Chefs are infusing more than just sweets into cannabis. High-end cannabis dining is coming to a ski town near you.

Fungi farmers are banking on their crops going big as mushrooms appear in everything from superdrinks to pest controls to miracle cures

Goiyo Perez manages the Bavarian, an iconic German restaurant and bar at the base of New Mexico's Taos Ski Valley

Why yes, tidings of comfort and joy can come in bottle form

We've partnered with Fresh off the Grid to bring you three winter cocktail recipes to enjoy this holiday season.

Give your friends something they can really sink their teeth into this holiday

How the ultrarunner chows down in his hometown

Forget long cafeteria lines. These pocket snacks are cheaper, tastier, and way better for making friends on a chairlift.

We asked local bartenders for their most famous recipes

It's easier than you think to make a campfire feast

With so many great craft beers, you would be forgiven for asking, “Why make my own?” The answer's simple: for the sheer adventure of it. This stuff will help the end product taste pretty decent, too.  (Courtesy PicoBrew) PicoBrew Model C Brewer ($549) Trying to brew your own beer can…

Treats and tools for the good-food obsessed.  (Courtesy Finex) Finex 12″ Cast Iron Skillet ($195) The octagonal design of the Finex 12″ Cast Iron skillet makes pouring off liquids a breeze, and the spring handle cools quickly to prevent seared hands. Buy Now (Courtesy Stumptown) Stumptown…

Smoky twists on four classics

You can do better than frozen meals

Whether you’re at at football game or on the ski hill

(And one for pumpkin lovers, too)

And a worthy investment for any caffeine addict who plays hard

We taste test the latest crop of prepackaged paleo treats

Six gear suggestions, including bamboo utensils and supremely packable dishes

Win the parking lot post-ski scene.

This October, conservationists and brewers are teaming up to help restore America's damaged forests

This simple piece of gear is easily overlooked but absolutely essential

Your most pressing backcountry food safety questions, answered

Book a globe-trotting itinerary—developed by the geniuses behind the new Netflix documentary 'Barbecue'—in search of the tastiest grilled meats

Or in other words: Is it even beer after it crests a certain ABV? We asked the experts to find out.

The World’s Best Whisky, Blended by You

Learning to eat simply—and well—and cook without a mess on the road

They'll keep your beer cold for a stupid long time and are easy to transport

The Oregon-based drinkware company is branching out with its gear offerings

John and Jen Kimmich, creators of Heady Topper Double IPA, break down all that goes into starting a successful microbrewery

Pro chef and cookbook author Nikki Fotheringham on the number one recipe you should have in your arsenal, plus other camp tips

A few tricks to have fresh-baked brownies, cakes, and cinnamon rolls in the backcountry

Most brewers use only a handful of commercial yeast strains. What a waste.

5 easy ways to upgrade your living room drinking experience

Because the best brewers know: good beer starts at the source

Activated charcoal makes for a novel drink, if not a magical health elixir

Go ahead, be a sheep and get the same insulated metal growler as everyone else. Or you could be a forward-looker and opt instead for this growler ($68) handmade from slip-cast ceramic. The sides are a full half-inch thick to keep your brew cold and the neck is carefully crafted on a potter's…

With advanced gadgets and connectivity, the backyard barbecue has entered the 21st century

Heat, veggies, and new flavors abound in the 2017 class of just-add-water camp foods

This glass will actually make your whiskey taste better

Prepare your Instagram account—your stream is about to be filled with insane photos of glorious campfire food from Linda Ly, the Chaco Camptessa

A grill that's integrated into an eight-person table.

Good beer comes from great water. These breweries are leading the charge to save more of it while making tasty new ales.

Your burger and bacon may have a surprising new ingredient

Our gear writer has a love affair with this vessel—and if you think it's just about the beer, you'd be dead wrong

The Oxx CoffeeBoxx is insanely durable, but we weren't wowed by its coffee

If you're willing to pack in a bit more weight, you can have pretty much any food you desire, thanks to "retort" packs

In California, millions of dollars' worth of almonds, walnuts, and pistachios are disappearing. Farmers are perplexed, the cops are confused, and the crooks are getting richer. We sent Peter Vigneron to the Central Valley to take a crack at the crimes.

Ribs, brisket, salmon. The best cookers do it all.

A full kit for trailhead and parking-lot shindigs.

A pair of recovering carnivores, faced with too many recipe options, put five plant-based cookbooks to the test

Everything you need to play mixologist in the backcountry is likely already in your pack

A coffee maker for control freaks.

An airstream with a DJ set up and full bar.

If you can't climb them yourself, you might as well drink like you did

One man’s quest to avoid bad coffee and dirty bathrooms

Hosting a group of athletes for a post-workout meal? Take these tips from a Grand Tour veteran.

This flask costs $2000 and holds two types of whiskey.

Crack open one of our favorites this Friday—otherwise known as National Beer Day

We pitted a Nalgene against a metal insulated Hydro Flask to test the merits of each

We gathered advice from the best in the business on how to make alfresco dining unforgettable

Take it from this chef: you don't need no stinking gas stove

These brews are named for some of America's most beloved spaces. A few even benefit the lands they honor.

A marriage we can all get behind

We pitted a $30 Stanley against three less-pricey competitors to find out

The tools United States Barista Champion Lemuel Butler uses to brew his own personal java

Advances in technology tease us with the possibility of safer alcohol, but there are lots of regulations and ethical questions still to be tussled with

After 'Born to Run' introduced the world to the Tarahumara people and the healthful chia that grows on their land, they may have found a way to turn the seeds into economic stability

A mini-kegerator for craft-beer lovers who crave variety.

Brew and drink from one device with the coffee mug

Aged booze will always rule the top shelf, but a new crop of local distillers thinks youth can be a virtue

A former banker started from scratch to create what might be Patagonia's first distilled spirit

Life is too short to drink bad coffee

The season's hottest flavors are spruce, pine, and juniper. Here's where to taste them.

Start smoking the pork before the lifts close to ensure a thorough cook.

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