me toward the gear I’ll need? Heather Burlington, Vermont

I need a women’s shell that’s versatile enough for both ski and around-the-town use. I considering Mountain Hardwear’s Descent DT Trifecta. What would you recommend? Kelly Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My 17 -year-old son would like to try snowshoeing. He has done a lot of hiking and climbing in the past but only a little skiing. What would you recommend for a good starter set? Ellen North Chath, New York

Swedish freestyle skier JON OLSSON, 24, dispenses advice on international relations and the best tool for making a good kicker

Garage Saver Workbench When tackling your gear mess this winter, remember these numbers: 23.9, 15.9, 16.5. Those are the dimensions, in inches, of an 18-gallon Rubbermaid bin. Little else can match the plastic cubes for back-of-the-pickup weather resistance or Lego-like use of space. Put some sustainably harvested lumber to…

You've always wanted to try the park. X Games gold medalist Simon Dumont shows you where to start.

It ain't easy being the sponsor (a.k.a. old man) of a competitive snowboard artiste (a.k.a. my teenage son). Lend an ear, and a shoulder, and I'll tell you all about it.

As a rule, the best snow at any ski resort isn’t served by a chairlift. You gottahike. Here’s a cheap, easy way to carry your skis without killing your shouldersor thwacking your buddy: Make your own ski sling. Start by taking 12 feet of 1.5-inchflat webbing and tying it into…

Listen to an interview with photographer and climber Jimmy Chin and see photo outtakes from the January Exposure Special, "The No Fall Zone," here.

Matthew Godfrey, the 36-year-old mayor of Ogden, Utah, wants to transform his town into the business center of the winter-sports universe. His biggest obstacle? Ogden, Utah.

If Phil Mahre’s name rings a bell, you’re probably old enough to have bought a Devo album for the music rather than the irony. It’s been 22 years since the Yakima, Washington, native retired after dominating alpine skiing with three straight overall World Cup titles from 1981 to 1983 and…

From Alaskan powder to New England ice, these skis will make you better

Taking their cues from urban sidewalks and fashion runways, sportswear designers redefine the look of winter

The biggest development for the telemark set since the beard trimmer is the debut this season of high-performance pivot bindings, which release under the ball of the foot in touring mode so you don't have to fight against boot flex and spring-loaded heel cables with every step. Our pick: BLACK…

Lynsey Dyer, 24, already has her own TV show, a self-designed T-shirt line, and a budding career as a big-mountain freeskier. But that’s not enough. This past summer, she spent two weeks with a crew of snowboarders in New Zealand, learning freestyle moves that she hopes will enhance her repertoire.

A freeskier graduates from the Ivy League to avy country

Five boutique ski hotels that take the "lodge" out of winter lodging

Two former Olympians roll out Alaska's first high-end heli-hotel

Find the snowy side of summer at these four Southern Hemisphere ski camps

And I'm about to give him one—along with a good, swift kick in the ass

It was tough weeding through the best skis on the market for the 2007 Snow Report and while we stand by our choices, we thought a few more deserved honorable mention. Here, some outtakes from our hours of exhaustive testing. Plus: See exclusive behind the scenes images from our photo shoot in Aspen.

It's not just the tight pants and helmet; Philippe Gardent's new career as an NFL linebacker will have him using all the tools of his ski-racing past

The Ski Junkie's guide to the sickest skiing and hottest cold-weather happenings this winter

Still bragging about that one winter after college when you got in 100 days of skiing? Well, if all goes smoothly, on July 27 Rainer Hertrich will board a lift at Oregon’s Timberline Ski Area for his 1,000th straight day on the slopes. The 45-year-old telemarker has been following winter…

Inside Jamie Pierre's record leap at Grand Targhee

[A] Ski Atomic Janak: Light and fast gives way to light and fat. The Janak is perfect for opening it up in steep powder fields or resort crud. $628; [B] BOOT Scarpa Tornado: With interchangeable, flex-adjusting tongues, the Tornado is ready to tour or tackle the…

Most resorts never develop the cachet of Aspen, and many go bust. According to the National Ski Areas Association, more than 400 hills have shut down across the country in the past 30 years. But though the lifts may be gone, the cleared runs remain—untracked and there for the taking…

Who rules the freeskiing world of big air and deadly steeps—The technical European perfectionists or the up-all-night American hot-doggers? We brought Micah Black and Dominique Perret, the stars of each continent, to British Columbia for some head-to-head competition. No excuses. No exceptions. No slowing down. And the winner is...

Follow all the action from Turin and the Piedmont Alps as the 20th Winter Olympics gets underway in Italy

Kris Freeman has a shot at nordic gold—if he can find his sweet spot

The last time the U.S. led the final medal count at a Winter Games, in 1932, only 17 nations took part, dogsled racing was an exhibition sport, and alpine skiing wasn't even on the program. Since then, Norway, Germany, and Russia have controlled the Olympics like an Axis of Snow, while Americans still cling to 1980's Miracle on Ice. But a look at the talent poo

The U.S. men's ski team, once equal to the world's best, has spent a generation falling short of past glories. But the bad boys of alpine racing are back—with a killer gleam in their eyes. Here's how the Yanks rebuilt the beast from the boots up.

Alpine skiing we can do. Ditto hockey. But bobsledding? Ski jumping? Some winter sports seem about as accessible as Dick Cheney. But getting started in these cold-weather exotics is easier than you think, and you can do it at some of the best facilities in the world.

Deer Valley, Utah; Whistler, British Columbia

The man who defined steep and deep meets a tragic end

You don't always need a bird to find powdery perfection in British Columbia

Let the Games begin!

Whether you're skating perfect corduroy or blazing backcountry powder, skinny-skiing the wide-open West is the path to cold-weather bliss

What is the best current model of the Motorola Talkabouts to purchase for skiing? I gather the 280SLK and the T-Series are no longer made, but I find today's models confusing so I need some help. The units must be rechargeable. Diane Roslyn, New York

A new documentary takes on the snowboarding revolution—and launches one of its own

With heli-ski tours in the central Alps, the Swiss prove their mastery of perfection�again

Stop arguing. We surveyed the experts and shall now define, once and for all, a good skier.

Outside has partnered with Teton Gravity Research to bring you the latest and greatest in the world of ski films. “The Tangerine Dream,” the latest from Teton Gravity Research (TGR), is a film that represents ten years of broken down trucks, wanderlust and some down and dirty skiing and snowboarding.

Andrew McLean is a shaggy-haired, left-brained industrial designer whose inventions are revolutionizing the world of adventure skiing. He's also found the perfect guinea pig to take his gear to outrageous new heights: himself.

When an avalanche killed an out-of-bounds snowboarder in Utah, many assumed he was a reckless novice. The scary truth? Experts make most of the lethal mistakes.

What gear is required for heli-skiing? What works best, from a pack to shovel and survival equipment? Colton Chaska, Minnesota

Let Cancún have the crowds. Four spots that lend style to spring debauchery.

If you were to die and go to snowboarder heaven, it might look a lot like the DC Mountain Lab, a 22-acre R&D facility and crash pad in Utah’s Wasatch Range, operated by SoCal-based DC Shoes, maker of snowboard boots, skate footwear, and board-sport apparel. Company president Ken Block, 37,…

From Italy's classic Sella Ronda to a new peak in the French Pyrenees, here's a primo selection of the best skiing on the continent

Let's be honest: Heli-skiing means blowing a significant sum—you'll typically drop at least five grand per week. Like all the finer things in life, however, it's not about the cost. It's about what you get for your money. And with more than three dozen outfitters now operating in North America, you can practically handpick the accoutrements that will make

U.S. students have Cancún and sunburns. The British university elite have Austria and tingling buttocks.

I can't find boots that allow me to do it all. What lightweight options are there that allow me to hike in on a long approach, climb with crampons, and carve home smoothly wearing a loaded pack? I suppose a good example would be something suitable for the Sierra Haute backcountry route. Pavle Redding, California

Come along for a wild ride with Warren Miller, the man who invented the art of extreme-ski filmmaking. Even at 80, he can still out-rip you on any slope in the world.

The Four Seasons Jackson Hole, which opened last year and is the chain’s first hotel in snow country, does everything for its guests except ski: Attendants bring complimentary heated robes and towels, hot chocolate, and s’mores to the outdoor, geothermal-style Jacuzzis and heated swimming pools. The ski concierge provides custom…

I have flat feet. I find most Burton snowboarding boots are too narrow, so my feet get tired and sore very quickly. Do you have any recommendations for a good pair of boots for my flat feet? Chao New York City

An Overview of Last Season's Ski Gear

Over 170 of the world’s best—and craziest—athletes tested their mettle at Crested Butte’s 2004 Saab U.S. Extreme Freeskiing Championships last month (February 25 through 28), each hoping to beat the competition with hair-raising runs down the mountain’s steep and technical Extreme Limits terrain. extreme skiing, Colorado Airborne at the…

Freeskier Seth Morrison, 30, thinks nothing of hucking off 60-foot mountain ledges. Snowboarder Keir Dillon, 26, routinely performs McTwists 15 feet above halfpipe lips. Speed skater Derek Parra, 33, powers around an ice oval at 25 miles per hour. All three are superb athletes, but which of them is the…

What happens when a veteran mountain guide has to follow someone else's lead for a day of heli-skiing? Heads swell, powder flies, and somebody gets handed a big slice of humble pie. Dave Hahn confesses.

Bode Miller has everything you could want in a World Cup ski racer. He's fast, fearless, and frequently out of control. He can drink like a sailor and swear like a snowboarder, and he's got the talent to take it all from those grim Austrian cyborgs. Most amazing, he's American. Can we make this guy a hero already?

Ramp up your winter repertoire with new skiing and snowboarding skillz, brought to you by the pros who know.

What do you get when you bus two dozen high school seniors from the Nebraska flatlands to the peaks of Colorado for their first winter trip to the Rockies? You get an all-American rite of passage, gangsta rap, and terror on the bunny slope. You get kissy-face, rough surf in the hot tub, flaming stogies, brazen thongs, and a blizzard of memories that will last f

Slicing through powder at Copper Mountain Q: Can you tell me which ski areas open the earliest? Would it be worth making a trip to snag some early turns or am I better off waiting? — Heidi Hagemeier, Bend, Oregon Adventure Advisor:…

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa is Outside‘s November 2003 Rising Star—and for good reason. The 23-year-old Utah native is one of the hottest names in fusion skiing, an extreme style that crosses freeskiing with terrain-park tricks. Below, watch a video clip of Cattabriga-Alosa performing high-flying stunts in Teton Gravity Research’s latest film, High…

Brothers Tom (the good son) and Jerry (the bad seed) are about to join their fellow flatlanders for a zero-to-60 weekend of skiing and snowboarding at a skyscraping resort two miles above sea level. Watch as they confront the pitfalls of poor preparation, altitude sickness, dehydration, muscle fatigue, and draft beer. With this survival guide, we'll show you, w

READY TO GRAB FRESH BIG AIR? We’ve got hemispheres of the white stuff—and timely beta on boosting your stamina, choosing the right equipment, and finding singular steeps close to home. Who says winter ever needs to end? Get Out There For more great worldwide skiing and snowboarding destinations,…

When it comes to winter, downhill isn't the only direction

The call came on Tuesday. A friend had to bail from a trip to the Bill Putnam Hut, a helicopter-accessed ski cabin of near-mythic fame in eastern British Columbia. The catch? I had to leave on Friday. DETAILS Reserve the BILL PUTNAM (FAIRY MEADOW) HUT and helicopter transportation through the…

There’s something immensely appealing about lacing up a pair of skates with long, thin blades and soaring so fast on ice that your snot freezes. I’m not alone in my feelings; participation in distance skating is growing, across open ponds and lakes and on manicured 400-meter outdoor ovals. The two…

The author's father traveled the world, shipped out on the last commercial sailing voyage around Cape Horn, and handed down a legacy of adventure. But his risk-taking spirit had a dark side—and its shadow fell across a final winter rendezvous in Aspen.

Maegan Carney wants to be the first woman to ski Everest

Noted ski mountaineer Andrew McLean, named one of the planet’s finest athletes by Outside in December 2001, departed his home in Salt Lake City with an ambitious goal in his sites: to be the first to complete a continuous ski descent of Alaska’s 14,573-foot Mt. Hunter. With first descents already…

Ten years ago, extreme snowboarder Stephen Koch cooked up a media-savvy plan to become the first to climb and ride down the Seven Summits. Now there's only one mountain left to conquer: Everest. And for his grand finale, Koch is determined to fling himself down the most dangerous descent possible.

During two deadly weeks this winter, avalanches swept away 14 lives in the heart of British Columbia's remote backcountry. Were these simply unpredictable, unstoppable acts of nature with a brutal cost? Or did somebody make crucial mistakes? An exclusive report details what really happened—and unfolds the agony of a grieving guide who led his clients to th

He's got a three-week Greyhound Discovery Pass, a map of mom-and-pop ski hills, and a yen to see the west from the vantage of a pungent window seat. From Utah's Beaver Mountain to Idaho's Bogus Basin, our telemark-toting reporter logs 5,000 miles in search of the answer to the immortal question: where's the fresh?

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