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Kick back and indulge in the season’s best beach books

Can guidebook companies survive in the digital age? We take a look and try some new alternatives

The big surprise about the return of great whites to the birthplace of Jaws? No one’s freaking out.

Flying a kite may be child’s play. But done right it can be serious, no-holds-barred child’s play.

The Olympic decathlete on how to eat, train, and perform better

Five great exercises you can do in just 20 minutes

Getting around the laws that make overnight seaside camping frustratingly difficult

When the Great Recession hit, young people found a million different ways to cope with their battered job prospects. Alex and Nick Kleeman found the best way, scraping together enough cash to buy a 32-foot sailboat, then plunging into the Pacific for the adventure of their lives. So what if they didn’t know how to sail?

Escaping the easy way with summer’s coolest new ride, the M8 Rivoli

For more than a century, Western climbers have hired Nepal’s Sherpas to do the most dangerous work on Mount Everest. It’s a lucrative way of life in a poor region, but no service industry in the world so frequently kills and maims its workers for the benefit of paying clients. The dead are often forgotten, and their families left with nothing but ghosts.

The helicopter ride to a luxury resort was undeniably sweet. But for Peter Heller, the greatest thing about New Zealand’s South Island was kayaking down a surly river with an old paddling buddy, in a country that’s still unbelievably pristine.

The world’s most accomplished blind adventurer has jumped out of airplanes, mountain-biked Leadville, and summited Everest. But nothing has proven to be as challenging as his current goal: to solo-kayak the Grand Canyon.

BODYWORK: Personal Best
The path to better fitness, nutrition, sleep, and productivity lies in a series of simple (and relatively painless) tweaks to your daily habits. Just ask Olympic decathlon gold medalist Ashton Eaton: you can always improve on your best.

Disposable Man
It’s often said that Sherpas are the real heroes of Everest. But when the people who carry our gear are disabled or killed, their families must shoulder a heavy load. Grayson Schaffer investigates the hard truth about one of the most dangerous jobs on earth.

What Does Kayaking Look Like to Erik Weihenmayer?
He has climbed the Seven Summits and biked the Leadville 100. But if you ask the world’s bravest blind adventurer, his biggest challenge is yet to come: paddling the Grand Canyon. By Tracy Ross

Roam: Best Kept Wild
There aren’t many places where you can helicopter from smooth singletrack to a sweet fly-fishing hole—and then spend the next two weeks happily vagabonding from one perfect green river to the next. Peter Heller finds heaven on New Zealand’s South Island.

Tune in, Give up, Ship Out
Economy got you down? Do what Alex and Nick Kleeman and thousands of others have done. Scrape up some cash, buy a boat, raise anchor, and set sail for the South Pacific. Boating experience (you hope) not required. By Sarah Rose

DISPATCHES: The Beach Report
First Look:
With great white sharks returning to Cape Cod, is it safe to go back in the water? (Answer: Yes and no.)
What else? The best beach reads, from rebel werewolves to the tastiest cheese on the planet.
The art of kite flying, an advanced course.
Rising Stars:
Olympic beach volleyball silver medalists Jennifer Kessy and April Ross prepare to dominate.
A fresh take on the lobster roll.
The cruiser bike perfected.

Road Trips!
Blue highways and cool waters along the Outer Banks, Lake Champlain, the Great Lakes, and the Pacific Coast. Plus: Airstream rentals.
Field Notes:
Guidebooks are dying. Long live guidebooks! How the old stalwarts are adapting to the digital world.
Go List:
A hipster hotel in the Catskills, Africa’s first through-hike, an offshore B&B, and the perfect flannel shirt.

ESSENTIALS: Design + Tech
Introducing the coolest, sleekest, best-functioning gear of 2013, from a pair of spy-ready camera sunglasses and the world’s lightest running shoes to an elegant hickory-wood bike.