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As children, if not as adults, we all dreamed of having a tree house. Well, it’s never too late to fulfill that dream. If you don’t know where to start, you can find inspiration in these two coffee table books from publishers Dom and Taschen. These beautiful and simple designs are sure to get you making sketches of your own.

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Canned Beer: A usually cheap, thirst-quenching alcoholic beverage in a durable package, now commonplace on rafting and camping trips.

Spork: An eating utensil that adds fork tines to a spoon and never fails to amuse its users.

Gatorade: A sports drink formulated in 1965 for the University of Florida Gators football team and currently produced by PepsiCo.

Gel: A sugary fuel used during races and serious training, typically packed into sealed foil pouches.

Pour-Over Coffee: A method of brewing coffee by passing near boiling water through grounds held in a paper filter.

PowerBar: The first portable energy bar.

Mountain House: Maker of 33 varieties of tasty freeze-dried meals packaged in polyester, aluminum, and nylon pouches.