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Life-Hacking Special



The only commitment required on your part: a reservation

The secret to a healthy diet that endures? Find your tribe.

Sure, you could stick with your old routine. Or you could break out of your rut with the help of experts and elite athletes.

Sprint workouts may seem like the fast track to fitness, but endurance athletes get more from going slow

Standing desks may be all the rage, but learning to properly embrace your chair is the best way to survive the workday

When it comes to slumber, quality matters just as much as quantity

A workout regimen designed for an insane TV obstacle course gives you exactly what you need: variety

One of the biggest names in fitness has preached for years that a neo-paleo combination of protein and fats is the ultimate performance diet. Lately, he’s been telling his followers that they can even relax on the dietary guidelines a bit—while getting outside to play more. Can it really be this simple?

You can hang in Cancun with the rest of the world, or head to one of these less well-known spots for a real ocean adventure.

Jordan Lewis runs the ritziest pot store in the country: Aspen, Colorado's Silverpeak Apothecary, where sommelier-like "budtenders" sell gourmet ganja in a designer showroom. But soon after he arrived, he found himself under siege from locals worried about that skunky smell wafting over their mountain valley. It's enough to drive a man to toke.

The outdoor-apparel industry’s surprising effort to get you to purchase less stuff

He surfs sixty-foot waves, performs Hollywood stunts, and can hold his breath underwater for six—six!—minutes. Now he's freediving to tag hammerhead sharks for science.

Plenty of truck to handle shuttle duty for decades to come

This electric car with benefits—a gas engine—keeps getting better

America’s tiniest two-seater gets slightly less tiny and a lot more confident

Cleaner for the city but can still get grimy in the country

All the luxury you’d expect from a Mercedes, built into the body of an affordable adventure rig

A car to get you through years of lifestyle changes and adventure pursuits

The driving enthusiast’s choice for practical AWD transport

A stem-to-stern reboot that was well worth the wait

A sporty diesel Range Rover. A mightily efficient Chevy truck. A hybrid Volvo SUV. The options for rolling to and from your favorite playgrounds have never looked better.

All business on white-knuckle terrain, all fun everywhere else

An undercover adventure vehicle. Really.

He's the speediest skier on earth. Just how fast can he go?

An electric wonder that's perfect for families

Utah congressman Rob Bishop, a conservative Republican who has long opposed federal management of western lands, has emerged as the unlikely architect of a grand compromise, one that would involve massive horse trading to preserve millions of acres of wilderness while opening millions more to resource extraction. Is this a trick, or the best way to solve ancient disputes that too often go nowhere?

In his latest book, Pulitzer Prize–winning scientist Edward O. Wilson argues for a bold step in conservation

Jamtara Wilderness Camp brings the safari to India

The Gelande Quaff harks back to the true spirit of skiing—having a damn good time

Love Me Some Plus-Size
Waves and fish, that is. From the age of 14, when he was a freckled runt surfing 30-footers at Waimea, Mark Healey has sought out oceanic thrills. Now he's freediving beneath the swells, tagging hammerhead sharks in the name of science. By Thayer Walker

Haute Times
Potrepreneur Jordan Lewis landed in Aspen, Colorado, with a dream: grow and sell the finest organic marijuana in the country. But even as Silverpeak Apothecary set a high bar as the state's toniest weed store, his downvalley neighbors wanted his business to go up in smoke. By Charles Bethea

The Devil Is in the Details
What will it take to end the wilderness wars over federal lands? Some serious horse trading, believes Utah congressman Rob Bishop, the Republican working to bring environmentalists, ranchers, Native Americans, and energy companies under the same tent. By Christopher Solomon

Carb Unloading
For years, runners and triathletes pounded pasta and sports drinks to improve performance. Then came Mark Sisson, the paleo prophet whose Primal Blueprint converted millions by promising to burn fat, bust inflammation, and boost energy. T.J. Murphy asks: Will it work for me?


First Look: Simone Origone drives 160 miles per hour. On skis.
Games: Jackson Hole, Wyoming, hosts the world championship of beer chugging.
Gear: Jungmaven's new hemp T-shirt will last a decade—or longer. 
Media: E.O. Wilson makes a moral case for setting aside half the planet.

Beach Adventures:
The piña coladas can wait when you're surfing, fishing, or kiteboarding some of the best spots on earth, from the Outer Banks to the Seychelles.
Go List: New England cabin porn, cheap airfare, and a crowdfunded travel jacket.
Base Camp: Safari living at India's Jamtara Wilderness Camp.

Cars and Trucks: A sporty diesel Range Rover. A mightily efficient Chevy truck. A hybrid Volvo SUV. The options for rolling to and from your favorite playgrounds has never looked better. 
Style: Tough watches for the modern explorer.

Life Hacking
: Sure, you could stick with your old routine. Or you could break out of your rut with our experts' healthier, more effective ways to eat, sleep, focus, and train. 


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