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Why should kids have all the fun? At Vermont’s Tyler Place Family Camp, adults can paddle, take tennis lessons, and carve out their own slice of summer vacation alongside the children.

For the past five years, Charles Scott has taken his kids bike touring from Japan to the backroads of Iceland. Katie Arnold caught up with him before his latest trip across the American West to learn from the master.

With fire and drought ravaging New Mexico, Katie Arnold and family head up to southern Colorado on a multisport adventure

GoPro Games champion Sage Donnelly has her eyes set on the World Freestyle Championships—and from pro paddlers twice her age to diabetes, nothing is going to stand in her way.

Midway through her first 50-mile trail race, Katie Arnold finds out that running may just be the easiest thing in the world—once you get over the competition, pain, and landscape that doesn't seem to want to let you finish.

After quitting their jobs and selling their house, Coloradoans Erica and Mark Lighthiser packed it up—kids, dog, possessions—and started pedaling north. How far will their journey take them?

When Polly Green set out to work her way back to kayaking's World Championships, she had no idea that she'd end up documenting the rise of the sport's next generation

From ferrying kids to preschool to hitting up the farmer’s market, Xtracycle’s beefy longtail can handle it all.

New York Times columnist Bruce Feiler’s new book The Secrets of Happy Families has a novel strategy for overwhelmed parents in need of a break: give kids more control

The Clif Kid Backyard Game of the Year contest encourages children to invent their own outdoor games rather than sitting in front of the TV. The top prize? A scholarship for ten grand.

No one wants to be stuck in a yoga studio when the weather is nice. The solution? Take your practice to the trails.

You only get so much time with your kids before they’re grown up. After a family trip to the hot springs, Katie Arnold meditates on how best to spend it.

It may sound cheesy, but Katie Arnold swears that watching reality TV’s original singing competition has helped her win ultramarathons—and that if you’re willing to pay attention, it could help you, too

Childhood is the perfect time to solidify your kids' love of the outdoors. These camps are here to help.

Can a new trailer bike help young kids learn the rules of the road? Katie Arnold and her family put it to the test.

In 2003, Dan Bigley lost his sight when a grizzly mauled him on Alaska's Russian River. Ten years later, he's back outside, working to give his children the outdoor life that he almost lost.

We may never know how 21-year-old rafter Kaitlin Kenney died on the Colorado River, but we will never forget why she went

Can't wait for the weather to warm up? With balmy temperatures year-round, miles of world-class trails, and a laid-back, kid-friendly atmosphere, L.A.'s southern neighbor has you covered.

Taking your children out of bounds means facing a whole different class of hazards than you see at the resort.

It's natural to feel a little anxious before a trip into the backcountry with your kids, but follow these common sense guidelines and know everything will turn out fine

Keeping the family happy doesn't have to mean sacrificing steep terrain and old-school cool

To raise adventurous children, as Laura's father learned when she and Guppy set sail, means that someday, you have to let them go

Katie Arnold puts the Burley D'Lite and Chariot Chinook 2 to the test on a trip to the Spruce Hole Yurt in southern Colorado's San Juan Mountains

As part of her New Year's resolution to camp every month this year, Katie Arnold took her family to Spruce Hole, a 20-foot diameter canvas-walled yurt in the San Juan's Rio Grande National Forest

Ditch the stroller, don't give in to frustration, and take baby steps

Pilgrimage, a new book and traveling exhibition by one of the magazine world's most famous working photographers, was inspired by a close-to-home family vacation

I wrote a version of this story in October 2011. Emily Rapp’s two-year-old son, Ronan, died this morning, so I post it now in honor of him and Emily and parents everywhere who are brave enough to share their stories of living, loving, and dying.

Every Thursday, Katie Arnold, in an effort to pack in some more alone time—no sisters and no fathers allowed—picks up her daughter from preschool early and they hit the slopes

The organization that opened the first youth skate park in Afghanistan was recently named one of the top 100 NGOs in the world by Global Journal and is now in expansion mode

Or, why you just need to disconnect every once in a while

Problem: Stress, temper tantrums, teething, nighttime waking, worry, and overscheduled days. Solution: To spend some time sleeping—and living—outdoors, away from digital distractions, at least once a month.

On January 22, the increasingly popular relay running series, Ragnar, announced that it is partnering with Salomon to launch the world’s first overnight trail running series. “For years we have dreamed of taking Ragnar to the trails and now it’s a reality,” says Tanner Bell, who founded…

Author Dylan Tomine shares his tips on introducing kids to finding and growing their own food

I’ve already sung the praises of digital distractions—in moderation—when traveling with young children. But even the best kids’ apps are useless if your toddler keeps pushing the home button and navigating away. Not only is it annoying, but it’s also dangerous for your data. The last thing…

Let go of the need to do it all and just do some of it

When you’re traveling in the wilderness, a well-stocked med kit can mean the difference between a minor snafu and a major nightmare. This is true whether you’re adventuring alone or with a bevy of little rippers.

Save yourself (and your future travel plans) with these quick tips

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Traveling to Canada no longer comes with a discount, but our neighbor still has eight times as much wilderness as we do

He’s stronger, fitter, and nearly six seconds faster than he was in 2001, when he smashed Jim Ryun’s high school mile record. But consistency has never been Alan Webb’s strong point. Will Beijing finally bring America’s star runner the glory he—and the rest of us—have been waiting for?

Thirty companies outshined the rest in our first annual study of the nation's most well-balanced workplaces

From an eco-friendly lodge near the Great Barrier Reef to a luxe guesthouse on a working sheep ranch, Australia's new outback hideaways are energizing travel in the land Down Under

1. Bern Muse Helmet Slope Style This downsized lid has zero bobblehead factor yet still has room for a removable liner (with speakers). $99; 2. Marmot Furlong Like it or not, you will get noticed in the lift line when you’re…

OK, so he's not the coolest guy on the river. But with another world freestyle title, a kayak-building business that's shaking up the industry, and a sweet RV to take him and his paddling offspring anywhere, Eric Jackson is high on the pile.

Five perfect adventure lodges for your next escape

Meet 23 real-world leaders building a future where SUVs run on algae, skyscrapers have the carbon footprints of toolsheds, conservation is a religious imperative, and inconvenient truths have very profitable solutions. True Colors How did Arnold Schwarzenegger, a red governor in America's biggest blue state, win reelection? Simple: He mapped…

Brett Nave and Lori Ryker left the Earthship behind to build the ultimate eco-chic crash pad in the Montana hills

Our reconnaissance of French Polynesia turns up the South Pacific's freshest adventures

To interview ultrarunner Dean Karnazes for our January cover story, “This Life Goes to 11,” managing editor Katie Arnold joined him for a “short run.” Four hours later, she’d completed her first marathon. Here, read extended excerpts from their conversation.

Napa's knack for producing world-class vintages has spilled across the Left Coast. Raise a toast to five getaways that mix bucolic adventure by day with fine wine by night.

Steph Davis knows the downside of being one of the world’s best women climbers: like living out of a car for seven years and having your mom suggest (frequently) that you’re out of your mind. The upside? Yosemite. The Andes. And a life in which every day is a thrilling vertical grab.

From the red-rock vistas of Abiquiu to the dunes of White Sands—with a few shots of tequila mixed in—New Mexico is another world. Try these 12 perfect days in the Land of Enchantment. Horseback Riding into the Sunset Cerrillos Twenty miles south of Santa Fe, where the southern Rockies peter…

Back when the world was perfect and I was a kid, I spent my summers in bare feet and a wet bathing suit on an island on Stony Lake, in southern Ontario. Like everyone else who lived on the hundred or so neighboring islands, my family left our car in…

What's the fastest way to bring power and stamina to your sport? Start moving very, very slowly. (No, even slower than that.)

The National Outdoor Leadership School is great at training kids to survive and thrive in the wild. So how does its boot-camp approach work with grown-ups? It's effective as hell—if you don't mind misery and suffering, and those nagging questions about what happened to all the fun.

Honomu, Hawaii: Aloha Spirit