We gathered advice from the best in the business on how to make alfresco dining unforgettable

Take it from this chef: you don't need no stinking gas stove

These brews are named for some of America's most beloved spaces. A few even benefit the lands they honor.

A marriage we can all get behind

We pitted a $30 Stanley against three less-pricey competitors to find out

The tools United States Barista Champion Lemuel Butler uses to brew his own personal java

Advances in technology tease us with the possibility of safer alcohol, but there are lots of regulations and ethical questions still to be tussled with

After 'Born to Run' introduced the world to the Tarahumara people and the healthful chia that grows on their land, they may have found a way to turn the seeds into economic stability

A mini-kegerator for craft-beer lovers who crave variety.

Brew and drink from one device with the coffee mug

Aged booze will always rule the top shelf, but a new crop of local distillers thinks youth can be a virtue

A former banker started from scratch to create what might be Patagonia's first distilled spirit

Life is too short to drink bad coffee

The season's hottest flavors are spruce, pine, and juniper. Here's where to taste them.

Start smoking the pork before the lifts close to ensure a thorough cook.

Kris Mychasiw represents the only two professional athletes in the sport—and he sees a much bigger future for those who can chug and run fast

This bottle will make your beer taste even better

Trained collectors are trekking into remote parts of the Southwest in hopes of discovering hardy new hops that can withstand warming temperatures

It's time to buy a better whiskey glass

The 'Chile Pepper Bible' will have you grabbing for holy water as you fan the flames in your mouth

Eduardo Garcia almost died when he was shocked with 2,400 volts of electricity on a hike in 2011. Now he's back to foraging and hunting with more zeal than before, and he wants you to do the same.

Consider yourself a whiskey drinker? Then you need these glasses.

Devices to help you fuel better and faster

A coffeemaker that guarantees a perfect cup of joe

A growler that ensures your beer is always bubbly

Six gifts to raise your favorite mixologist's spirits

A portable wood-fired oven that makes perfect pizzas in 90 seconds

Goes well with your top-shelf whiskey

The stars of 'Alaska: The Last Frontier' have created a cookbook full of their family's best recipes that offers homesteading inspiration to even the city-bound

We've written about Eduardo Garcia before and his survival story impacted thousands. Now, it's time to celebrate his resiliency.

Trying to decide whether to lug that French press across three mountain passes? We tested six brew methods to determine which one makes the best cup of joe the most efficiently.

A new way to keep ground coffee extra fresh

OK, one of them has a little bit of pumpkin in it. But that doesn't mean it's not really damn good.

Your flask is ugly compared to this handcrafted beauty

Patagonia wants to change our food supply, starting with a brew that features a unique, sustainable new grain

Our online editor was sent a summer’s worth of coffee to share with the office. On National Coffee Day, he finally owns up to why it never made the rounds.

A good party makes the whole day better

They're a perfectly engineered camping food (there's scientific evidence somewhere), but you spend a lot of time around campfires. You should tweak the recipe every so often.

Power players from around the world don't subsist on oatmeal alone. We asked athletes to share the hometown dishes that are still part of their training diet.

No beer beer cap is too tough for this burly, Yeti-designed bottle opener.

The way we see it, a picnic is basically speed camping

Seaweed farmers want Americans to eat the "kale of the sea" in more than just sushi, and there's good reason to take their advice

Two Swedish librarians traded the stacks for kayaks to become sustainable harvesters, lead seaweed safaris, and sell their fare to Sweden's fine-dining restaurants

8 items that will make you love beer even more

Goodbye crazy binges, hello almond butter?

This is your essential setup for daily meals, training recipes, and even the occasional dinner party

Our writer replaced all her protein with insects for a week to see how difficult, expensive, and tasty it can be. The result: a guide to the real-life, (mostly) non-gross-out logistics of being an insectivore.

Plus 5 store-bought staples that'll maximize your time and money

A new list names the places where you’ll pay the least and most for a beer. We asked locals what the drinking culture is like in each.

Lumberjacks! Dinner! Adventure! What’s not to like?

All the ingredients and gear you need for real meals on the trail

Putting five outdoor barbeques to the test and rediscovering the importance of cooking in the woods

We tracked down one of the country's foremost fungi hunters to find out what's in his kit

From handing out bananas to beers, these hardy souls know how to lift racers’ spirits. And then there are the llamas.

All organic, adult-palate-approved ice cream that melts in your mouth, not in your backpack—sold by a guy living out of his van

You can do better than a rusty grill and red plastic cups

In search of the best backcountry espresso machines

A portable keg that keeps your beer bubbly

Increase your MPG (meals per gallon) this summer with these rules for finding the best road food.

Louisiana Chef John Besh has the lowdown

Decoding your cool-off strategy at the bar

Consider it your guide to eating better in the backcountry

Skiers know a thing or two about breakfast burritos. This one is amazing.

Learn how to make a proven breakfast from a legendary alpinist

This salmon is delicious

Todd Wells' recovery smoothie is the perfect post-workout treat

Salad and sushi is the perfect lunch

Organ meats are good for the environment, good for performance, and ethically the right thing to do. Now, top chefs aren’t the only ones trying to convince people that offal isn’t awful.

These days, meat lovers and vegans alike have seriously delicious grillout options. We asked experts on both sides how to do it right.

Whether you're a beginner looking for insider wisdom (don't give your friends beer poisoning!), or you're looking to try something a little more difficult (hint: chocolate-covered banana-flavored beer is not the move)

The only in-park brewery offers an unadulterated (and alcoholic) taste of our public treasures

Special release IPAs, a sizzling international beer market, and beer shakes make this summer the best one yet for craft lovers

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Strategies to ensure that no matter where you are and how sober (or not) you want to remain, you'll like what's in your cup

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