Grand Canyon


Before her death last November, Katie Lee spent half a century working to restore Glen Canyon, a lost place that was even more astounding than Grand Canyon

From speed records to eco-anarchists, these reads explore the legend of an iconic place

Nikki Cooley and her sister want to get more Native people working in some of the the outdoor world's most coveted positions

In 1869, John Wesley Powell led nine men and four boats on the first documented descent through the Grand Canyon. As is made clear in this excerpt from 'The Promise of the Grand Canyon,' it was a hell of a challenge.

Just because you didn’t land a private permit to float the Colorado doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy its 40 layers of mind-jarring beauty.

Lava Falls is one of the most powerful rapids in the canyon and has long thwarted those trying to run it—especially those trying to make it down in record time.

The meeting of the Little Colorado and Colorado is sacred to many Native American tribes. For years, a developer worked to build a 1.4-mile tram that would shuttle up to 10,000 daily visitors into the canyon. Activists in the Navajo Nation, however, were determined to defeat it.

One of the craziest speed records in ultrarunning takes athletes from the top of the canyon, down to the bottom, and then all the way back up again—twice.

Every day, hundreds of helicopters pass through the lower canyon from the Hualapai Reservation. Is Grand Canyon West turning into “Las Vegas East” and ruining the park’s wilderness? Or is it saving a Native American tribe?

A minute-by-minute account my attempt to run across the Grand Canyon—twice

A new Outdoor Industry Association report details outdoor rec spending by congressional district. Lawmakers should take note.

Kaitlyn Boyle smashed the women's record for the AZT300, while Kurt Refsnider reclaimed the record for the 760-mile AZTR

Running my treadmill's interactive courses taught me a new way to think about the sport

A nostalgia-filled trip into the Grand Canyon

The floor of the Grand Canyon is unlike any other place on earth.

That fact was made painfully clear Sunday night when an autonomous Volvo XC90 hit and killed a woman who was walking her bike across the street in Tempe, Arizona

Remote, empty spots to pitch your tent in peace this summer

An Outside investigation of sexual harassment in outdoor workplaces, where unwanted advances, discrimination, and assault are a frequent and destructive occurrence for far too many women

A semi-detailed list of everything we know (and we still have plenty of questions) about possible public land closures starting tomorrow if the lights go out for the feds

From filmmaker Pete Mcbride, Dust in the Blood chronicles McBride’s attempt to thru-hike the Grand Canyon with writer Kevin Fedarko.

Our features editor sat down with author Annette McGivney to talk about her book, and you can listen in on their conversation

Sometimes the most crowded landscapes are also the most expansive

Researchers at the University of Montana found that nearby towns dependent on tourist dollars stand to lose millions

In this excerpt from Annette McGivney's book 'Pure Land,' the author investigates the brutal killing of a Japanese tourist—and things get complicated.

Ultrarunner Clare Gallagher says that while Cat’s been making a name for herself in trail running, this goal has always been at the top of her list

The activist, singer, and writer died at her home in Arizona

The National Park Service findings, released last week, are troubling. The reality is even worse.

The new book by journalist Annette McGivney excavates three lives (including her own) interlinked by a 2006 homicide near Havasu Falls

Writer Kevin Fedarko went looking for meaning in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. He ended up in charge of a boat full of poop.

After a legendary career in adventure writing, Tim Cahill thought his story was over. Thrown from a raft in the Grand Canyon’s Lava Falls, he was trapped underwater and out of air. When he finally reached land, his heart stopped for several minutes. Then he came back—and decided to risk Lava again.

When the going gets rough, these duffels will protect your stuff

You may be in the middle of the wilderness, but a local IPA isn’t that far away

Sammy Hartley skis, climbs, bikes, and backpacks—and just spent five days hiking rim to rim

Unplugging Lake Powell is a beautiful dream, but it would hurt the river more than it would help

Each year millions of visitors flock to the Grand Canyon to witness its magnitude and sheer awe-inspiring size. However, there's a phenomenon that few people get to experience that's called "cloud inversion".

The Grand Canyon is a river trip above all other river trips. Normally done over the course of weeks or months, a few members of the U.S. Men's Rafting team decided to set a new speed record; 34 hours.

We pulled records from January 2006 to September 2016 on where, how, and why park visitors are dying. Here’s what we found.

In 1979, 11 years old and armed with a Kodak Instamatic 110, photographer Andrew Phelps took his first image in the Grand Canyon on a trip with his father, Brent. Phelps shot four rolls of film that trip, but the square prints he developed upon his return didn’t do his memories justice. Ever since, and with a life dedicated to photography, he’s been trying to successfully capture the canyon. Thousands of frames later, and after nine trips over 34 years with his father, Phelps took to sorting through his work. The result is a 108-page book called Cubic Feet/Sec.

Elk sightings and waterfall hikes are all part of a day's work for Grand Canyon park ranger Perri Spreiser

Five adventures that don't involve ski resorts

One of our most iconic wild places is under threat from mining and development interests. Two journalists hiked 800 miles to remind people why they should care.

This past Tuesday, Walmsley shattered Rob Krar’s record for the double-crossing of the Grand Canyon—or, as it’s called, Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim.

The reports of sexual harassment among NPS employees continue, with new revelations about Yosemite and Yellowstone

Veteran river guide Joshua “Frenchy” Tourjee was helping lead an OARS trip when he went missing more than a week ago near Pancho’s Kitchen

Celebrate (and support) the National Park Service's birthday with these 7 products

The OARS founder and conservation icon was among the first to run non-motorized river trips down the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon faces threats from every side.

Martin's Boat is a film that honors environmentalist Martin Litton, who was known for pioneering the use of Dories on the Colorado River in the 1960's.

Details on routes, weather, fuel, and gear for tackling the rim-to-rim-to-rim challenge

Last winter, a federal government report acknowledged a long-standing pattern of sexual harassment against female river guides employed by the National Park Service in the Grand Canyon. But no official account can capture the day-to-day realities of that harmful environment. Here, three former Park Service river guides recount what they endured, and discuss what needs to change.

A recently released report details how officials plan to address hostile working conditions on the river

New rapids present a danger to whitewater rafters, and a steep price for the National Park Service

Over the weekend, paddlers descended on Arizona to break a 33-year-old speed record on a 277-mile stretch of the Colorado River. Their efforts may herald a flurry of new attempts in the Grand Canyon.

Can a private company trademark public property? That's the question the feds are scrambling to answer after a longtime concessionaire in Yosemite claimed rights to the names of some of the park's most iconic locations.

River trips have long been a venue for partying, but a new federal report illuminates a darker trend of sexual harassment that has persisted for years

The ultrarunner has a long history with the land surrounding Grand Canyon National Park. Now he's pushing to grant it official protections.

Use these tips to avoid the crowds and take in all this magical place has to offer.

We've cut the fat (and circumnavigated the crowds) so you can enjoy any of these thrilling parks in just one day

Like any wilderness mission, trail running requires savvy prep and the right equipment. Pack your bag wisely.

The large canine wandering Arizona's Kaibab Plateau appears to be a gray wolf from Yellowstone. Which means its future is grim.

It all started with the wooden dories. Years of research, many boat trips through the Grand Canyon's rapids, and one award-winning book later, the author shares what that incredible place means to him.

Challenge your abilities with these iconic runs through the wilds of America.

Start in the Grand Canyon and wander up to Moab, Utah, with some moonlit camping and excellent mountain biking along the way.

Three panes of glass separate you from a 1,000-foot fall. And they start cracking, which is what happened to Willis Tower visitors Wednesday. Terrifying, yes. But dangerous? Not exactly.

Visitors flock to Grand Canyon National Park for awe-inspiring views. But if a quick peek over the edge isn’t enough, here are a few places to camp on the South and North Rims: On the popular South Rim, where most visitors venture, Ruby Hill sits 30 miles from…

Some in congress want to change a bill that allows presidents to designate national monuments. Should we care?

Conquer the canyon with this handy guide

The options can be daunting, so we've narrowed it down to five trips you shouldn't miss.

Finish one of these nine races, and everything afterward will seem like a neighborhood fun run.

Who needs headlamps? From a bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico to a Japanese trail lined with glowing mushrooms, these ten hikes are at their best when it's dark out. Pack your camera (leave the flash at home) and prepare to be amazed.

We may never know how 21-year-old rafter Kaitlin Kenney died on the Colorado River, but we will never forget why she went

Three whitewater guides, one wooden dory, and the Colorado River, swollen by record snowmelt and raging with a fury that boatmen hadn't seen since the days of John Wesley Powell. From Kevin Fedarko's epic new book, The Emerald Mile, the incredible story of the fastest, wildest trip ever attempted through the Grand Canyon.

Meet the men and women on the knife's edge of exploration

Get your life list out—here are some of our all-time favorites

I am going on a Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim day hike in several weeks. I have done a lot of hiking mainly in light boots but I am wondering about using trail runners for this one. Any suggestions? Mark Henderson, NV

We'll be rafting the Grand Canyon in August and the gear list includes a full rain suit. Any recommendations? Steve Charleston, SC

What is a good hiking boot for a seven-day Grand Canyon rafting/hiking trip in September? We'll (my wife and I) be rafting four to six hours each day with time for side hikes, and then will be hiking out of the canyon on the last day (about 7.5 miles) carrying about 20-30 pound packs. We both already have Chacos so we're covered on the river sandal front. -Chris Springfield, IL

GRIZZLY ADAMS FAMILY“There’s a bear!” This simple exclamation triggered the angriest parental outbust of my youth. At least, that’s how I remember it. I was seven years old, sitting in the backseat of our family station wagon, driving through Yellowstone for the first time. We’d set out from Boston…

Love Acadia, the Tetons, and the Grand Canyon? Wait until you meet their crazy little cousins.