Backcountry Camping


Skip the crowds at the national parks and head to these amazing monuments instead

After nearly a month of testing in Alaska and Yosemite, the shelter can best be described as a guilty pleasure

It's not intimidating with just a tiny bit of poop prep.

The answer isn't just throwing everything in your backpack all at once. Here's the right way to pack for a long haul in the wilderness.

A Rubbermaid bin stocked with everything you need for camping is one of the best ways to organize your gear

A jacket, a daypack, a water bottle, and some seat-back storage that we couldn't be more excited to test out

And fend off your campmates’ envy

There’s no painful mortgage, but a few key factors should guide your decision when shopping for a tent

New to backpacking, or never been? Make your next trip (or your first) a success by answering these questions beforehand.

Step one: know the conditions and whether fires are actually allowed where you're camping

These alpine refuges offer simplicity and shelter in the Colorado high country

Sporks may be controversial, but this one won us over

You don't need to spend a fortune to get a bright light with good features. Here are our top picks under $20.

Stay clean and keep the environment safe at the same time

Embrace phone-free time and enjoy these activities instead

Versatility is key for a blade that accompanies you everywhere

Longing for a wilderness Thanksgiving? Steven Rinella, host of the podcast and Netflix show 'MeatEater' and a consummate outdoorsman, teaches us how to cook a turkey in the backcountry.

When someone rolls into the campsite next to yours, go say hi. You probably have something in common.

Okay, we'll admit it. Our office is, like, five minutes from a TJ's.

Escapod makes a rugged off-road trailer but with high-quality amenities making it truly comfortable.

If you’re still balling up a sweatshirt to use as a pillow, you’re doing it wrong

It will serve you well when things go wrong

There's time for one or two more gatherings around the flames before summer is officially over. Here are some libations to end the season right.

With 700-fill down and a rating to 23 degrees Fahrenheit, this bag is ready for a lifetime of adventures

Buy it once, treat it right, and have it for a lifetime

The UberLite pad and Vesper quilt weigh just 23.8 ounces

This is the first innovation we’ve seen in closed-cell foam pads in nearly two decades

There's no point in hauling one around if you're going to make these mistakes

A group of hired caretakers, called ridgerunners, are working to protect America’s favorite wilderness footpath from the hordes of people who walk it each year

If this isn't already a staple of your camping kit, it should be.

These tools and bits of know-how can help you avoid getting your trailer stuck on remote backroads

A good general rule of thumb is to never drink unpurified water. Yet if you do, then use common sense first.

From Tamarack Media Company, Colossal follows their annual overlanding trip. This year they were outside of Nelson, British Columbia, in the Kootenai Mountains to explore its infinite backcountry.

From Sherpas Cinema and the North Face, Tsirku is a three-part film series featuring skiers Hadley Hammer and Sam Anthamatten with snowboarder Ralph Backstrom attempting to ski Corrugated, a set of spines on the Tsirku Glacier.

It's easier than you think to make a campfire feast

From Scott Sports and their athletes, Sam Cohen and McKenna Peterson, Peak of Ill Repute follows the team on a three-week skiing expedition at the base of Alaska's Fairweather Range. 

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An A to Z guide to the ups and downs of the sport

Often overlooked as a ski destination, the Aussie backcountry has some spectacular lines as displayed in this video from We Are Explorers and Hayden Griffith.

Your food will taste better, and you'll stay healthier

They're durable, smartly built, and ridiculously comfy

The simple silk cocoon is a key piece of gear when the temperature starts to drop

A fire starter that's very nearly windproof and works almost anywhere, anytime

Those folks up in the PNW know how to make nice-looking outdoor toys

In short, it's smartly designed and great looking

Advice for taking a really, really long hike with your significant other

To make a supremely comfortable women's backpacking pack, Osprey found, it needed to send its designers out on the trail

Sure, there's the never-ending mental math and having to deal with frozen pumps in brutal wind. But in the end, it's just one more factor in the complex calculus of a day in the mountains.

This teepee-style structure is bomber and brilliant, great for bikepacking or just regular backcountry exploring

The thing is tiny, reliable, and could very well save your ass

This segment of the bike world is growing rapidly, so we called in all the new stuff and took it camping in the New Mexico backcountry

Six tips to follow, whether you're pitching your tent in a national park or in your backyard

A few tricks to have fresh-baked brownies, cakes, and cinnamon rolls in the backcountry

There's no better way to transport water to your favorite off-the-grid spot

Cycling is in my blood, and to me it always meant two wheels—until now.

An ode to backcountry birth control in a time when the conversation around it is more fraught and politicized than ever

The tools and strategies you need to maintain proper hygiene on long camping trips

Tried-and-true stuff that will let you go farther and stay out longer

The technology behind these camp essentials recently got a lot better. Time to upgrade.

Don't let nosy bears and marmots ruin your trip

Startup CampCrate will mail you everything you need to go camping

Andrew Skurka’s updated guide is a masterclass in how to enjoy the outdoors comfortably

Taking kids on extended trips into the wilderness comes with an element of stress—the key is to talk about it

Watch as John Amoroso gives us a tour of his trailer and shares why it's truly unique.

Winter camping doesn't have to suck if you carry this shelter from Seek Outside with you

A 3-day bike hunt in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains was the perfect trip to put the company's new lightweight sleep system through its paces

How to find the best tool for your pocket and wallet

Have you ever found yourself on a boat besieged by pirates? Aboard a derailing train? Former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson explains how to survive these crises and many more in his new book, 100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition.

Six tricks for better off-the-grid travel

All the ingredients and gear you need for real meals on the trail

Consider it your guide to eating better in the backcountry

After completing the Pacific Crest Trail, Julie Hotz set her eyes on the seldom-traveled, lesser-known Pacific Northwest Trail

Seven pieces of gear no adventurer should live without

You don't need pricey gizmos to have fun outside. These 8 pieces of just-good-enough gear cost less than $100 combined.

Last July, filmmaker Jake Strassman and his impressively mustached friend Travis Halverson took off on a midsummer's camping trip in the Gore Range of Colorado.

Don't get stuck without the proper tools to fix your gear

How to sleep together, better, outside

Eleven must-haves for living off-the-grid

Military scientists are helping to make backcountry meals a bit less miserable—for all of us