If you want to print phone pictures worth hanging on your walls, the new iPhone 15 might be for you

The Tune M1 is an impressive entry into the truck camper category

Our tester sacrifices her teeth to find out

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The top nonprofits win a customized Land Rover Defender 130 and a pile of cash. Cast your vote starting on September 15 to help choose this year’s winners.

Study shows BOA’s dial-based fit system improves trail running performance

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Equip your rig with everything from a portable table to the right tires, and enjoy the best of four-wheeled adventure

We examine the correlation between rider height and the ideal crank arm length. The results might surprise you.

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Watch three teams of Bronco ambassadors put their outdoor skills to the ultimate test in the first episode of Wildly Wyoming

We’re entering the Goldilocks age of backcountry boots. These new models aren’t too heavy and they aren’t too flimsy—they’re just right for a variety of adventures.

These downhill ski boots are designed for ladies who exclusively charge the resort

These high-performance boots are made for carving up the ‘roy and charging off-piste

These new alpine and touring bindings come packed with exciting features

These lightweight skis don’t just power up the skintrack. They’re bonafide downhill performers.

Looking for the perfect backcountry ski for deep days and big missions? Start here.

We tested more than 100 pairs of skis. These 10 were the best in test.

These wide, rockered planks will help you milk those powder days for all they are worth

These wide, rockered planks designed for the deepest days of the year do more than float—they fly

These all-mountain skis have a little more underfoot, more rocker, and more fun in powder

If you ski mountains that measure snowfall in feet rather than inches, these wide rides are for you

No matter the mountain, no matter the conditions, these sticks won't let you down

Introducing the best one-ski-quiver options of the year

These skis with narrower waists are versatile resort chargers that know how to get on edge and play in the bumps

These narrower sticks may have a knack for groomers, but they also like to play in the bumps and crud

This is hands-down the most impressive resort-meets-backcountry boot we’ve ever tried

For the third year in a row, this ski bested the rest in the powder category

This year’s best carving ski will allow you to live out your World Cup racing fantasy

No other women’s frontside ski comes close to the Wildcat’s carving chops

These consumer-friendly carving skis remind us why laying trenches on groomers is so dang fun

Featuring a little more party in the back, this Enforcer likes to play in the deep stuff

Finally, a QST model specifically designed for backcountry adventures

If you fancy yourself a World Cup-level skier, this new high-performance boot is for you

If you’re in the market for a pair of carvers to slice up the ‘roy and live out your racing fantasy, check out this list

If you like the Black Pearl but like a little more energy from your skis, try these sticks on for size

Your flashy new snowboard may be the star of the show, but it’s nothing without these sidekick pieces of gear

20 testers tried 19 splitboards, plus a handful of boots, bindings, and accessories. These were the winners.

40 testers tested 57 snowboards over the course of a week in Sugar Bowl, CA. These are the cream of the crop.

The Allbirds Tree Flyer 2 proves you can care about the environment and still get high performance

We put 24 pairs of boots and 37 cross-country necessities through the wringer this season and narrowed down the 12 best items.

7 testers tried 26 pairs of cross-country skis in all conditions—from late-season slush to deep powder. These four came out on top.

Late summer arrived. We soaked up every minute with this gear.

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After covering over 1,200 miles through picturesque parts of Wyoming—competing in outdoor challenges along the way—we have a winner.

SylvanSport’s TrailLoft is a budget-friendly option for serious car campers or folks that want to start overlanding

High-end bibs will literally save your ass 

Twelve kids and six adults tested more than a dozen water toys to determine which were the most durable and fun

Making your own camp stove out of a cat food or soda can used to be a rite of passage for backpackers. But with canister stoves getting lighter and cheaper—and fire bans getting more and more common—one Backpacker editor argues their time has come. (Plus: Another editor dissents.)

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. But with the Earth's climate in whiplash, that's up for debate. Here's the apparel you need to deal with it.

Ten non-plated running shoes that let your feet move freely, provide stable cushioning, and deliver a fast, agile ride

Safer and more versatile than a hatchet, this tool makes processing wood for fires easy

Fixed-length lenses offer higher-quality glass and wider apertures, but they’ll also train you to become a more talented photographer

Easy shifting and fun hydration are a recipe for happiness

Trust us, you don’t want to rent that wetsuit

On paper, the Amazfit Cheetah Pro is the brand’s most complete offering, but does the AMOLED-screened, multi-band GPS watch deliver on its promises?

They taste great and make post-workout nutrition a breeze

We found a novel treatment that actually removes the itch

The antiquated bicycle technology is quiet, reliable, and more inspiring than newer gizmos

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Watch what happened when this six-year run streaker and HOKA Global Athlete Ambassador took on an iconic ultramarathon in California's Sierra Nevada

Enhanced with a forked carbon-fiber plate, responsive midsole foam, and Vibram rubber tread, the Ultrafly is Nike’s first high-performance trail racing shoe

Deceptive eco-marketing techniques prey on consumers looking to make responsible purchases. Follow these tips to avoid getting duped.

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Three teams of Bronco ambassadors hit the road to experience all the treasures Wyoming has to offer

Some experienced surfers might scoff at them, but these user-friendly soft-tops are the best wave-riding gateway drug

Most running footwear caters to heel-strikers. These models meet the needs of runners who land on their toes.

Bring the movie of the year to your local trailhead this summer

Priced in the mid-$50,000 range, this all-new 4x4 is more accessible, and more capable, than ever before

The Atacama’s low-maintenance durability and comfort makes me overlook its clunky appearance 

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These minimalist vestpacks deliver all-day comfort on fast-and-light routes

The products we used during the hottest month of the year

The Winnebago eRV2 is a promising new camper van slated for launch in early 2024. We took it for a five-day test drive to find out how practical it was for weekend trips and longer jaunts.

Our very own crazy dog person shares tips for keeping your dogs safe on the road in record-breaking temperatures. Plus, get his take on the perfect dogmobile.

As a veteran gear tester, here’s the apparel that helps me conquer heat and humidity—and lets me focus on the finish line, not what I’m wearing

I tested 35 eco-friendly pieces over 600 miles. Here are 11 tops and bottoms that performed as well or better than non-recycled apparel.

With everything stored in an expandable truck-bed drawer, you can get straight to cooking

The tour’s brought the stoke to festivals, local shops, and trailheads all summer long—and it’s not over yet. We’ve got dozens more events this summer and fall. See where we’re headed next, and enter to win a sweet gear package worth $5,000!

Sometimes the simplest experience is all you need

IFMGA guide Jed Porter walks us through the gear in his ski-mountaineering kit for North America’s highest peak

After years of testing, these five products are still going strong

Hint: It’s not a yes or no answer—it’s about having options

Pushing modern communication and management tools deeper into challenging terrain will allow firefighters to work smarter—and safer