Car Camping


The Camp Café is a coffee-making system available for large groups of people (or folks that need their joe in mass quantities)

The best way to get first chair? Park next to it.

The most comfortable nighttime experience possible for vehicle-based adventures

Be prepared and upgrade your car-camping setup at the same time

Is the massive rack-maker's investment in rooftop tents a good thing?

The La-Z-Boy of camp chairs, Helinox's Sunset is as comfortable as this essential camp gear comes—without being overbuilt

From plush to ultralight, there's something here for everyone

Elevate your camping experience

Essential footwear for the house and the hut

These tools will make the most of your next adventure road trip

If your kid's under five and you want to spend a night under the stars as a family, you're gonna have to embrace extravagant camping

Because some days you just want to stay curled up on the sofa

A little prep goes a long way toward getting yourself un-screwed

These Airstream hotels let you test #trailerlife before taking the plunge

Escapod makes a rugged off-road trailer but with high-quality amenities making it truly comfortable.

Never leave your best friend behind when you head into the backcountry

Most solar powered gear is clunky and doesn’t work as well as advertised. Not this stuff.

Which rewards you with the most bang for your buck?

Thanks to a grassroots movement, it's soon going to get a lot simpler to book campsites on federal lands. But with more than two-thirds of public campgrounds controlled by the states, the work has just begun.

This European gear giant is trying to disrupt the U.S. outdoor market with its $2.50 backpacks and $49 tents. But is the product any good?

Essentially a three-person paddleboard base with a mesh tent upper and nylon fly, the Universe is happy on the ground, in the air, and on the water

There are many noble qualities about living simple. But if you want to impress someone, for God's sake, don't tell them you live in your van.

This rotomolded beast is bigger, tougher, and better insulated than your classic plastic jug

Take lounging in the woods seriously with these six picks

When in doubt, don't light that campfire

When space is precious, turn to these key products to help you save big

Get cozy under the stars (and in front of the camera) with one of these blankets

Take the cookout farther out

Tools to keep your beer cold and your gear organized

Each year, Flagstaff, Arizona, turns into an overlanding mecca for a weekend. Last week I set out in search of the sweetest, most eye-catching vehicles at the event. They weren't hard to find.

The ceiling can hold us, so we're throwing tents up there.

Creature comforts for the car-camping set

Whether you have a weekend or a month, these journeys are a must

Pro tip: bring plastic baggies and a Nalgene

Big-box parking lots are an easy stopgap, but there's so much public land waiting for those willing to look a little

It's 50 percent lighter than traditional cast iron skillets

It's four inches thick and weighs nine pounds. Read: It's better than my mattress back home.

Never settle for freeze-dried meals again

The Expedition Press built an estimated five million sleeping pads over its 38-year life

I put six of the most popular models through a vigorous test that included lots of hardcore beer drinking and reclined lounging

These tools and bits of know-how can help you avoid getting your trailer stuck on remote backroads

When it comes to a restful night, a few little things—and one not-so-little thing—make a world of difference

Lessons in preparing for and getting through the season

As the debate over the national monuments festers, Americans need to get out and use these lands

A small but mighty subculture navigates a lot more than the unpredictable conditions of living on the road

To find solitude in the wilderness, skip the weekends, consider the off season, and look for places without the obvious appeals

Fantasizing about the open road

Never heard of the thing? Read on to let me convince you that these easy-to-transport, bomber camping tables are the only way to go.

It's smokeless and sears hotter than anything else I've tried

This sleek little unit is great weekender, but it’s no match for our 23-foot-long Artemis when it comes to permanent road life

With one of these on the back your truck, you can camp in ultimate comfort even in the most off-the-grid spots

Setting up a tent doesn't need to be rocket science, our contributor Bryan Rogala shows us just how easy it is to sleep soundly under the stars.

BioLite just created a smokeless fire pit.

This simple piece of gear is easily overlooked but absolutely essential

The simple silk cocoon is a key piece of gear when the temperature starts to drop

A fire starter that's very nearly windproof and works almost anywhere, anytime

Her top tip: don't forget the coffee

If weight is no issue, this is the ultimate base camp tent.

Columnist Bryan Rogala takes us through the essential gear you need for any car camping adventure.

This basic piece of gear is a must-have for any adventure

I pitted three models against one another to help you choose the right stove for your adventures

Keep an eye out for these companies making some our favorite new gear

A few tricks to have fresh-baked brownies, cakes, and cinnamon rolls in the backcountry

Gear tips from a couple that’s perfected the art of road life

Let's Be Nomads started as a humble idea and an Indiegogo campaign to turn a school bus into a pow-chasing, wave searching, hostel.

There's no better way to transport water to your favorite off-the-grid spot

A hammock stand that mounts to the roof of your car.

Want a good campsite? Check out those run by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Yeah, I know that price tag is absurd. But I've found the Austin brand's new Gallon Jug to be one of best ways to beat the heat while playing outside.