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Turn your vehicle into an adventure-mobile

Gear that’s got you covered wherever you choose to send it

A hot sandwich is a better sandwich. Load this cast-iron press with bread and your favorite sandwich fixings, then rotate it over the fire for a few minutes for toasted goodness. It’ll elevate your campfire-cooking game beyond hot dogs and marshmallows on sticks.

Everything you need to make simple fireside cocktails—a shaker, a reamer, a jigger cap, and two rocks glasses—is here. Beer might be your go-to camp beverage, but there’s nothing wrong with indulging in an ice-cold martini or margarita in the middle of the woods every now and then.

My first backpack trip of 2019 is this month. These are the critical and interesting items that I'm taking with me.

Ditch the hiking boots around camp and go full-on Mr. Rogers with these booties. The Fireball is constructed from a tough Pertex outer with a DWR finish, 40 grams of PrimaLoft insulation, and a soft microfleece liner for ultimate comfort. The rubber outsoles are tough enough to handle light duty…

Made from double-walled stainless steel, this sleek 12-ounce mug will keep your coffee hot much longer than it’ll take you to drink it. We’re into anything that makes getting up and going in the morning a little easier.

Advanced bike gear for safer, radder adventures

One side of this pillowcase from Rumpl is made from soft fleece, the other from abrasion-resistant nylon. When you’re ready for bed, unfurl it and stuff it with your jacket or pants to turn it into a comfy place to rest your head. It packs down to the size of…

A year after Bonnie Carroll's husband, U.S. Army brigadier general Tom Carroll, died, she devoted her life to caring for those who’d lost loved ones from war. For widowed women in Afghanistan, this called for more than emotional support.

Exercise turbulence-free with these comfortable support systems

Yoga blocks can provide crucial support in tough poses. This one is sustainably harvested from the bark of Portuguese cork trees, and it’s naturally antimicrobial and water-resistant (read: it can handle bouts of sweaty hot yoga).

Pendleton brought its signature aesthetics, and Yeti Yoga contributed its gear know-how for the Fire Legend mat. It has an eye-catching pattern and is made from textured PVC, with a rubber bottom for no-slip, plush comfort.

If you want to really open up your back, lay faceup with this wheel beneath your spine, and settle in. (Don’t fret—it can withstand up to 550 pounds.) You can also use it to help build balance and core strength by incorporating it into poses like crow and plank.

The Uinta has what you’d expect of a solid bag—tough polyester to keep your mat safe and a small pocket and key clip for carrying personal effects. But it’s got nice extras, too, like the mesh bottom that allows sweat to evaporate and escape.

This organic cleanser, which is biodegradable and alcohol-free, won’t break down your mat as it refreshes. Aim a few spritzes at your mat, wipe it down, then let it air-dry as you enjoy the pleasant smell of ginger grass—not sweat or BO.

Beacon, check. Shovel, check. Hawaiian shirt, check.

Choice (and affordable) accessories for road and trail

Yes, we used our expert knowledge to rank fictional equipment

From dry shampoos and water bottles to bandanas and carry-ons, here's what our staff won’t leave home without

This $18 piece of gear will hold a shower beer, a shower LaCroix, or even a shower coffee

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This isn’t a luggage tag in the traditional sense. It’s a GPS tag you can attach to anything you don’t want to lose like your camera, keys, or purse. Pair it with your smartphone and you can click a button to sound an alarm on the Tile that can be…

True trail-to-town apparel is hard to come by, but these are worthy of the title

Sometimes you need to dig deep to hit those trouble areas, like your sciatic nerve. Pro-Tec makes three sizes of the Orb, all constructed of dense closed-cell EVA foam, but the Extreme Mini is the smallest and most aggressive of the lot. Place it on the floor or against a…

Runners have been big fans of these sticks for years, using them to roll out tight quads and calves after long runs. The center is slightly flexible, to allow the foam wrap to contour around your muscles for a wider massage. The whole thing is light, just 18 inches long,…

If you want a real postworkout stretch without having to ask a gym partner for help, this is your strap. The 58-inch-long elastic band has multiple large loops that you can slip a foot or hand through to get a deeper flex on sore hammies and quads.

Floyd’s of Leadville combines the proven muscle-soothing properties of arnica with the calming power of CBD in this balm. Rub the mixture on your skin after a workout, and let it do its thing. Peppermint and ginger lend a pleasant smell.

Sure, you can get your bike tuned or buy a spare tube. But at these shops, you can also order an espresso or IPA and find your community.

Our favorite gear to increase work-hours productivity

If you have beautiful luggage, it deserves a beautiful tag. This simple leather option has a solid brass buckle that’s designed to hold your business card so if you lose it, your bag can find its way back to you. The adjustable strap makes sure that it fits around any…

This tag features a variety of different locator technologies (two different microchips, a serial ID number, and QR Code) that airlines use all over the world to help identify lost luggage. It’s like microchipping your dog—if someone finds your luggage, they can scan the chip and get it back to…

Magellan’s takes a lower-tech route to getting your luggage back to you. Instead of microchips and GPS, this tag has instructions written in multiple languages that guide airline agents to use the itinerary inside the tag to forward your bag to you en route. After all, it does no good…

This three-digit combination lock is accepted by TSA, meaning they can unlock it and search your bag without cutting the lock. An indicator light changes from green to red once the lock has been opened so you know if your bag has been tampered with.

If you want to travel ultralight, Sea to Summit’s version of the money belt is made from featherweight Ultra-Sil Cordura that weighs just two ounces and has a 3-D mesh back for extra breathability. You also get two zipper pockets for organization, a soft elastic waistband for comfort, and an…

I'm tired of doubling up old sports bras—aren't you?

Wear this wallet around your neck, and tuck it under your shirt or sweater to keep all your important documents out of sight. The wallet also has an RFID-blocking liner so thieves can’t snag your goods digitally. It’s made from a water-resistant ripstop nylon that will hold up no matter…

StashBandz is part running belt, part money belt. It’s twice the width of your standard hide-away belt and made from a soft spandex fabric that hugs your waist. Four separate pockets keep your goods organized and decrease bulk, and you can sprint to catch a train without any annoying belt…

No, it doesn’t stuff inside your bra. It clips to the side of your bra and hangs down your side, hiding credit cards, keys, and cash beneath your shirt where pickpockets can’t reach. The pouch is made from a supersoft mix of nylon and spandex that feels like lingerie and…

This is a larger money belt, big enough to fit your passport, cards, cash, and any other important documents you might be carrying around. It has two zippered pockets that keep everything organized, and it’s made from a soft, washable silk that resists sweat. The waistband is elastic, so it…

Emergency cash—you can never have too much of it. This simple nylon belt has a hidden pocket big enough to stash a few bills, in case you find yourself in a Thailand bar without your wallet and the bartender is looking to you to pay the bill.

Our favorite snow-sports eyewear of all time, from affordable to high-tech

The Eez-y keeps the rain off, but this umbrella also works as a legit parasol, with a UV-coated canopy that offers UPF 25 sun protection. We also like the vents in the material, which help move wind through the canopy instead of breaking it or folding it in half. It’s…

Made from a superlight 30-denier siliconized Cordura, this umbrella weighs in at a svelte 8.5 ounces and collapses to less than ten inches but still boasts a canopy size of 38 inches. The umbrella top is supported by an aluminum-grade shaft and a comfy rubber handle. It also comes with…

If you’re subjecting yourself to serious weather, consider the Blunt, which was built to stand up to 55-mile-per-hour winds, thanks to a tensioning system that helps distribute the force. The canopy offers 40 inches of protection, weighs 12.8 ounces, and closes up to 14 inches. It has a beautiful design…

In countless reviews, this tiny shield has proven itself to be as good as umbrellas twice its price. It truly is an ultralight umbrella, weighing just seven ounces, but still has a nearly 40-inch coverage when open. The coolest feature, though, is that you can attach the umbrella to your…

At 11.5 inches long and 15 ounces, this isn’t the smallest or lightest umbrella on the list, but it is one of the toughest. Thanks to nine extra ribs made from flexible fiberglass, the Repel can take a beating in a windstorm, and its Teflon coating helps bolster the waterproof…

Safety is the number-one priority when in the backcountry. This kit contains crucial medical supplies like bandages, scissors, and Ibuprofen. …

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