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Katusha has a new roe sponsor, but that's just one brand in a long line of food and drink companies that have sought affiliation with the pro peloton.

Cycling is finally grappling with its dark past. But until today’s pros speak out about practices within the peloton, nobody will know how far the sport has really come.

A flashlight, a fitness tracker, a GPS...the list goes on.

Cycling’s governing body knows there’s a long way to go before the peloton races clean. But in releasing a self-critical report, it has finally confronted the elephant in the room: its own complicity.

Thirty years after it was officially decommissioned comes Bicycle Route 66—the first all encompassing cycling map of the iconic byway. So finally, you can ditch the car and explore the most historic road in the U.S. on two wheels.

Ditch that paddle and put the pedal to the seas.

While he was clearly not in peak form during the 2011 Tour de France, it was here where he cemented his reputation as an incessant attacker. Here he drives up the Alpe d’Huez, and although he was eventually caught and passed by Frenchman Pierre Rolland, Contador garnered kudos from the…

Can a top-shelf belt-driven mountain bike help galvanize the single-speed movement?

Liability lawyer and former professional bike racer Megan Hottman spends her working hours representing cyclists who've been injured by reckless drivers. She spends her leisure time riding and telling people what they don't always want to hear: in the perpetual, complicated conflict between two wheels and four, bike riders are part of the problem, and they have to be a big part of the solution.

Electronic mountain bike suspensions may sound convoluted and unnecessary, but the French manufacturer proves that the tech is here to stay.

A portable sound system built for the demands of the outdoors

Paying attention to the details lead the team to amazing victories in 2012 and 2013, but a string of problems brought it all crashing down last year. Can cycling's top team rise again?

In honor of his 70th birthday, Eddy Merckx launches a new heritage line, starting with the limited-edition Eddy70.

The best of this year's bike test is also the best case we've seen for disc brakes.

Traveling for race day? A well-stocked dopp kit is your secret weapon.

The Swedish car company has partnered with outdoor gear maker POC to make helmets that communicate with cars. The goal: to end collisions between bikes and drivers.

7Mesh, a new British Columbia-based mountain bike clothing company, aims to raise the standard in outfitting cyclists.

The Portland bike shop owner starts from the saddle up.

A veteran of 25 Tours de France, James Startt is the senior American journalist in the press room of the world’s biggest bike race. Here is just a small selection of some of his favorite images from 2014.

The UCI claimed it had no legal choice but to approve Astana’s WorldTour license—despite the team's five recent doping positives. The result? They're sending a troubling message that long-term change is not sustainable.

In beating the boys, cycling pro Rivera embraces her competitive instinct.

The day of the gel has come and gone. Elite athletes are ditching the sugar-laden junk for natural on-bike nutrition, and pro cyclist Ally Stacher is leading the charge with her new sweet potato bars.

A nine-month test. Two hot new disc brake-equipped road bikes. And one revelation: disc brakes are here to stay.

A perfect road kit for the shorter, cooler days of autumn.

The "retired" German may just spark an arms race—and that's great for cycling.

The viral video clip that supposedly proves that Ryder Hesjedal’s bike has a motor is completely ridiculous.

A ride through the USA Pro Cycling Challenge with 2012 champ Christian Vande Velde

Cycling isn't always spectator-friendly. But the UCI's decision to allow on-the-bike cameras at the Tour de France might just change how you view the sport.

11 questions you’re too embarrassed to ask about cycling’s most famous race.

On the other side of a distinguished career and a very public doping fiasco, America’s best cyclist not named Lance Armstrong can’t stop riding. But where is his generation of tainted racers heading?

Defending champ Chris Froome crashes out of the Tour de France, while many top GC favorites flounder.

To win this year’s Tour Divide, Jefe Branham rode 170 miles a day, slept an average of four hours a night, and endured both unrelenting snow and 100-degree heat for 16 days straight. What you can learn from his time in the pain cave.

The roads are dangerous. But the real hate happens on social media. And it's both disgusting and scary.

New research suggests that the best-looking cyclists are also the best-performing cyclists. So what does that say about who will win this year’s Tour?

Dominate the water and the road with the help of this gear arsenal.

Rail trails are the ultimate in reusing and recycling. Converted from former railroad corridors, these multi-use paths carve gentle grades through cities and the countryside, making them family-friendly routes for hiking and biking. To date, there are more than 1,800 rail trails open nationwide, covering more than 21,000 miles. “They…

In his new memoir, George Hincapie delves into the past, examining his relationship with Lance Armstrong and his own choice to take performance-enhancing drugs. In an extended interview, he explains why he still has hope for cycling.

He's not one to take up the spotlight, but the Team Garmin-Sharp rider turns heads anyway.

From a speedy dream piece to the most versatile road ride we’ve ever tested, this year’s best bikes meet the needs of every cyclist.

George Hincapie was one of the peloton's most respected riders—and Lance's dominant domestique. But when he had to testify before the U.S Anti-Doping Agency, he faced a brutal choice: Speak out about Lance and his own doping past, or quit the sport altogether.

From ultrathin condoms to high-tech women's skis, the world's strongest and lightest material has almost limitless possibilities. But the real breakthroughs so far have come in the world of sports.

From terminator-style cycling shades to earphones that track your every move, wearable technology promises to change the way we train. But I had to ask, is it wearable?

Perth was thrust into the public consciousness recently for being the home base of the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the Indian Ocean. But this city of 1.7 million people with a Mediterranean climate on the remote southwestern corner of Australia has hardly been a secret…

Armstrong talks about his revoked Tour wins, how life has changed in the past year, and working on his golf game.

Explore the outdoorsy side of the Star of Texas

This new seat post provides the comfort of an endurance road bike without all the cost.

Logging emerald miles in the Queen City

When organizers of the country's most famous unsanctioned bike race were told to call off the event, riders decided the show must go on.

Hotels are constantly adding new bells and whistles to get a leg up on the competition—think access to fancy guitars and complementary museum passes. Now, many venues are starting to keep their cycling guests happy with premium-ride loaners. Bikes at Twin Farms. Kimpton Hotels &…

The GTS delivers flair and functionality at a reasonable price.

Win the heart of your favorite cyclist with the new Calfee-Ellsworth Witness.

Underground, unsanctioned races are about as elusive as secret New York City parties. These simple steps you put you in the know.

Before criticizing the gravel bike movement, throw a leg over Niner’s impressive new RLT 9

Just how important are road disc brakes?

The Outside bike test begins today. More than 60 bikes, a week of riding, and 20 testers to help you find your perfect bike in 2014.

Presenting the strangest piece of cycling apparel you’ll ever wear

With the first snow of the season on the ground, we’ve turned to our favorite cold-weather pieces to keep us in the saddle.

Proof that big wheels and big travel are not mutually exclusive

No matter how strange or far-off your destination, a bicycle can connect you in strange and inspiring ways

Is the new Dimond Bike just a buffed-up version of an old cult classic, a truly groundbreaking superbike, or both?

The American's Vuelta victory might be one of the greatest performances in the history of the sport—if only it hadn't taken place under a cloud of doping suspicion. Horner maintains he's clean, and released six years worth of blood data to prove it. But his troubles just won't go away.

To anti-doping authorities, it's the best way to ferret out cheaters in a wide range of sports. To cyclists and other athletes, it's a way to prove you're clean when critics claim you aren't.

A new breed of jocks are taking over at Marin County’s Sir Francis Drake High School—endurance geeks who think spandex is cool, love getting dirty, and want to make mountain biking America’s favorite extracurricular activity.

A peeping stroll is not an acceptable last outdoor gasp before winter. Presenting the best active autumn escapes.

We pitted the Spot Honey Badger against the Jackal K9 in search of the finest one-geared ride. So which one’s tougher, dog or badger?

After thousands of miles on the bike this summer, we’ve settled on our favorite new cycling apparel

These inexpensive basics might just save your ride

If you thought you knew Fuji, think again. This muscly all-arounder might just be one of the most underrated race bikes on the market.

Like it or not—(not)—suspicion still clouds pro bike racing. Is there a way racers can prove they're clean? One wild plan to quell the critics.

Though the course of this race, which starts Monday, lacks a defining uphill finish, the strong field of contenders should make for exciting racing.

How do professional bike racers stay fresh and fit during grueling stage races? By eating meals perfectly tuned to deliver maximum performance and optimized recovery. Here are five of them.

How do professional bike racers stay fresh and fit during grueling stage races? By eating meals perfectly tuned to deliver maximum performance and optimized recovery. Here are five of them.

Garmin finally released Vector, its pedal-based power meter system, to the public this week at a launch in Boulder, Colorado. We rode along to test them out.

I’ve spent some time this summer by a lake in the Midwest. During this time, I’ve been running, and every time I run, I come home with a bunch of new mosquito bites. Shouldn’t I be able to outrun the insects? How do I make them stop biting me?

I spend a lot of time traveling and competing in various sports. Should I be worried about developing a blood clot when flying home from a race?