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Midwest ski resorts get a bad rap for too much camo and not enough snow. These four prove the stereotypes wrong.

Ocean rowing, once an adventure sideshow, is on the rise thanks to new technology that has made record-setting crossings easier—and high-stakes rescues inevitable

Inside OAR Northwest's state-of-the-art, 30-foot Woodvale Ocean 4 rowboat, the James Robert Hanssen

Last year’s pitiful snow season left skiers and boarders starving for the white stuff. Which is why we’ve dug up a smorgasbord of new terrain, fresh trips, and killer deals that will have you ripping all winter long.

Do athletes have a higher pain tolerance?

Three competitions using danger to capture media attention

Where to fix your ski jones this winter

Which is a serious problem when you’re the most famous stunt rider on the Internet. But as Nick Heil finds out, the oft-injured Scot is roaring out of rehab to dazzle the world once again.

Even endurance athletes can score performance gains with high-intensity interval training. Here's how to do it.

The Colorado-based road-race champion logs much of his winter mileage indoors. Here's how he makes trainer time count.

Are Terminator-style heads-up displays a gimmick—or an adventure-sports breakthrough?

Considering that he’s already devised miracle shortcuts for jobs (The 4-Hour Workweek) and fitness (The 4-Hour Body), you might think Tim Ferriss, king of life hacking, would find few challenges in cooking. Wrong. It “kicked my ass so many times,” he writes in the first chapter of his latest book, The 4-Hour Chef, out this month from

Can high levels of endurance training lead to irreversible heart damage? A new report is giving athletes panic attacks.

Maybe you should get a checkup before you go the distance

It may be tiny, but it’s the center of entrepreneur Tim Boyd’s industry juggernaut

In December, the surf world once again descends on Oahu’s North Shore for the sport’s most prestigious event, the Pipe Masters, where competitors battle it out at the planet’s most famous—and deadliest—break. Here’s a look behind surfing’s biggest spectacle.

When it comes to holiday giving, you should never have to choose. This year, our editors have pulled together 68 perfect ideas—priced from $4 to $50,000—guaranteed to make anyone on your list feel like a million bucks.

Will sending the world’s best paddlers down insanely dangerous whitewater and broadcasting it online generate interest?

Bamiyan, Afghanistan. Home to the best unexplored ski terrain on the planet, occasional town-crushing avalanches, and only a hint of Taliban presence. Saddle up for an intrepid boot-packing expedition deep into the Hindu Kush.

Six natural prescriptions for improving your body and mind

How research supports the therapeutic benefits of playing outside

Six all-natural (yet scientific) strategies for improving your mind and body

These days, screen-addicted Americans are more stressed out and distracted than ever. And there’s no app for that. But there is a radically simple remedy: get outside. Florence Williams travels to the deep woods of Japan, where researchers are backing up the theory that nature can lower your blood pressure, fight off depression—and even prevent cancer.

The FBI used an 18-year-old woman called “Anna” to infiltrate an alleged ecoterrorism cell. Did she stop a bomb plot before it came off? Or did she launch one?

Take Two Hours of Pine Forest and Call Me in the Morning
With everything we want only a click away, scientists are discovering the benefits of the thing we need most: time spent outside. Florence Williams goes forest bathing.
Six ways to naturally recharge in a wired world. By Gretchen Reynolds

Danny MacAskill Can’t Ride a Bike
Clips of the Scottish trials phenom throwing flips and 360s in city streets made him YouTube famous. Then he got hurt—bad. Nick Heil catches up with the two-wheeled king of viral video as he prepares to relaunch.

War and Piste
In the Hindu Kush lies a range of 12,000-foot peaks with some of the rawest skiing on the planet. Elliott D. Woods heads for the mountains of Afghanistan and finds locals isolated from the conflict, welcoming to Westerners, and hungry for powder turns.

For Love or Money?
Just because you’re on a budget this holiday season doesn’t mean you can’t knock the socks off the adventurers on your list. From ultrawarm jackets to craft moonshine, here are 67 of our favorite things for under a grand. (Plus one absurdly expensive electric car.) By Ali Carr Troxell

First Look:
Open-ocean rowing is growing fast thanks to new technologies that make record-setting crossings more attainable than ever.
A behind-the-scenes look at pro surfing’s ultimate proving ground, the Pipe Masters.
Life hacker Tim Ferriss wants to teach you how to hunt, harvest, and cook dinner in (wait for it) four hours.
Heads-up displays are coming to adventure sports. But do we need them?
An insanely dangerous whitewater-kayaking race might be just the thing to reboot the flagging sport.

Ski Resort Special:
North America’s top spots for powder hounds, park rats, and parents seeking kid-friendly slopes.
Plus: Missouri entrepreneur Tim Boyd turns modest Midwestern rises into full-blown ski slopes.

In the Lead:
According to an alarming new study, endurance athletes may be running themselves to death.
Your interval training isn’t as intense as it should be.
Next-gen stationary bikes up the realism factor with strain gauges, magnetic flywheels, and Google Maps integration.
Pulse: Skin care for the mountain man, why training reduces anxiety, and the all-time greatest protein bar.

An FBI informant nails an environmental activist who seemed only a bathtub bomb away from ecoterrorism. It looked like swift justice—except that the agent paid for the explosives. By Dean Kuipers