With a few changes to your pantry, you can make quick, cleanup-free meals on the road

Warm up on those crisp camp evenings with this tasty bourbon spiced cider recipe from Fresh Off the Grid. 

We love chocolate and marshmallow s'mores, but these cheese-filled options are delicious and gooey, too.

The latest generation of pellet grills cooks better food more conveniently

For a parking lot party unlike any you’ll find at a football stadium

We tracked down ultrarunner Cat Bradley at her home in Boulder to see how she feeds her long-distance lifestyle.

If you like your beer icy cold and your coffee piping hot, there’s no better option out there

Never choose between going outside and having cold beer again

Thanks to a growing list of new mocktails and alcohol-free beverage makers, nondrinkers have better options than ever

If you like cold, frothy beer as much as I do, pay close attention

Fall camping season has arrived, and this apple sweet potato hash recipe is the perfect way to fuel up on those crisp fall mornings.

Chef Eduardo Garcia travels to Mexico with fellow anglers Oliver White and Hilary Hutcheson.

If you're still using ground beef, you've got a lot to learn

P.T. Wood owns a gin and whiskey distillery in Salida, Colorado, where he also happens to be the mayor

There's time for one or two more gatherings around the flames before summer is officially over. Here are some libations to end the season right.

S'mores are obvious. Peach cobbler, on the other hand, is unique, delicious, and just might be our new go-to campfire treat.

Here are 5 great options. And not all of them are expensive.

And four things you should definitely not use it for

Watch to learn how to make this one-pot, camp friendly dish from Fresh Off the Grid. ​​​​​​​

We caught up with Sasha Digiulian, professional climber and master chef, to make dinner at her home in Boulder.

Veggie-based jerky, chocolate "milk," and gluten-free toaster pastries that still taste indulgent? Yes, please.

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We reached out to our friend Paddy O and the crew at Brew Dr. Kombucha to answer all of our questions on the increasingly-popular drink.

Freeze your brain and melt your inhibitions with one of these delicious frozen-drink recipes for adults

Boil water, drop a packet in, and start your day off with a piping hot cup of tea

To elevate your breakfast game, ditch the basic scrambled eggs and try huevos rancheros instead.

We headed to Tahoe to join Emily Harrington and Adrian Ballinger for a dinner of sausage tacos, guacamole, and tequila (of course).

Five ice chests that keep food and drink colder, longer, anywhere

Ingenious tools to change how you cook outside

Buy it once, treat it right, and have it for a lifetime

At these five parks, the food is the treasured resource.

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Kombucha has come a long way in the past decade. If you can’t remember the last time you had some, you’re in for a pleasant surprise

When you’re on the trail, fresh isn’t necessarily best

Elevate your next camp dinner with this vegetarian-friendly, dutch oven enchiladas recipe from Fresh Off the Grid. 

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With a little planning and the right gear, it’s easier than ever to whip up tasty meals in the outdoors

Former pro racer Phil Gaimon shares his favorite spots for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cookies

Watch for three summer drink recipes that are sure to elevate your camp cocktail hour. 

Throwing a barbecue? Don't forget these five rules of entertaining.

This is how you put pep in a hiker's step

You can get by with a kitchen spatula and seasoning salt. Or you can run a better barbecue.

Better than insta-coffee, hardier than a glass French press

Take your campfire dinners to the next level with this cheeseteak-inspired burger recipe from Fresh Off the Grid​​​​​​​. 

Pack your bags and your cholesterol meds. You've got eating to do!

No one would blame you for planning your summer vacation around visits to these shops

Watch to learn how to make a tasty cast-iron pizza that will take your campfire cooking to the next level. 

Gluten-free? Vegan? Paleo? There's a snack for that.

Five athletes on their favorite summer drinks

From chilaquiles to French toast, even a coffee-shop-quality latte, here's how to rise and really shine in the backcountry kitchen

We caught up with mountaineer Conrad Anker at home in Bozeman to make his go-to expedition breakfast. 

Hit the trail, drink some ale. What more do you want?

Take your avocado toast obsession outdoors with this camp-friendly breakfast sandwich recipe from Fresh Off the Grid. 

In other words, the season's most refreshing brews

A warmer, drier future is coming for our hops. Luckily, these folks have developed a nice little workaround, thanks to a gene-editing tool that could help create a hop-free beer.

Forget Tim Ferris. For peak productivity, just down a few cups of these extra-strength brews.

This tasty, camp-friendly Pad Thai recipe is a delicious alternative to that boxed mac n' cheese. 

Ditch Waikiki to find the best food on Oahu

We caught up with pro climber and breakfast enthusiast Cedar Wright to make his favorite morning adventure fuel.

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Here's what to drink once you've made it to the top

This one-pot recipe for cheesy asparagus orzo is the perfect addition to your next camp dinner menu.

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Hydro Flask’s new soft-sided cooler tote and cooler pack let you go places you’ve never been

Pro tip: bring plastic baggies and a Nalgene

What happens when four pro athletes start a coffee company? They channel their athletic drive for greatness into producing the best coffee on the planet.

If you're not a fan of the dehydrated food from stores, here's how you can make your own.

'The Great Outdoors' cookbook proves that nomads don't have to live off energy bars and fast food

You don’t need your Nespresso machine to get your fix in the woods

The first rule of cast iron? Relax.

Shakshuka is our latest camp meal obsession, and we love this easy, one-pot recipe.

Combo taprooms and outdoor outfitters are opening around the country, and we are 100 percent for it

Watch to get an inside look at ultrarunner Clare Gallagher's budget-friendly, go-to meal for training days. 

The pro athletes, parents, and founders of Picky Bars know where to find the best food and drinks in their town

After he died, Harrison's friends, family, and fishing buddies gathered to send him off the only way they knew how—by having one gigantic meal

Homemade plant-based meat innovations are getting billed as satisfying, even to dedicated meat lovers

If this isn't already a staple of your camping kit, it should be.

Brewing a cup of coffee is imperative to start your day in the great outdoors.

If you've ever wondered why one sour costs $4 and another costs $12, read on. (Spoiler: One may be an impostor.)

It's nature's perfect post-workout meal, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Time to dust off that soup pot. These recipes—from veggie-centric to downright meaty—will have you feeling warm, full, and happy in no time.

Vermont was doing craft everything way before the rest of us, which makes Burlington—and the surrounding area—a gourmand's paradise

Seven food subscription services for those on a vegetarian, ketogenic, or paleo diet

How long will it last during the apocalypse? Can you use it as a weapon? We ask all the important questions.

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