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A team of Black cyclists will traverse the historic Underground Railroad on a mission to empower and inspire

'Hermanas' follows sisters, cyclists, and musicians Ale and Gemma Casillas as they explore what those identities mean to the next generation

Last month the fitness giant tightened its paywall and announced it was recommitting to core users. Here's what has to happen for that to work.

Well, sort of. There's no racing on the roads yet, but pro teams are flocking to a digital version that will be broadcast to fans.

For those unfamiliar with northwest Arkansas, the region is quickly making a name for itself as a paradise for both road and mountain bikers

The cycling world has turned its eye toward an obscure challenge called Everesting

It's a strange time in the world of bicycles. That's one reason we chose two favorite road rigs: one for pavement and one for gravel.

Whether we needed another documentary about the disgraced cyclist is up for debate, but 'Lance' is an entertaining look at the saga—and wait until you hear what he says about Floyd Landis

How director Marina Zenovich got the most infamous bike racer in history to share more than ever before

Yes, it involves nonstop time in the saddle, lots of beer, and plenty of technical jargon

What we learned from riding the best bikes of the year

Locked-down cities have opened streets to cyclists and pedestrians. But what happens when the traffic comes back?

A deeply personal story of one rider’s painful saga—and what we can all learn from it

I was biking home when you barreled into me with your car and left me to die

Being involved in a crash with a driver while on a bike or on foot is bad enough, but the trouble doesn’t always stop when you get yourself to safety. Navigating the justice and insurance systems afterward can also be an ordeal.

Gravel may be all the rage, but nothing teaches you more about being a cyclist than riding on the road

Last week a paper suggested that runners and cyclists need much more than six feet. The report went viral, and backlash ensued. But there was some legitimate science behind the claims.

Instead of figuring out what to do about the 2020 race, organizers should start planning for next year and use the opportunity to finally create a true women's Tour de France. Here's how it could work.

Increasing my visibility profile on the bike seems like a great way to improve safety. But does it matter?

When the sun goes down, they take to the streets

Can the sport’s trendiest discipline reinvigorate its national governing body? And should we even care?

Peloton is a fun distraction, but you don't have to relegate yourself to the trainer because it's cold outside

Seduced by the idea of turning my hobby into a paycheck, I led bike tours across the U.S. throughout my twenties. As I learned, some passion pursuits are best left pro bono.

In 2017, two Americans set off on a round-the-world bike trip. They believed people all over the world are inherently good at heart. They never made it home.

“Booties are dorky and they take forever to put on. But they will change your life,” we wrote in our staff picks roundup of winter gear. We especially like the waterproof fabric and reflective elements to keep you drier and more visible on the road.

A growing body of research shows that electric-assist bikes may have profoundly positive health impacts—and not just for the people who ride them but for society

Fall is actually the best time to ride to work

The Lumos Matrix features turn signals, brake lights, and a customizable message panel. But by rallying around this "connected" helmet, are we surrendering to what it really represents?

Pro cycling in the U.S. is actually kicking ass—you just need to look beyond the men's WorldTour

We picked the Tempo Powerstrap shoe as one of the best pieces of cycling gear from our 2019 bike test. Our tester wrote: “I’m just thrilled to have a pair of road cleats that not only perform well and cost a fraction of the competition but still look great.”…

If you cheat in a virtual bike race, should you suffer IRL consequences?

Cycling is already mainstream. It’s time for the media to catch up.

Bike technology has gotten really, really good. So how do you pick your next bike in an age of overwhelming choice?

This weekend's Road World Championships may be your last shot for a while to see Chloé Dygert Owen and Mathieu van der Poel animate the peloton. Don't miss it.

Former professional cyclist Phil Gaimon knows how he's going to die

The 2019 Trans Am bike race ended two months ago for everyone except one 78-year-old competitor

Overhead cameras accidentally caught a marijuana grow operation on a rooftop in Igualada, Spain

Pro cyclist Cory Williams recommended the Cannondale CAAD12 105 as a good beginner budget road bike. This model has the same aluminum alloy frame from Cannondale’s racing version so you get a smooth, high-functioning ride, but uses other low-cost parts to keep the price down.

'Thereabouts Colombia' profiles cyclists Lachlan and Angus Morton as they explore Colombia and meet its next generation of great riders

Pearl Izumi has long been an Outside favorite for its “good-looking, hyperfunctional, and not too expensive gear,” as we wrote in our review of soft goods from this year’s bike test. The ELITE Escape Tank is no different. It has a longer torso for full coverage, a pocket in…

With big names out injured and the super-team depleted, we were treated to some top-tier bike racing

Cycling’s most infamous legend talks us through the twists and turns of the Tour with his daily podcast and exclusive updates on 'Outside'

Cycling's international governing body is busy going through the motions of looking for cheating riders, but what if it just looked for the motors?

For the third year in a row, tempers boiled over at cycling's biggest race, causing two disqualifications. This time it might affect who wins.

In his long-awaited memoir, 'One-Way Ticket,' a cheater turned reformer tells all about performance-enhancing drugs, the Tour de France, and a rider he used to know named Lance

The disqualified former Tour de France winner speaks openly about doping in cycling, moving forward, and his burgeoning CBD business

The city's riding scene is unique and diverse, and the best way to dodge the infamous traffic is on two wheels

You've heard of Ineos’s Egan Bernal, a possible Tour winner, but don't miss these other fantastic talents—both men and women

Evidence is mounting that designing cities with bikes in mind has a profound effect on everyone—not just cyclists

I tested the Gazelle Medeo electric cruiser to see how many gallons of gas it saved me on my daily commute

After riding 50 of the newest models, we have some thoughts

The collaboration could answer some crucial questions about what happens to helmets during a crash and points the way forward for better testing and certification

A broken femur and other injuries forecast a long and uncertain recovery

How do we settle on the best roadie each year? Round up 25 of the most promising models and start racking up the miles.

The largest promoter in road-bike racing is backing away from what may be the sport's future

This year’s class is changing how we see roadies

A secretive launch signaled that the new team isn’t going to be a softer, cuddlier version of its controversial predecessor

Watch to see why the Orbea Gain e-bike came out on top as our testers' favorite roadie for 2019

Choice (and affordable) accessories for road and trail

These pedals give you the option to clip in with your cleats for longer rides, or flip them over to use the wide platform with your daily shoes on more casual trips—ideal for road cyclists, commuters, and everyone in between.

Stock up on this industry-standard cleaner that handles the toughest grease. We like to pair it with the Park Tool Chain Gang. Bonus: it’s biodegradable and non-toxic.

Oregon representative Earl Blumenauer recently introduced the Bicycle Commuter Act, which would provide a pretax benefit for riding to work. Here's what to know about the potential law.

The peer-to-peer sporting-goods rental service now wants to blend mobile and traditional bike rentals

Each year we head to a cycling mecca to test dozens of road, mountain, and gravel bikes in search of the best new rides

The big-box retailer is trying to cater to cycling enthusiasts with a line of three new carbon rides. Will people buy them?

In a unique twist to online retail, this shop certifies pre-owned bikes and offers a guaranteed buy-back program

Performance machines to cheat wind, go off-road, or cover lots of ground

Is the new construction as effective as Trek claims? Right now, it’s impossible to say.

Why telling people you ride elicits serious bike-splaining—and what you can do about it

You can’t escape obsolescence. You can only transcend it.

News that the team will keep its massive budget all but ensures its dominance at the Tour de France

New Mexico lawmakers in pursuit of tourism dollars could help push the niche sport into the mainstream, as well as boost visitors to one of the country’s great, overlooked long-distance routes

According to the League of American Bicyclists, more cyclists died on U.S. roads in 2016 than at any other time in the past quarter-century. But that doesn't show the whole picture.

With bike pants this good, you’ll never ride in tights again