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Study shows BOA’s dial-based fit system improves trail running performance

How failing in training and racing can make you a stronger runner

‘The Runcast’ is a podcast hosted by KEXP’s John Richards that focuses on mental wellbeing through running and music. It’s never been more popular.

Swiss runner Rémi Bonnet leads a world-class field in this weekend’s Pikes Peak Ascent

Three variations of the glute bridge to strengthen and and add power to your stride

Outside’s ethics columnist weighs in

The Allbirds Tree Flyer 2 proves you can care about the environment and still get high performance

July was officially the hottest month on record. We reached out to Phoenix runners to learn about how to adapt and train in sustained heat. 

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15,000 athletes have jumped off the Ferry

Here’s a look at the gear, tech, media, and general miscellany our Outside Run editors loved last month

For master’s world record holder Sue McDonald, it’s all about mental games and keeping the training fun

Look around any running event and you’ll notice a sea of five-panel hats, the latest fashion trend to go viral in the endurance scene. What’s behind its popularity?

The most prolific athlete at this year’s World Championships was also the most fun to watch

A playlist to make those long, painful miles go by swiftly

The ‘Hacks’ writer and podcaster has a moonlighting obsession with all things running

The stoke is high for the Paris Olympics after a remarkable nine-day world championships

Here are the top moments at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, and what to watch for this weekend

American sprinter Noah Lyles is the 2023 world champion in the 100 meters, but on August 25, he’ll be chasing after another world championship—and Usain Bolt’s 200-meter world record

Ten non-plated running shoes that let your feet move freely, provide stable cushioning, and deliver a fast, agile ride

A Scotsman plays spoiler to the Olympic gold medalist for the second year in a row

In the rural Italian village of San Rocco a Pilli, seven top runners prepared for the World Athletics Championships while living in an 18th century villa. Welcome to Tuscany Camp. 

An inmate serving a sentence in Ohio turns setback into opportunity from within, joining a running club and raising money for student school supplies 

The dissolution of the Pac-12 is a reminder that Olympic sports like running need to find a new business model. And that’s not such a bad thing.   

The new book ‘Becoming a Sustainable Runner’ offers a science-backed playbook for being an ecologically responsible athlete and citizen

A beginner’s guide to the biggest event in track and field  

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This race packs the excitement of a world major and the ease of a small-town race into one exciting weekend. Come one, come all because Richmond, Virginia, is ready to show you why it’s home of America’s Friendliest Marathon!

Zharnel Hughes is the British record holder and the world’s top-ranked 100-meter sprinter this year who will bid for his first individual title at the World Championships in Budapest

They taste great and make post-workout nutrition a breeze

The latest update from the Adidas Adios line restores the franchise’s snappy, dependable ride and makes it one of the highest performing, non-carbon-plated trainers on the market today

The Running Industry Diversity Coaltion’s findings emphasize a long road ahead for achieving racial equity in the running community

In the opulent alpine resort town of St. Moritz, Switzerland, America’s fastest distance runner is preparing to measure up against the world’s best. How close can she get? 

Enhanced with a forked carbon-fiber plate, responsive midsole foam, and Vibram rubber tread, the Ultrafly is Nike’s first high-performance trail racing shoe

Modern gadgets tell us more about our physiology and recovery needs than ever before, but how might this constant data bath might actually work against our training?   

How the athlete and activist is paving the way for the next generation of track stars to live and compete as their authentic selves

Most running footwear caters to heel-strikers. These models meet the needs of runners who land on their toes.

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These minimalist vestpacks deliver all-day comfort on fast-and-light routes

On the second day of his first ultramarathon, the runner withdrew just a few miles from the finish line. But that didn’t stop him from completing the race.

As a veteran gear tester, here’s the apparel that helps me conquer heat and humidity—and lets me focus on the finish line, not what I’m wearing

This viral social media movement focuses on consistency over intensity, and it might help you recommit to a running routine

I tested 35 eco-friendly pieces over 600 miles. Here are 11 tops and bottoms that performed as well or better than non-recycled apparel.

The case for taking more than just a momentary water break

The Kenyan middle-distance runner is considered by many the best of all time. Just a few weeks until the World Athletics Championships, she’s never been more ready. 

Feeling out of shape? Maybe you should run up and down a mountain three times.

These off-road-ready supershoes provide pop while adapting to tippy terrain

This avid runner wore his GPS watch 24 hours a day for one month, performing every single workout it suggested

After an alarming encounter on a trail, getting a dog helped me enjoy running again

What does Wimbledon tennis pro Danielle Lao do in her off-season? She runs. A lot.

Here’s a look at the gear, tech, media, and general miscellany our Outside Run editors loved last month

New shoe brand Vimazi claims to have optimized its models to your speed. We put them to the test.

Nikki Hiltz, Sha’Carri Richardson, and Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone shone at the biggest weekend in American track and field. Here’s what went down.

Coffee, candy, and joy are a few ways the world’s top ultrarunner keeps her love for running fresh

The biggest names of track and field, from Sha'Carri Richardson to Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone, are headed to Oregon to decide who will compete in the 2023 World Athletics Championships

Running volume is important, but how you structure your training might matter more

Corey Bellemore and Elizabeth Laseter win the Beer Mile World Classic titles in Chicago. Things got spewy.

Injury to the Achilles tendon can be long-lasting. Here's how to diagnose, treat, and prevent it.

The outdoor gear giant’s new Swiftland Multi-Trail running shoe is eco-friendly, but how does it perform?

When you consistently stress the body and the mind, you are changing your chemical makeup. Here’s what the latest science tells us about burnout.

Records are falling and times are dropping. Is it the shoes, or something else?

Four unconventional ways to manage chafing—and effective alternatives

The American ultrarunning phenom took home the women’s title, while British runner Tom Evans won the men’s event

If you're looking for a new running companion, these 20 dog breeds are the best of the best.

These versatile trainers can handle everything from speed work to recovery jogs, on road, track, and trail

When she started her freshman year during the height of the pandemic, the college student felt trapped. Then she started running.

Refugee Dominic Lobalu has proven that he can beat the best runners in the world. But will that be enough to get him to the World Championships? 

The dog trainer developed disordered-eating habits in college. Sitting under the stars brought her back into her body.

One of the world’s leading kung fu masters has trained the Wu-Tang Clan, Björk, and Wesley Snipes. Running is central to his training. Here’s why. 

Bowie’s death in April sent shockwaves through the running community

These five red flags might be keeping you from running faster

We’ve been sharing running advice for over 40 years. Here are the 30 best tips, tricks, and ideas we’ve ever shared, your one-stop shop for all things running.

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What do this rising actress, rock drummer, and elite hotshot squad leader have in common? They're all runners.

What storytelling around running can tell us about where the sport is headed

Recovery cookies? Count us in. These post-run snacks can be whipped up with little to no effort.

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From foraging wild asparagus to scouting for the perfect shot, these runners are proving there’s no wrong way to run