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Developed and tested on the Pacific Crest Trail—the new adidas TERREX Free Hiker 2.0 is your next long-distance shoe

We put the brand’s fit tool—and the shoes’ runabilty—to the test  

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All ski jackets and pants will eventually be available in three fit choices: fitted, regular, and relaxed, and skiers can choose them based on fit and style preference

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Brooks’s innovative Aurora BL gives your feet both comfort and freedom

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For outdoor excursions big and small, here’s everything you need to be more than ready

Meet the Lightship L1, a pop-up, hard-sided RV that’s towable with an EV

The Tecton X made me a Hoka convert—the updated second version improves it without messing with what I love

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Follow the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers on a loop packed with history and adventure

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Libby DeLana never misses a day outdoors. Here’s what she’s learned—and here are the shoes that keep her going.

The future of bike technology was on display at the legendary Taipei Cycle Show

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Get better Zs with this advice from two seasoned sleep experts

You've got options in the climbing skin department. Here's how to choose the right pair for you.

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Do your favorite running routes mix road and trail? The Nike Pegasus Trail 4 GORE-TEX INVISIBLE FIT is the secret sauce for excelling everywhere.

For riders who have been on the fence about making the switch to a wireless electronic drivetrain, SRAM's Eagle Transmission makes the most compelling argument yet.

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Expert advice on keeping your pup calm, safe, and happy in the car

The company is urging all users to immediately stop using the beacon and either update the firmware or return the device for a full refund

MoonBikes is unleashing its quiet, eco-friendly, and easy-to-ride electric snowbikes in the U.S.

Donate? Auction? Burn? Experts weigh in on how the apparel giant should navigate its footwear crisis. 

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Our editor has tips for staying warm—but not too toasty

Which is better: a couple of pieces that capably do the job, or an array of options for dialed-in performance?

Here’s what our team used to thrive last month

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that the products can release harmful magnets when the closure systems degrade or fail

What we can learn about winter safety from drivers behaving badly in California and Nevada

Topo’s super-foam-powered Cyclone 2 perfects the brand’s vision of combining the best qualities of natural-movement footwear and cushioned running shoes

Long a staple of quality fixed-blade knives, the grippiest handle material is now adding traction to folding knives, too

Many rider focus on downhill performance above all else. So why the obsession with lightweight parts?

For when you want to get groceries one day and access a remote fishing hole the next

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The latest technology from Iridium keeps execs and entrepreneurs online in the most remote parts of the world

You’ll have a new challenge and it will give you a new way to see your local hill

My other boots are gathering dust since I started wearing Blundstone’s Thermal Chelsea Boots

We explain the differences between the options on the market, so you can find the one makes the most sense for your riding style

Bikes don't run trouble-free forever. Here are some preventative and diagnostic tips and tricks to keep you riding.

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The Rivera 3 delivers the benefits of Altra's footshaped fit and balanced, zero-drop design without feeling weird

There can be advantages to both, so what is right for you?

This crossover features clever packaging, self-leveling rear suspension, and standout design

The all-new Salomon QST Echo 106 is a lighter weight QST 106 designed for uphill slogs and downhill joy rides

It's easier than it's ever been, but there are still some nuances to understand

COROS just launched the APEX 2 Pro Kilian Jornet Edition, and it comes with the chance to join a 12-week virtual training program with the GOAT himself

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