Car Camping


You might be a disappointment, but the stuff you give your dad doesn’t have to be

We asked a seasoned road chef to lay out his simple, but totally dialed kit

This conversion adds serious space to the Defender 110

Yes, we know you've avoided coffee out of a red can like the plague. But it's time to give this segment of the caffeine world another try.

Make weekend getaways that much easier.

For more than three decades, a small business in northwest New Mexico has been producing plush, burly pads that will fundamentally change how you sleep outside

What a restless coffee drinker learned from going to circadian-rhythm rehab (a tent in the woods)

I spent three months camping with the trailer, which costs a fraction of most of its competitors. Here’s what I found.

Buttoned down, the camper on this Defender 110 ($54,650) doesn't look like much. But once the top goes up and the sides slide out (just like an RV), there's enough room for a bed, shower, toilet, and kitchen. Out back, a rack drops down for an instant wood deck. The whole setup process…

The most versatile hammock ever made.

Five options for your summer adventures

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Whether you're new to the game or are looking for a few new tricks, Cedar Wright has five simple tips that will help you elevate your camping game.

Five affordable options for when you’re not worried about size and weight

Watch to see what our gear editor, Jakob Schiller, loves about this light, easy to use rooftop tent.

We pitted a lightweight, teched-out camp towel against one you'd hang in a bathroom. Here's how it stacked up.

A packable sleeping platform that sets up in the back of your car.

A rooftop tent with an attachable vestibule.

The Camper is a new hanging tent from Treepod, a company known for making super cool hanging forts for kids.

We drove the luxury Italian brand's first SUV in the snowy Alps

Everything you need to know to ensure your beer and steaks stay cold

This trailer can haul an ATV, and you can sleep in it.

A skylight in this teardrop lets you see the stars.

This is what happens when Woolrich designs a camper

From tips from professional #vanlifers to how to not to tie a surfboard on your roof.

The wireless Rumpl Puffe- wants to warm up your next camping trip

A teardrop you can actually afford

New uses for your old camping stuff

This awning is the ultimate car camping accessory

Lessons I learned from organizing a homeless-youth outdoors program and how you can apply them to improving your own corner of the world

Some house-brand items are just as good as the name-brand stuff we all know and love

The BioLite BaseCamp stove has quickly become one of our favorite fall car camping tools. This wood-powered stove offers a great alternative to traditional fuel stoves or heavy grills and has a USB port to charge your devices while you cook.

The big-box retailers, so popular in the Midwest and South, are ideal places to find inexpensive, durable camp gear

You don’t have to travel far to find inspiration

Last weekend, hundreds of Overlanders converged for the annual Overland Expo East at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. These DIY adventure-travel enthusiasts spend their time and money outfitting off-road trucks and SUVs with state-of-the-art adventure and survival goodies, including rooftop tents, on-board solar, and axes. Lots and lots of axes. For three days, the car owners participated in clinics like “Machete Use: Maintenance and Safety for Overlanders” and navigated a muddy off-road course. Meanwhile, we ogled their drool-worthy rigs—from retrofitted ambulances to burly Subaru Outbacks. Here are some of our favorites.

It's not incredibly lightweight, packable, or durable, but all this stuff will serve you just fine in the outdoors and doesn't cost a small fortune

The Yakima SkyRise introduces a few important upgrades to the growing rooftop-tent industry

Five surprising pieces of gear that make road life even better

The second edition has more amenities than the original, but is still light enough to tow behind a Subaru

This video gives an inside look at what it's like to spend a weekend camping out a Wayfarer van

This video provides an easy to follow tutorial on installing one of Wayfare Vans conversion kits

An Aussie-built towable to get you farther into the backcountry

In this video, we highlight our favorite models from the show floor, from Tepui, James Baroud and Yakima.

A totally customizable build for your truck

A full cooking and cleaning setup that slots into the back of your truck

If you look, you can find lots of well-made kit for outdoor adventures

Introducing your new favorite mobile pizza maker

Ten pieces of affordable kit that you'll want to pack every time you head into the woods

The go-anywhere, do-anything teardrop trailer

Rooftop camping just got even more convenient, thanks to this sleek hardshell design

Moonlight lets you build collaborative gear checklists, provides important campsite info, and even includes built-in ghost stories

Base-camp comforts for the whole family

Trail runner, life-balance pro, and car-camping dad Luke Nelson shows us how it's done

Hiker Trailer produces lightweight, affordable teardrop trailers, packing in everything you need to experience the outdoors in a tiny space

Even since VW stopped making its European Winnebago in 2003, options for small, capable campers have dwindled in the United States. Meanwhile, Japan is producing dozens of the vehicles. What gives?

How to build out your campsite without breaking the bank

You don't need pricey gizmos to have fun outside. These 8 pieces of just-good-enough gear cost less than $100 combined.

Everything you need to know before you head out camping this summer

For those who want to camp way, way out there

Not ready to buy a campervan but still want to experience #vanlife? We’ve got you covered.

How to sleep together, better, outside

Tips for designing a functional, comfortable camper—without spending all your savings

A tricked-out VW Transporter that makes us want to move to Europe

Camp lights for when you don't have to worry about fast and light

You can do better than ketchup and crackers

Use these tips to avoid the crowds and take in all this magical place has to offer.

Outdoor kitchen, quilt-top mattress, hot water. Who says you have to forgo the niceties while camping?

You can do better than Easy Mac and beans

Towable as hell but built with enough room to host dinner parties

There’s no reason to sacrifice function for fashion. These seven items—from the world’s most versatile shorts to the ultimate koozie—give you flexibility to relax, run around, and keep the booze chilled all day long.

Six versatile essentials to help you look and feel your best

The best gifts don’t have to cost a fortune

Drive These 10 Open Roads Whether you have a day or a week, we’ve got the ten best stretches of highway to bolster your soul. Read more. Whether you have a day or a week, we've got the ten best stretches of highway to bolster your soul.

Your First Car Camping Kit Here at Outside, we often write about the newest—and priciest—outdoor gear. But when it comes to car camping, you don’t have to shell out the big bucks to build a solid kit. Read more. Here at Outside, we often write about the newest—and…

Camp cookware for the space-concious foodie father

A compact, simple way to fly-fish

Smell like the great outdoors, no matter where you are.