Outside Magazine, Dec 2013

The Rewards of Risk



Finally, all the performance enhancing nutrition items you need, delivered

With medical costs exploding, young adventurers are opting to go under the knife overseas. Is the risk worth it?

Headed around the world for some cheaper medical care? Follow these rules

The new Interior Secretary has an impressive résumé. Oil geologist, banker, president of REI. But today's Washington is a landscape without maps, and in this age of climate change and keystone, the major battles are taking place over at the EPA and State. Is greatness still possible at Interior?

Determined that Russia will put on the most lavish Winter Games in history, Vladimir Putin has spent $51 billion, quashed environmental critics, and turned one of Europe’s most beautiful natural regions into a construction zone.

After a long period of stasis, helmet design is about to get much better

As awareness about sports-­related traumatic brain injuries grows, so do the number of ­advocacy groups devoted to the topic. Here’s where to turn for more information.

Which resorts have the best ski tutorials?

Fire the babysitter. This time you're bringing the whole family.

Climbing's biggest name makes his bid for international stardom by risking death on live TV

How the Stanford physiologist is trying to change the hydration game

The former trainer's controversial study says he can

How Sandra Steingraber is leading the war against hydraulic fracking

How a fearless filmmaker is shifting the conversation around snowboarding and big air

Devin Graham is creating a Youtube empire

Billy Parish's quest to make renewable energy the way of the future

The rewards of risk are fueling a catastrophic increase in TBIs. How can we protect ourselves?

How the Coupounases sold their brand without selling their souls

The CrossFit backlash is in full swing—led by a long list of injured participants

For the skier who likes to shop locally

Corporations aren't all bad when it comes to skiing

Your favorite slopes—bigger, better, and ready for winter

The best places to find deep conditions this winter

The 411 for planning your ski trip around the weather

The best places for uphill and in-bounds skiing

Where to go off the beaten path this winter

Motivated by adventure, science, and awe at the power of nature, stormchasers are risking it all to get closer to tornadoes than ever before. Last spring, during the deadly Oklahoma City outbreaks, they got more than they bargained for.

After the Crash
With big improvements in outdoor gear and dizzying advances in action sports, everyone from superpipe riders to weekend warriors is taking bigger risks than ever—and more severe blows to the head. Marc Peruzzi investigates the catastrophic trend of traumatic brain injuries. 

The Zoich Olympics
Vladimir Putin has transformed Sochi, Russia, into his personal proving ground for the Best Winter Games Ever. So shut up already about the clamor of jackhammers and the ruined wetlands, and give Barsik the snow-boarding snow leopard his due. By McKenzie Funk

Walk Hard
He’s fought the Taliban, been arrested in South Sudan, and delivered ambulances from London to Malawi. None of which did anything to prepare 31-year-old British adventurer Levison Wood for his craziest mission yet: strolling the length of the 4,175-mile Nile River. By Jed Lipinski

When the Luck Ran Out in El Reno
Tornado chasers endure end-less miles of smoky motel rooms and gas-station food to get a front-row seat at the most beautiful and destructive show on earth. But last May, Oklahoma’s deadly El Reno tornado changed their pursuit forever. By Grayson Schaffer

The Disrupters:
Meet the bold men and women who shook up our world in 2013, from big-wall climber Alex Honnold, who plans to scale the planet’s second-tallest building—unroped, on live TV—to a solar entrepreneur giving green energy a shot in the arm.
The year’s biggest moments, starting with Oprah’s grilling of you-know-who.

Ski Resorts:
Make the most of this year’s trends, from expanded backcountry access to powder guarantees to slopeside food trucks. Also, our favorite ski flick, travel bag, and bloody mary. 

As medical costs skyrocket in the U.S., growing numbers of banged-up athletes are making a radical decision—surgery abroad.
Trampoline training for ski season.
Not milk? Try these power-packed alternatives.
CrossFit’s painful secret.
Energy-bar-of-the-month clubs, and the surprising benefits of watermelon.

Holiday Gift Guide:
This year, give ’em something they’ll use. Our picks for the world traveler, adrenaline junkie, gadget geek, and rugrat on your list.