Late summer arrived. We soaked up every minute with this gear.

SylvanSport’s TrailLoft is a budget-friendly option for serious car campers or folks that want to start overlanding

Safer and more versatile than a hatchet, this tool makes processing wood for fires easy

We found a novel treatment that actually removes the itch

The products we used during the hottest month of the year

With everything stored in an expandable truck-bed drawer, you can get straight to cooking

When it comes to remembering my best trips, smells do something that photos never could

Testing a tent, chair, table, and more from Moosejaw’s new beginner friendly collection

We put the first all-metal cooler to the test to find out

This new propane-powered box gives you a compelling two-for-one deal in a tidy package

We made these errors so you don’t have to

A brisk journey to determine the top products in our Hike and Camp category

These were the products we couldn't wait to test

You’ve probably never appreciated hang time like this before

Whether you’re bedding down in a state forest campground or deep in the wilderness, these nine sleeping bags will keep you warm and cozy

These adventure-ready rigs will help you stay out longer

23 testers snoozed on nineteen pads. These are the very best of the year.

12 testers road-tripped over 8,200 miles with 45 car camping accessories in their trunks. These ten survived the long haul.

We hiked, ran, skied, and climbed through the night to find the best illumination of the year

Our team of testers vetted 37 cooking gadgets. These five are worthy of your precious trunk space.

Eight testers tried seven new car-camping tents. These three came out on top.

13 tents went out into the wild. Only 7 made it back out.

The days of broken tines and stomach aches are over

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Get better Zs with this advice from two seasoned sleep experts

The Happier Camper HC1 Studio isn't just pretty

After two years of testing, our writer says the Colorado Teardrops Summit Pinnacle gets the job done and more

After enduring a wet, cold hunting trip, I’m going to make a versatile, ultra-lightweight shelter an essential piece of my backpacking kit 

Which of these popular aprés accessories burns brighter?

Led by one of the outdoors' biggest retailers, some manufacturers may soon ditch women's and men's sleeping bags for nonbinary ones made to fit a wide variety of bodies

Highlights from the first-ever Outside Gear Summit

The CRKT Chogan Hammer makes quick work of campfire wood and tent stakes

These shelters will keep you warm and dry—no matter the weather

I’ll level with you, dear reader: while I don’t trust gear reviews that don’t name at least a few cons, the only con here is the hefty price

A product of obsessive attention to detail, these new water jugs and faucet reinvent water storage for the outdoors

Hatchets, saws, and axes have a place—and it’s not in the backcountry

Using vintage vibes, natural fibers, and old-school designs, this Salt Lake City–based manufacturer has inspired a devoted user base—and Instagram fans—all over the world

The tough and maneuverable Roadie 48 is a winner

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The essentials for overlanding aren’t as complicated as you might think

The store isn’t just good for bulk buys or $1.50 hot dog combos. There are some great outdoor deals, too.

The knowledge you need to find the most effective gear on a budget

For comfort and storage space, this shelter is hard to beat

A portable three-person tent for deep backcountry adventures

You’d be hard pressed to find a better deal on a fully built camper van

Take the whole family along in this distinctive camper

This is the most innovative camper we’ve tested in years

With the right tent you can protect yourself from the weather, spread out in luxury, and settle into a home away from home

These bags and pads will keep you warm and promote healthy sleep without weighing down your pack

These shelters score major comfort points

This shelter is a versatile three-season performer

Feast-making cookware that won’t slow you down

The best gear for staying put outside

A five-star kit for base-camp meals

We’ve come a long way from the chlorine troughs of yesteryear

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Watch as the Moon family sets out on a camping adventure in the all-new Toyota Tundra

Starlink promises to bring high-speed internet to rural and remote areas currently underserved by wired internet. Naturally, we had to test it.

Heading out on your first overnight? Use this handy list as your guide to packing for a three-season backpacking trip.

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Be prepared for any impromptu outing with this spontaneity-ready gear kit

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Aventon’s Sinch Ebike changes the game for car campers, with a compact design that folds up in seconds and a robust 40-mile average range

I was a lifelong glamping skeptic, but after seeing how much my four-year-old enjoyed the comforts of a Stella Bell tent, I’ve given up on the hate. We’re glampers now.

Jake Lah’s genius with aluminum poles has turned him into the wizard behind many of the world’s best outdoor shelters

Is it possible to add heat to normal tent efficiently and effectively—without starting a fire? I spent the past two years finding out.

Staying warm in your tent all season long is no simple feat. Wes Siler has some thoughts on your options.

Comfort and convenience are key after a long day of chasing game

We’ve beat these pieces up in the field, and now they’re steeply discounted during REI’s Cyber Week sale, which lasts now through December 6.

These are our favorite pieces that won’t break the bank

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There’s a perfect bottle, mug, cooler, or cookware for everyone on your list, all in one place

Bryan Rogala takes a tour of the Earth Traveler Teardrop Trailers shop in Santa Fe and takes one out for a spin

Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll be able to pick the right sleeping bag for you and, most important, stay warm

Keep your body and the planet clean

Upgrade your cold-weather camping routine with a canvas tent

We asked survival experts for advice on how to use them for much more than the obvious

Sprays, lotions, wipes, apparel, and devices to keep mosquitoes, ticks, and flies at bay

At $1,500, is the Hyperlite Mountain Gear UltaMid4 expensive? Definitely. But it’s also revolutionizing outdoor shelters.

Save money on gear we love, now through September 6

Now is one of the best times of the year to save on camping essentials