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I witnessed history, of a sort, from my desk, watching a free livestream of the first-ever virtual race for pro cyclists

Britain's wildly successful pro cycling team might be losing its namesake sponsor, but the dynasty is far from over

Setting cycling's hour record hurts so much that it's been called death without dying. So what does it take to get past the discomfort?

From slick racers to gravel grinders, these are the new rides that wowed our testers

Our bike-test director just wrapped up our 13th annual testing marathon. Here's how it works.

Lighter, more comfortable designs and high-end safety features make these helmets the best

In founding a new team, the fallen cyclist is seeking forgiveness, which many fans may not be willing to give

A group of researchers at Virginia Tech performed rigorous testing on 30 top bike helmets to find out which is the most protective

Basque bike manufacturer Orbea could show the way forward for the pedal-assist market with its new e-roadie, the Gain

In today's carbon-framed fat-tubed push-button bicycle landscape, it can be difficult to find a bike that truly stands out. Enter the Drysdale Special.

Triathlete Adelaide Perr sustained serious injuries after colliding with a car—then was saddled with proving, against the driver’s word, that she was a victim

The company is aiming to change the way people buy bikes

Cycling’s most infamous legend talks us through the twists and turns of the Tour with his daily podcast and exclusive updates on 'Outside'

The high-tech material has been used to build frames and components for decades, but as bikes age, catastrophic failures are leading to lawsuits

What possesses an American cleric, a man of history and scholarship, to renounce his vows, move to a crumbling stone farmhouse in a small French village, and spend his days digging potatoes and translating Thucydides? Bill Donahue goes in search of his favorite unconventional uncle.

The proposed 10 percent tariffs on bikes and bike parts imported from China would be a blow to the U.S. cycling industry

The Texan is launching an endurance sports media company

The UCI's decision in the Brit's case may have far-reaching implications for international drug testing

Conventional wisdom says that drafting doesn’t matter when cycling up steep hills. It’s wrong.

Whether you're into race shields or lifestyle frames, there's something here you'll love

Top-end bicycles are higher tech and better than ever. But so are the budget models.

A violinist describes her bold quest to become the first female African American cyclist on the pro tour

'Afghan Cycles' brings rise to women’s rights struggles in Afghanistan through the lens of a young women’s cycling team.

An association of automotive and bike industry bigwigs is betting that bicycle-to-vehicle communication will make cycling safer

A drop in price, but you still drop the pack

Performance tops with tons of character

Nothing makes a ride like a sweet pair of shorts

Last February, 21-year-old Ronnie Ramon Huerta Jr. crashed his Ford 500 sedan into a pack of cyclists during the Palm Springs century. Here’s how the death of one rider, Mark Kristofferson, led to an exceptionally rare murder charge.

No more VPNs or sketchy pirate feeds. Here’s how to get almost every race in every discipline, all year, for less than $200.

No reason to get undressed when nature calls

Amid an ongoing doping scandal, the Sky racer is within his rights to continue racing. He shouldn't be.

It sure looks like it. Bill Gifford on the $100 million legal battle that ended with a whimper.

The enthusiastic backer of bike racing saw highs and lows of the sport

Armstrong has agreed to a $5-million settlement in the federal case. It's a big fine, to be sure, but nowhere near the penalty the cyclist once faced.

It’s not the bike that matters—it’s where you take it

I put Trek's newest gravel bike to the test on a 180-mile bikepacking trip through the Sonoran Desert. Here's how it held up.

Researchers say cyclists are a “problem” for self-driving technology, but the real problem is the cars

She's one of the world's best cyclists, and she has her routine dialed

Ayesha McGowan plans to change that by racing in one of the whitest, highest-barrier sports on the planet

Very few things are more conducive to conversation—real, deep, true conversation—than long rides. In the saddle, we inevitably end up sharing memories about moments and people that have affected our lives. Photographer Tracy Chandler spent months capturing the shared scar stories of these California cyclists.

Scientists make the case for a new real-time measure of endurance effort

Watch to see which 2018 road bike came out on top as our testers' favorite. 

Tilin was a longtime Outside contributor and the author of The Doper Next Door

Every year, the Outside team tests dozens of bikes, looking for the most innovative designs and new technology.

Biking to run errands is commonplace in other countries, so enough with the 20 questions.

Arizona's Mt. Graham was always there to climb. We just had to stop and do it.

The stuff pro winter warriors say they can't ride without

The Aston Martin (One-77!) of Pro Tour race bikes

From filmmaker Tommy Penick and Industry 9 Componentry with original music from Amy Stolzenbach, Invisible Forces highlight their new bicycle wheel on a morning hill climb.

Athletes can come back with adverse test results without getting even temporarily banned from racing. That's like allowing a drunk driver who failed a breathalyzer test to drive away—so long as he has a good excuse.

A New York politician picks on the wrong cyclist

Ghost Bikes, from director Ethan Brooks, follows Mirza Molberg, who volunteers for the Ghost Bikes Project.

We’re told that the sport has cleaned itself up and cheating is a thing of the past. Yet with the world’s top racer pushing the limits of fair play, it's sure hard to believe that.

From cycling apparel brand Albion, Heading North features a 25 years old cyclist, Damien Clayton as he attempts to ride 650 km from London to Edinburgh in one day. 

After getting hit by a car, our bike-test director comes to terms with distracted driving and a society that devalues cyclists

On the road, the window to the soul is more of a one-way mirror

The rise of automatic shifting, integrated computers, lights, power meters, and radar has made us wonder: How much is too much?

We put together a full no-compromise setup for under $2,000

For pickups and vans, there's no better bike carrier

The best and brightest innovations we came across at the annual Interbike trade show

Why cycling—and the world—would be better if we all stopped driving to rides

I spoke with six of my co-competitors about their morning rituals, their love of coffee, and what motivates them to ride thousands and thousands of self-supported miles

Former pro cyclist Kathryn Bertine launched a nonprofit to give female riders a leg up in the sport. Will it make a difference?

Thanks to trickle-down technology, second- and third-tier groups are almost as good as the premium stuff but cost a fraction of the price

As light as a wind vest and as watertight as a drybag, this rain piece redefines "prepared" for cyclists

Free, a film from Machines for Freedom, answers the question of why we cycle.

Your tires are as important as they are boring, which is why you're totally overthinking them

The Spandex-clad "roadus velocipedus" species is being subsumed by the "adventure bike" category. Has the sun finally set on road riding?

When my friend asked me if I wanted to attempt to Everest on my bike—climb the equivalent height of the 29,029-foot mountain in a single ride—I gave my answer little thought. “I’m in,” read my little blue text message. That was it.

USADA tried to place a gag order on Armstrong when he partnered with the Colorado Classic to broadcast his podcast. No matter your thoughts about the bike racer's character, that's just wrong—and it's really bad for the sport.

The decorated veteran announced this week that he's done with professional cycling, leaving behind a legacy of highly tactical riding and lots of heart

We looked at four very differently priced rides—from $500 to nearly $11,000—and unpacked the differences to help you pick the right price range for your needs and type of riding

A digital skeptic sucks it up and logs on

To see major improvement in a matter of weeks, you'll need to learn how to sprint

How to pedal (and eat) your way through Chianti country.

The well-known apparel company is showing a strong commitment to road wear by investing in one of North America's top cycling brands

It's the most grueling competition in the world, and it takes a massive toll on riders' bodies

Trying to get your head around the growing number of models now built for both pavement and dirt? We break it down.

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