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It's too long, too male, too boring, and in desperate need of a rethink

We tried to have a serious conversation with the SNL alum about his new HBO cycling mockumentary. We mostly failed.

We tried to have a serious conversation with the SNL alum about his new HBO cycling mockumentary, Tour de Pharmacy. It sort of worked.

Pro cycling’s most famous ex- (and exiled) athlete will again take vigorous aim at the Tour de France—with a daily podcast and a blog on Outside

Despite the chronic doping scandals, the sport still has a lot to teach us about fitness

Rawland, a tiny company in the Pacific Northwest, is building the quirkiest, most entertaining bikes we've seen in a while

Let’s get this straight: if something horrible happens to me on a ride, don’t ever say I died doing what I love. I feel no affection about the idea of getting pulverized by a 4,000-pound SUV, especially if the driver was flipping through Instagram. Still, I recognize that something might happen. And rather than leave it up to other people to commemorate my life and death on the bike, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands—with facts based on a terrifying encounter with a speeding Porsche that actually happened—just in case the next run-in turns out differently.

With thousands of acres of parkland, 13 lakes, and hundreds of miles of biking and hiking trails that can be found all across town, it's no wonder the Twin Cities is active year-round.

As online brand Canyon prepares for its entry to the U.S. market, direct-to-consumer bikes are poised to change the way you buy bicycles, including how much you pay

Watch to see why our testers loved the 2017 Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 Disc.

The German direct-to-consumer brand's first women-specific rigs target the pains of smaller riders, with a redesigned frame and 650B wheel options. Our writer spent a weekend testing them and came away very impressed.

Our favorite aero road bike of the year

Modern construction to help the spandex set realize high-wattage dreams.

Bill Nye the Science Guy breaks down the important features of fitting a bike correctly.

Namely, bikes. Just like any piece of cutting-edge technology, the best ones cost a lot. But there are always less expensive versions, and there’s actually a trend toward lower prices, thanks to direct-to-consumer sales

Innovation from the bottom up

We’ve tested almost every saddle on the market. And this one is clearly at the top.

Allied Cycles, based in Little Rock, is trying to ignite American carbon-fiber manufacturing and steal China's thunder

The pint-size Colombian climber has a good shot at pulling off one of cycling’s hardest feats

The best part of tax season? Getting a return and splurging on gear.

After a day of adventuring, you deserve an amazing beer paired with a tour of an amazing brewery

Meet the world's fastest gravel bike

Hosting a group of athletes for a post-workout meal? Take these tips from a Grand Tour veteran.

High-performance kit for speed lovers

After we heard the news of Tilford's death Wednesday, we spoke with 10 of the people who knew him best—friends, teammates, competitors—to paint a picture of a man who built his wonderful life around the joy of racing bikes

After winter sheds its skin and spring begins to emerge the roads through Alta Murgia, one of Italy's National Parks, display incredible almond tree blooms.

We predict lots of people will fall in love with this stainless-steel gravel bike, thanks to a smart design that allows users to customize the ride

I recently spent ten days riding through Colombia and discovered that picking the right gear for an off-the-beaten-path bike trip can make or break the experience

Plus-sized tires on road bikes might sound like a gimmick—but we love how huge, fast, and cushy they are on the pavement

Director Oliver Astrologo spent five days collecting footage for this film Lanzarote. He became immersed in the routine of the fisherman, mesmerized by the winemakers' nurturing of their grapes, and aspiring to be like the Iron Men training on the island.

Patrick Seabase is rhythmic rider on his fixed gear bicycle. His moves through the Swiss Alps are something of a dance with the mountain.

The Outside bike test made us more convinced than ever that disc brakes are the future

Mountains were the cornerstone of Stephano's life. When a knee injury took this away from him he found solace in his offseason training activity, cycling.

These five pavement beasts were the clear standouts from this month's bike test in Sedona, Arizona

From water bottles to pumps to great coffee, there’s something here for anyone who likes to ride bikes

There's no better piece of insulation for winter riding

After days spent walking the aisles of Interbike, these were the 10 most intriguing new bits and pieces we found.

Power players from around the world don't subsist on oatmeal alone. We asked athletes to share the hometown dishes that are still part of their training diet.

It's called the Dutch Reach, and if a Massachusetts doctor has his way, it could prevent road riders from ever getting doored again

Indoor rolling on a bike trainer used to be a heinous chore. Now there's an app that turns it into a video game—and puts you on a fast track to aerobic fitness.

The best upgrade you can make on your rig? A new set of hoops. Presenting our favorites for road and mountain.

This is the company’s first endurance bike and we think it's the perfect marriage of comfort and speed

Since hanging up his cleats in 2015, Ted King says he's had a lot more fun on the bike by entering (and sometimes winning) races like the Dirty Kanza and Leadville 100—and swapping science-fueled recovery drinks for IPAs

A taste of Brazil on your favorite road kit

When bicycle crashes happen, especially with motorists, video footage is vital to settling disputes

You worry about your vacation—we’ll handle the reading list. We'll even help you decide which book to take with you (just in case you're a little too busy on the trail to read all of our picks).

Four top-flight picks for all your hot-weather rides

Organ meats are good for the environment, good for performance, and ethically the right thing to do. Now, top chefs aren’t the only ones trying to convince people that offal isn’t awful.

Everything you need to tackle the pavement this summer

Badass cyclist Juliana Buhring left a notorious childhood cult, biked around the world, set a world record, and wrote a book about it. It's as close as you could get to riding alongside her.

Never try to out-drink a chef and other assorted tales of woe

This pump has changed my life for the better. Seriously.

Has Trek built the world’s most versatile road bike with its new cobble machine?

Behold the best value in cycling: a $5,500 high-performance racer from the world's biggest bike company

Three of the season’s most promising rides

Will the staged release of physiological data, nearly five months after the Tour, do anything to dispel the cloud of suspicion around the British rider since his first Tour win in 2013?

Escape San Francisco to play in the booming East Bay

Queen of the road Megan Guarnier has developed tremendous physical fitness and psychological fortitude—now she’s after a medal at Rio. Here's how she got there.

This is America's version of the Tour de France. So why is it hemorrhaging cash?

Have a blast while keeping your bike tire side down

Some our favorite images from this year's Tour de France stages in the French Alps.

When the American cyclist quit the Tour, he did exactly what an athlete should do

With crash-filled stages, an American competing for the podium, and an astonishingly dominant performance by Chris Froome of Team Sky on Tuesday, it’s been an exciting start to the 2015 Tour de France. These images do the action justice.

It’s taken a decade, but an American is finally riding out of Lance Armstrong’s shadow and putting the U.S. back in contention at the world’s biggest bike race

Blame the race organizers and the intense competition

Specialized's new Venge ViAS will actually make you faster. A lot faster. You gotta love aerodynamics.

The Spaniard is inarguably the most successful stage racer of his generation, but can he win both races in one season?

In docking Giro d’Italia contender Richie Porte two minutes, the UCI proves—once again—that it has no idea what’s good for the sport.

The Road Biking Essentials of 2015

GoPro, Garmin, and Shimano are jockeying to capture the action from the pro peloton. It's a fierce war, and the company in the lead will surprise you.

You aren’t a diehard unless you vacation like one. These over-the-top trips put you and your wheels to work in some of the most stunning places on earth.

Endurance cyclist Juliana Buhring left a notorious cult, wrote a bestseller, and then rode her bike around the world. She's just getting started.

Pro peloton racer Ted King knows his way around the business end of a spatula.

Home of the Tour de France and the bicycle, the continent is best explored on two wheels

The UCI takes the brakes off of discs in the professional road ranks. Why that's a great thing for consumers.

An endurance racer worthy of the master who created it.

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