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Nature documentary meets virtual reality with Into the Now, a new series by award-winning photojournalist Michael Muller

If our half-baked effort resulted in the first Grim Donut going six seconds quicker than a production bike, what would happen if we sat down and took it a bit more seriously?

Ready or not, BOA is coming to a downhill ski boot near you

Just as cozy with remarkable technology? Consider me a convert.

The Norda 001 G+ Spike tames impossible trails while keeping you dry and protected in winter weather

The Happier Camper HC1 Studio isn't just pretty

Columnist Eben Weiss argues that any shoe is potentially a great bike shoe

These eight water-shedding shoes laugh in the face of snow, sleet, slush, and rain

16 tester favorites for the 2023 season

The activity tracking company received criticism after raising fees based on a user’s region, billing type, and date of signup

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Matt Mendes is inspiring the new spirit of fly fishing

Ask yourself these key questions to choose the right ski shell for you

Going minimalist can heighten anxieties about staying safe in the backcountry. Here’s how to let some of them go

Some of our favorite gear is garbage. And that's why we love it so much

We scoured the iconic brand's winter sale and found some of our favorite gear at 40 percent off

Sure, everyone has a light on their phone, but preparedness nerds, we need something more

After testing trail-running kits from dozens of brands in an array of nasty conditions, I’ve found my favorite pieces 

After two years of testing, our writer says the Colorado Teardrops Summit Pinnacle gets the job done and more

From electric off-roaders to heavy-duty trucks for towing trailers

From beanies to toe warmers, here's the best cycling kit for cold-weather commutes

The popularity of gravel cycling has prompted tire manufacturers to go wider and softer. Has the trend gone too far?

The Rustler and Sheeva have been top-performing skis for years, but Blizzard is updating them anyway. We went to the company’s factory in Austria to find out why.

Snowtrekker’s new release is the perfect portable, wood-burning dry or wet sauna. Fire it up to unwind after a long winter run or cozy up before bed.

The Mountain Hardwear Kor Airshell Warm is our tester’s new favorite layer

From what to buy to what to leave behind, our ultralight columnist offered up essential advice this year

Five cold-weather merino wool pieces that combine superior performance and longevity

Washing your face or bowl with Dr. Bronner’s? Sure. Using it to cure congestion? Maybe. Using it as toothpaste? Hmm.

Bryan Rogala reviews the Leitner Forged Active Cargo System, Decked Drawers, and CargoGlide

Which down alternative does the best job of keeping you warm without weighing you down?

Zoe Gates went winter backpacking with guide Eric Larsen, and learned valuable lessons on cold-weather gear, nutrition, navigation, and survival

Bryan Rogala gets a tour of Brian Smith’s latest van build

I signed up for the On Cyclon subscription running-shoe service and get a perfectly clean new pair every three months

After enduring a wet, cold hunting trip, I’m going to make a versatile, ultra-lightweight shelter an essential piece of my backpacking kit 

Which of these popular aprés accessories burns brighter?

Should the Yonder replace your Nalgene?

Others can’t compete with the latest synthetic insulation and rugged construction

Usually, I ignore Instagram’s advertisements—but it’s getting harder and harder to. So I decided to put the app’s algorithm to the test.

Cotton isn’t for the backcountry, but it has a spot everywhere else

Winter backpacking doesn't have to be about suffering. For cheerful cold-weather trips, we can learn something from the Danes

These items make it easy to get out before work for some much-needed, quiet contemplation.

Need the nuclear option for staying warm this winter? Reach for one of these five ultra-cozy winter essentials.

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Whether you’re on a road trip, in an off-roading competition, or rescuing marine wildlife, the Land Rover Defender is the vehicle for the job

Articles editor Frederick Dreier faced a tighter-than-normal budget in 2022. These items helped him enjoy the outdoors without breaking the bank.

From tiny pocketknives to freeze-dried foods, these ultralight-friendly gifts are best presented in a sub-one-ounce merino sock

If you’re small-framed, you could be in for some serious savings

In the market for a new, very capable all-round mountain bike? One of these five options might do the trick.

Who doesn’t have last-minute shopping to do? We have you covered.

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Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged

Led by one of the outdoors' biggest retailers, some manufacturers may soon ditch women's and men's sleeping bags for nonbinary ones made to fit a wide variety of bodies

Highlights from the first-ever Outside Gear Summit

Who says smartphones take you out of the moment? Used smartly, they can open your mind and make you more present than ever.

Reliable weather apps are crucial for summer adventure-planning, so we spent a month testing dozens to find the best ones

Reusable canisters power our backyard grill, so why not our car-camping stove?

A consumer advocacy group’s recent report raises urgent health questions about other next-to-skin layers

From the diehard gear nerd to those new to the sport, we found something for every powder seeker at Backcountry’s winter sale

High-end materials and designs go mainstream, delivering smooth-rolling, versatile rides for every runner

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Almost every part of Salomon’s high-performance S/Pro Alpha series is completely customizable

From backyard to base camp, these are the gifts we’ll be giving to the cushy campers in our lives

It seems like a sin of omission not to help a new cyclist learn the basics of flat repair, since a puncture is often the difference between a few minutes of roadside futzing and waiting for a car ride home

The Swiss brand, known for its unique cushioning pods, has transcended running with its style and innovation

These essentials will make your life a whole lot easier, and more fun, when you’re deep in the backcountry

From coveralls to boots, these items will have you shooting sharp all day (or night) long

Where most brands pursue light weight and packability, this Montana-based apparel company chases breathability

Trailblazers and trendsetters from the past five decades

The new Kia EV feels roomy, looks stylish, and can go for 274 miles per charge

Everything from sustainable soft goods to thermoplastic wheels and frames

Don't wait til the last minute—check everyone off your list while these deals last

The case for modifying a cheap commuter bike instead of buying the newest, fanciest ride

Score some of the best prices of the year on some of our favorite gear

Our hiking columnist knows firsthand that buying gifts for the hiker in your life can induce anxiety. These affordable finds from independent companies can’t miss.

Is your home filled with rusty cassettes, threadbare Lycra shorts, and butyl tubes awaiting repair? Columnist Eben Weiss knows what to do with your used bike junk.

We found the best kicks for connecting with the earth and setting your feet free

Late fall turned out some inclement weather for our first-ever Gear Summit—but that just meant good conditions for testing products from 28 brands

Garmin's new small satellite communication tool is simpler, but it's their new app that makes the real difference

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See clearly when it’s cloudy, sunny, or snowy