Vanessa Peralta-Mitchell founded Game Changers, an organization committed to training women of color for running leadership positions. 

A big-data analysis of Strava training logs estimates the slowdown for marathoners who miss a week or more

Endurance athlete Mallory Arnold was struggling with extreme fatigue when her coach made an unexpected suggestion: start eating meat again

After testing trail-running kits from dozens of brands in an array of nasty conditions, I’ve found my favorite pieces 

The track star turned filmmaker turned ultrarunner reflects on her ever-evolving relationship with the sport

Fleshman’s book offers a look at her journey in elite running in a system that was built for the opposite gender

Asics’s signature cushioned shoe goes super-max and delivers more comfort and cushioning than ever before

Ten tips to kick-start your fitness at the start of the new year

Five cold-weather merino wool pieces that combine superior performance and longevity

Celebrating everything from desert biking and alt-rock to bouldering and oyster-eating, these are some of the best outdoor festivals across the country in 2023

I signed up for the On Cyclon subscription running-shoe service and get a perfectly clean new pair every three months

A Native runner reflects on land acknowledgments before races and in daily life

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Runner Carolyn Su creates space for people of color to feel at home in the sport

Moving from long to short efforts during a workout maximizes the training stimulus

High-end materials and designs go mainstream, delivering smooth-rolling, versatile rides for every runner

A selection of recent titles to keep you warm by the fire 

It’s the first time a woman-owned store has won the award.

Ultrarunning’s G.O.A.T discusses his busy 2022, which saw win ultrarunning’s biggest events and dive into the shoe market with NNormal

The Swiss brand, known for its unique cushioning pods, has transcended running with its style and innovation

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Meet the group that's setting a pace for Black women distance runners

An elite athlete's homemade granola with coconut, raw nuts and seeds and cinnamon

Between fan engagement and professional-athlete interaction, the beleaguered social network still offers plenty of upsides for a niche sport

From crabbing and surfing the iconic coast to hiking and biking the redwood-covered hills, the San Francisco Bay Area enclave of Marin County is an awesome destination for recreationists and foodies year-round. Here’s how to do it right.

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After her diagnosis halted her physical activity for two years, runner Mireille Siné returned to the sport with a new outlook

New research finds that, all else being equal, runners don’t have more gastrointestinal problems than cyclists

Give the gift of adventure this holiday season with one of five curated running experiences. 

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The sneaker industry has a role to play in climate change. New Balance is trying to reduce its climate impact with a holistic program.

In New York City, Sharon Lokedi (KEN) proved it’s possible to win a marathon in your first try. Chebet (KEN) brings home a double for 2022.

Marathons don’t happen by themselves; they require months of planning and an expertise in engineering and crowd science. That’s doubly true for the world’s largest race.

Replacing lost salt is a pillar of sports nutrition, but new research suggests more isn’t always better

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Watch what happened when runners tried Athletic Brewing Company's craft beer for the first time

The complexity of doping rules in endurance sports can be alienating for fans. But what’s the alternative? 

The process is as easy as making a smoothie

For years, the well-accomplished runner hid his battle from the world. Now he’s ready to share his story.

The 27-year-old former Navy SEAL may be one of the most gifted runners on the planet. Good thing he doesn’t want to race—yet.

Runner and equity advocate Alison Désir discusses her new book, freedom through running, and building a sport with inclusivity for people of all marginalized groups and genders.

We tested more than 70 items to find the most effective pieces to keep you warm and dry on the run this winter

We put in over 700 miles testing 70 pieces of running clothing. These are the best.

Elite running coaches weigh in on what it means to be talented and how they predict who will run fastest

Thirteen countries battled in Belgium for this year’s Beer Mile World Championship. The most important rule? Don’t throw up.

Don’t let an upset stomach ruin a good workout

We ran in ten new supershoes and compared their feel and ride so you can narrow your search for the model that best fits your stride and preferences

A good pair of socks and a quality shirt will help you run more–and do it more comfortably

“I have shin splints,” “All of my running socks are dirty,” “I just ate a full rack of ribs and drank six Budweisers”

I never expected to be taken off a flight on a stretcher and rushed to brain surgery. Here are some ways you can reduce your chances of the same fate.

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What makes a race special? It’s not the medals, nor post-race massages. In this California town, it’s the local community.

In the wild world of endurance sports, recovery can feel like the last frontier

New data outlines how much they run, how long it takes to resume training after giving birth, and how well they return to competition

How much could you get done in a day if you were also trying to cram in a one mile run every hour on the hour?

The unending search for a competitive edge in sports has a cost. It’s called the Red Queen effect.

The best way to find your next pair of running shoes is to shop locally 

Freddy Ovett, a professional cyclist with a running heritage, is taking a unique approach to the Berlin Marathon that may help you improve your running

Kyle Richardson makes running—and climbing—up a Colorado 14er look easy in this latest film from Black Diamond

Runners make bigger improvements following a flexible workout schedule rather than sticking with a predetermined one

Team Forrest Stump raced 198 miles to spread the message that people with disabilities deserve equitable access to participation in physical activity.

Here’s what we know about the Mosquito Fire, how local communities are being affected, and what Western States 100 race organizers are doing to respond

Women are said to be 10 to 12 percent slower than men across distances, but a new analysis finds narrower gaps for sprinters

He’s been UltraRunner of the Year four years in a row and won JFK 50 and the Western States 100 three times. But he’s still got more to do.

Julia Hawkins insists we should all try new things. She would know—she started running at 100 and became an age-group ace by 101.

Staying flexible is a critical part of overall fitness. Here are five stretches to help keep you limber pre-and-post workout.

Do you turn into a real redhead when you run? Our expert says that may not be a bad thing...

Training alone can make you stronger, but there’s no substitute for the bond between you and your fellow runners

Wild and crazy running adventures on the Colorado pack-burro racing circuit

The distance runner shaved more than two hours off the JMT’s previous fastest time

Everything you need to know about the famed races in Chamonix, France

Nuyarn is the natural fabric heavy sweaters have been waiting for

The post–Usain Bolt era has delivered a bevy of thrilling performances

A new study aims to resolve long-standing debates about how much drafting helps runners, and finds that even back-of-the-packers save meaningful time

The 8,148-foot Colorado peak presents a fun challenge for runners, hikers, and mountain bikers alike

Images from photographers Dan and Janine Patitucci capture what it's like to run in the iconic mountain range

Where did the brand known for its huge, cushy soles come from—and how did they get on the feet of Britney Spears?

Heatstroke deaths are common and preventable. Here’s how to make safe decisions when you’re exercising in the summer.

More and more people are measuring their heart-rate variability using fitness trackers—and seeing those HRV numbers plummet after a few drinks the night before

There’s no sport whose feats of athletic brilliance are more accessible to the masses

A new documentary includes shocking new information about how track’s greatest distance runner came to the UK

Here’s what the science says about making it to the top as quickly and efficiently as possible

“To toy with discomfort and see what you’re capable of is important as a human”

In the age of preapproved interview questions and endless PR, there should still be space for something unexpected