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Thanks to a new wave of purpose-built gear, we’re living in the golden age of drive-up camping

Shelters that rise above in affordability, sturdiness, and headroom

Six options (that aren’t lawn darts) to broaden your repertoire…

Everybody poops (and pees). Here’s gear to help take care of business in the backcountry.

You don’t always need the biggest ice chest ever made. Often something smaller will do the trick.

The best offense against uncomfortable animal encounters is good defense…

It’s warming up, so that means it’s time to stock up on hiking and camping gear for spring and summer adventures. Here are our picks to get the most bang for your buck this season.

To get accurate test results, I enlisted a physicist's help

Not every shelter requires futzing with poles, guylines, and rain flies

Its integrated strip of white LEDs automatically turns on when you open the lid

Black Diamond and Alex Honnold strike again in their ongoing April Fools' shenanigans

For those of us who aren’t backcountry beasts, there’s the 2 Seconds pop-up tent

Watch for our tips on how to choose the right backpacking stove before you hit the trail.

Watch to get a tour of the new Tepui Lightning Rooftop Tent.

The most comfortable nighttime experience possible for vehicle-based adventures

It's another simple step you can take to eliminate single-use plastics

Stay clean and keep the environment safe at the same time

Learn how to patch up your leaky sleeping pad so it’s as good as new.

Embrace phone-free time and enjoy these activities instead

From plush to ultralight, there's something here for everyone

Finally, sleeping-pad insulation will be tested to a standardized methodology. Here's why that matters for all your camping trips starting in 2020.

Layer them over a pair of leggings and they will keep your lower half toasty warm

A good system will save you time before, during, and after your next getaway

Elevate your camping experience

Treat it right and you'll have a workhorse that will last you decades

New to camping? Watch for our tips on picking a solid tent that will make your first camping trip a breeze. 

Don't let cold temperatures prevent you from getting out there

The Enlightened Equipment Revelation quilt offers the most customizable—and comfortable—night of sleep you can get

A designer's quest to make the world's greatest piece of cutlery tells us a lot about the tireless creators of our favorite things

Sierra Designs made the trip from their headquarters to give our editors a look at some new gear. Here are a few highlights.

This simple tool has become absolutely essential for anyone camping in the West

Sometimes the best campsite is a few steps out the back door

Ready to go backpacking but don't know where to begin? Start with buying the right pack.

10 testers. 20 sleeping bags. 6 months. Here are the results.

Escapod makes a rugged off-road trailer but with high-quality amenities making it truly comfortable.

If you’re still balling up a sweatshirt to use as a pillow, you’re doing it wrong

Skip the crowds in Yosemite Valley and head for higher ground in Tuolumne Meadows

Never leave your best friend behind when you head into the backcountry

Your choice of sleeping pad will determine whether you sleep well or not

With 700-fill down and a rating to 23 degrees Fahrenheit, this bag is ready for a lifetime of adventures

Four pros dish on their tricks for getting out in the warmer months.

Gone are the days of guessing how much fuel’s left in your camp stove’s canister

Tried-and-true practices to prevent an early death for your tent

Throwing a lit party doesn’t have to be expensive

Which rewards you with the most bang for your buck?

Watch to see editor Bryan Rogala’s guide to lowering your base weight before hitting the trail. 

Sleeping in a tent doesn’t have to mean roughing it

Here's gear editor Ariella Gintzler’s favorite product from the 2018 Outdoor Retailer.

Lightweight and tasty—these five camp meals are sure to keep you full on trail

Camping at undeveloped sites can be intimidating. This kit will give you some peace of mind.

Do you really need a bag designed for women? It comes down to your height and sleeping body temperature.

One of the things we love about car camping is the ability to get outdoors without sacrificing the comfort of a good meal.

Comfortable, secure, and convenient, the Scat Belt works with any type of clothing

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All you really need is to pick a sweet spot and pack a big tent, a thick air mattress, a two-burner stove (one for coffee, one for bacon), and a cooler of beer. But if you want to step it up a notch, bring along these items, too.

Take lounging in the woods seriously with these six picks

When in doubt, don't light that campfire

When space is precious, turn to these key products to help you save big

Lightweight, packable tools to help you get the job done

Whether you’re just getting into backpacking or want to upgrade your kit, you can't go wrong with this tiny cooking setup

With everything in one storage bin, you'll have little excuse not to get outside

Get cozy under the stars (and in front of the camera) with one of these blankets

The simple silk cocoon is a key piece of four-season gear

Take the cookout farther out

The Luci lantern just turned it up a notch

Tools to keep your beer cold and your gear organized

Watch to see what Outside editor Bryan Rogala, loves about Roofnest's Sparrow tent. 

Inspired by packs, a new breed of coolers are on the rise

Heading out on an overlanding trip? Bring one of these.

Sack out in something snug, breathable, and packable

The year’s top shelters are quick to assemble and roomier than ever

Creature comforts for the car-camping set

Keep your pup safe, hydrated, and entertained on the trail

The hangable berth is evolving

Plus five great hammocks tested by an AT thru-hiker

It's one of the most indispensable pieces of gear I own

It'll elevate your camp-cooking game for decades—for just $130

Sweat the small stuff (so they don't have to)

What is it and would it really stand up to bitter storms ravaging an alien planet?