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The 365-Day Bucket List



The marine biologist has done things in the ocean that would scare most people senseless. She's been alone in total darkness thousands of feet down, hovered under a Russian ship as it pinged her submarine, and been charged by huge sharks. But one thing does frighten her: the dire state of our overfished and polluted seas, something she spends every waking hour trying to change.

Introducing the 42-pound future of skateboarding, Fox Rio

A user's list for all the travel, fun, and affiliated delights you can cram into a year

The best survival book in a decade tells the unbelievable tale of a man who spent more than a year lost on a boat

Build your own surfboard, then jump in the water to test it at this Maine-based workshop

These four rose to the top at our Crested Butte, Colorado test

Take care of the two things that support you wherever you go—and endure the most abuse

Presenting the best trips in one of the hemisphere's hottest travel regions.

Who needs a whole quiver when one set of planks does it all?

If a skier hucks without uploading a photo, does anybody see it? A road trip through the exploding business side of Instagram, where pro athletes roam Alberta stalking the next big trophy shot.

Escape San Francisco to play in the booming East Bay

A Nobel Prize–winning neuroscientist and a Harvard neurobiologist think they’ve discovered the antidote

This month, a tiny Colorado startup will attempt a bold rescue of the nation’s mountain towns while reinventing waterproof-breathable fabrics. How? With this super-comfy hoody.

The rules: Pilot a boat 750 miles from Port Townsend, Washington, to Ketchikan, Alaska—no motors allowed. The prize: $10,000 nailed to a piece of wood. The result: Seven capsizings, four lifesaving Big Macs, one dramatic coast guard rescue, and a cast of oddball adventurers who reclaimed the salty heart of ocean racing.

This Is How You Do It

Our 2015 Life List is a user's manual for all the travel, fun, and affiliated delights you can cram into a year, from rocketing down an Olympic bobsled run to sleeping atop a giant fir tree. Plus: shark-defying surfer Mick Fanning shares his philosophy of living large by embracing risk. By Kate Siber

Pics or It Didn't Happen
Social-media sites like Instagram give top adventurers huge new audiences that companies are eager to reach. Grayson Schaffer tags along on a backcountry ski trip in Alberta, where a morning huck becomes an afternoon upload that hits screens all over the world.

The Greatest Boat Race Ever Dreamed Up Over Beers
It seemed like a pretty good idea at the time: $10,000 to the first crew who can coax a nonmotorized vessel from Port Townsend, Washington, to Ketchikan, Alaska, through 750 turbulent miles of British Columbia's Inside Passage. Yacht racing was never like this. By Abe Streep

Earle Power
Our correspondent goes deep with Sylvia Earle, a legendary scientist whose career of exploration, advocacy, and engineering has opened millions of minds to the threats facing our overfished and polluted seas. The man-made pressures never let up. Fortunately, neither does she. By Ian Frazier

First Look: Skateboarding's next superstar is six-year-old Fox Rio.
Primer: The newest tool in avalanche control? Bomb-carrying drones.
Business: A comfy shell that could revolutionize the apparel industry.
Media: Jonathan Franklin's thrilling new book 438 Days, about Salvador Alvarenga's time spent lost at sea.
Covet: Why Sony's new mirrorless camera will end the DSLR's grip on adventure photography.

Central America: 
Great trips in one of the hemisphere's hottest travel regions.
Active Cities: Oakland, California—like Brooklyn with mountain-bike trails.
Go List: A rally-driving school, a surfboard-shaping getaway, and a portable device to jump your vehicle.

In the Lead: How a Boston startup is trying to cure muscle cramps.
Grooming: Take care of your feet.
Do It Better: Strategic movement to make you smarter.

Ready for Fall: 
Cool-weather wear.

Backcountry climbing skins inspired by fish scales.
Skis and SnowboardsThe best of both worlds for 2016.
Upgrade: New in-bounds touring gear.


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