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From temperate rainforests to miles of coastline; from waterfalls and lakes to hiking, backpacking, and camping; from boating to skiing to glacier travel and mountaineering—Olympic has astonishing variety.

Packed with nutrients and flavor, mushrooms are trendy for a reason. We’ve rounded up the best snacks and meals for your next adventure.

From the delicious, to the palatable, to the borderline inedible

Behold, direct satellite-to-phone connectivity “anywhere you can see the sky”

How a satellite communicator helps me tamp down panic in the wilderness

Savory backcountry eats. Camping meals that really impress. Chefs who inspire. And the perfect tools to help you create a mouthwatering feast after a day of adventure.

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Starry nights. Fresh air. Towering trees. Whether you’re car camping or in the backcountry, make the most of your life outside.

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A soggy slumber under a roller coaster, a chilly night in the Sierra, a high-altitude headache on Mount Whitney, and other tales of outdoor insomnia

Eight fan favorites. Three head-to-head rounds. Only one winner.

Hit the road prepared for anything, without sacrificing cargo space

Wisdom gained by trying, and sometimes failing, to stay comfortable outdoors

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Is it possible to add heat to normal tent efficiently and effectively—without starting a fire? I spent the past two years finding out.

Good wine is more adventure ready than ever before

Sometimes paying for camping is necessary, but Gaia Topo helps you find free alternatives that you won’t find with Google

Keep your body and the planet clean

From chopping onions to making a mean espresso, these products will help turn backcountry outings into something slightly more gourmet

The South American pack animal is the perfect companion for getting deep into the wilderness with little ones

Sprays, lotions, wipes, apparel, and devices to keep mosquitoes, ticks, and flies at bay

There’s a lot to know before parking your van or pitching a tent on public lands. Here’s how to do it right.

Those instructions on the brownie box? Feel free to ignore them. This simple technique will get you a chocolatey dessert in just a few minutes.

Challenge yourself, choose your own pace, and embrace nature all by yourself

Alaska’s Kobuk Valley National Park is an overlooked gem. It offers up the great caribou migration, stargazing and miles of solitude, and massive dunes you’d expect to find in the Sahara. This is the 40th stop on our 62 Parks Traveler's quest to visit every national park in the U.S.

I always loved hiking but hated sleeping in a tent. When I stopped using one, I found new joy on the trail.

Gates of the Arctic in northern Alaska is one of the last truly wild national parks. There are no roads or trails, and the park boasts the stunning Brooks Range, six wild and scenic rivers, and gets fewer than 3,000 visitors a year. Our 62 Parks columnist was awestruck by her 39th stop on her quest to visit every national park in the U.S.

You deserve better than freeze-dried stroganoff

All you need is a long weekend to get out, get lost, and find yourself again. From Asheville to Seattle, we’ve researched the best three-day wilderness trips within road-tripping distance from a city.

A shortage of places to camp is hurting the environment and limiting diversity in the outdoors. But there are some innovative solutions on the table.

With cruise traffic set to be at an all-time low this summer, you’ll be able to have the 49th state all to yourself

When you stop resisting the information sharing that causes crowd flocking, you can use it to create advocates who will protect the trails

Every mountaineer knows that getting to the summit isn't a requirement, but it sure is sweet if you do

With more than 200 miles of trails, there's a lot to explore in this iconic Wyoming attraction. It's our 62 Parks Traveler's 25th stop on her journey to visit every U.S. national park.

A tale about two-wheeled island hopping in the midnight sun

An off-trail adventure through perhaps the prettiest chunk of the lower 48

Mountain-bike world-famous slickrock at our 62 Parks Traveler's 14th stop on her journey to visit every U.S. national park in a year

Follow these steps to spend less time stressing over the details and more time on the trail

They're a connection to our wildest selves

These innovative technical pieces make wilderness camping more fun and less work

The places we love will outlive us, and isn't that just a little bit wonderful? It's our 62 Parks Traveler's 11th stop on her journey to visit every U.S. national park in a year.

From camp grounds to house blends, these brewers can handle anything

Wander amid 200-million-year-old stone logs in Arizona. It's our 62 Parks Traveler's ninth stop on her journey to visit every U.S. national park in a year.

Trash-compactor sacks are the most inexpensive way to keep your gear dry

If you've done everything in your power to salvage it, and it's still not working like it used to, maybe it's time for something new

It's the ultimate social-distancing tool, getting you outside for some solo relaxation

Light enough for backpacking and bright enough to illuminate an entire campsite, this is exactly what you need when it's safe to get back out there again

Welcome to America's newest national park, with endless and huge sand dunes to explore. It's our 62 Parks Traveler's fifth stop on her journey to visit every U.S. national park in a year.

Exploring the desert and cacti is so awesome and surreal that you'll feel like you're on another planet. It's our 62 Parks Traveler's fourth stop on her journey to visit every U.S. national park in a year.

The gear and knowledge you need to stay comfortable overnight in the snow

An entire mountain range to itself, dramatic stretches of the Rio Grande, and 118 miles of shared border with Mexico are just a few reasons why this 801,163-acre range in southwest Texas is worth a visit

A recipe for the backcountry, designed by a high-end chef

And it's a hundred times better than an energy bar

Up-to-date guidelines on the pros and cons of filters, ultraviolet light, chemicals, and other options

The e-retailer pursued legal action against dozens of companies for trademark infringement over the word "backcountry." Now the CEO is apologizing.

A warm meal is a game changer in the backcountry

Our Gear Guy's inexpensive hacks for backcountry travel

Crackers crumble. Tortillas mold. Freshly baked bread never disappoints.

'Search' is an overlanding film shot in the dramatic landscapes of Colorado and California

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