The last thing you want is to go for a drink and end up sipping dirty water

This is a waxed canvas dry case that keeps your phone safe during rainy bike rides to campus. It also has slots for credit cards, a pocket for cash, and a sleeve for a passport or small notebook.

The Rambler’s polarized lenses reduce glare, while the nylon frames are flexible enough to withstand the wear and tear of a hectic, on-the-go college schedule. And these sunnies are stylish enough to fit in most settings.

Keep one of these tiny notebooks in your back pocket just in case inspiration strikes—or you get someone’s digits. The waxy-coated paper and cover sheds water, and can handle constant abuse from the elements.

Make this small, stainless steel and aluminum gadget part of your everyday carry, and you’ll be able to open a cold one whenever you need a break from studying.

This set has everything you need to kiss single-use plastic sippers goodbye: two stainless steel straws, a cleaner, and a detachable rubber mouthpiece.

Sure, this aluminum spork was designed for camping, but clip it to your pack and you can skip the single-use plastic in the dining hall. The earth will thank you.

You don’t have to take up pocket space to carry a pen. The Trekker has a lanyard that you can clip to a backpack or keychain, and it’s small enough (just 5.75 inches) so you won’t notice it until you need it. Rite in the Rain’s ink cartridge is designed…

OK, dropping a Benjamin on a pen isn’t an easy thing to do, but the Ti Arto is made from titanium, so it’s super light and practically bulletproof. It also accepts over 750 different ink cartridges, so refilling is easy. But the coolest aspect of this pen is that its…

5.11 is known for providing a tactical approach to everything from jeans to backpacks, but their new EDC pen is more about style, with an anodized aluminum body in a flashy orange finish. Although the function is there too, with a pressurized ink cartridge (so it will write upside down)…

All pens can write down your grocery list, but the Impromptu Tactical can also bust open a window. The pen was developed in collaboration with law enforcement pros, with a machined steel body and a built-in glass-breaker tip in case things go south. It also uses Rite in the Rain…

Fountain pens are divisive: you either love them or you hate them. The Lamy gives you a chance to dabble in fountain pen territory thanks to its budget-friendly price, and its stylish plastic body makes you want to whip it out. It has a slick, recessed grip that feels great…

The Fisher Space Pen has been the industry standard for decades—what all other EDC pens are judged by. This version is made specifically for the military, with a tough stainless steel socket, but has all of the hallmarks that make the Space Pen so trustworthy: a replaceable pressurized ink cartridge…

Double up on comfort by spreading this moisture-wicking, quick-drying towel over your mat. Not only is its polyester fabric cushy, but it also provides more grip so bare feet won’t slip out from under you.

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The fingerless Attack has minimal padding, with thin gel inserts that are meant to not get in the way of your grip. The idea is to enhance contact with the bar, while still providing enough cushioning to help reduce numbness in your hands during long stints in the saddle.

If you want a full-finger glove with plenty of padding, look to the Ranger. It has strategically placed pockets of gel in the palms to help absorb chatter. Plus, the fingertips are touchscreen compatible because: Strava.

Already looking forward to fall? The North Face’s Commutr, a windproof, soft-shell glove, will help you battle the elements. The supple goatskin-leather palm and toasty fleece lining only add to the appeal. As a bonus, the fingertips are touchscreen compatible.

Wool mountain-bike gloves? Oh yes. This merino is soft, wicks sweat well, and has antimicrobial properties to help fight stink, which we all know is a major problem with cycling gloves. Also, they look dope. We like the suede palm for enhanced handlebar grip and feel, too.

Beat the summer heat with the super breathable and light Siv. EVA foam padding (the same stuff in running-shoe midsoles) stuffed in the microfiber palm can take the sting out of choppy gravel and pavement. But with an airy synthetic-mesh back, this glove is really about ventilation.

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There’s nothing too fancy about the Stowaway—it’s a comfortable, low-profile camp chair that hits the budget price point and rocks a few smart details. The foam-padded armrests and the mesh backing won’t absorb sweat or rain if you leave the chair out in a storm. Also, it’s low enough that…

Minimalists, rejoice: the Lite Seat is as pared down as a camp chair can get, a mini version of Therm-a-Rest’s ProLite sleeping pad. It’s a self-inflating, 1.5-inch-thick foam cushion that’s just big enough for your bum (11 by 15 inches) and rolls up small enough to fit in your pocket.

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The Riggs gives you classic leather aesthetic without the actual animal skin. The vegan-friendly wallet is larger than some, but we don’t mind thanks to the organization that the card sleeves and bill pocket afford.

This won’t be your everyday carry, but the Air Style is the perfect companion for adventures. It’s basically a single zippered pouch made from 30-denier siliconized nylon. Put your car key, cash, and a few cards inside, and latch the wallet to a hook or zipper in one of your…

Narrow enough to be carried specifically in your front pocket, this bifold wallet is constructed from fire- and water-resistant recycled boot leather with military-grade webbing. And it’s got a nice, middle-of-the-road capacity, holding up to 12 cards, while an elastic strap on the outside secures cash.

Safety first with Pacsafe’s bifold, which has RFID-blocking material to protect your card data and an optional Dyneema wrist strap for security. The 2.5-ounce V50 has a big cash pocket, dual card slots, and a zippered coin pocket for when you’re traveling and need change for a parking meter.

I’ve been using this wallet for the past year because it’s small and simple. Just two zippered pockets (one with an ID window) keep cash, cards, and coins safe in a ripstop nylon pouch. It’s tiny, weighs what feels like nothing, and has a key ring for all-in-one convenience.

Kryptonite is the most trusted name in bike locks, and its Keeper 712 offers a balance between cost and protection. This chain sits inside a weather-resistant nylon sleeve and requires a four-digit combo to unlock. Its manganese steel isn’t light, but rest easy knowing your bike probably isn’t going anywhere…

Nathan moves the water storage (two ten-ounce bottles) to the sides of the hips to disperse the load and keep the running-specific Trail Mix Plus from bouncing too much. While storage is minimal, the belt is made from a stretchy nylon-polyester blend for a snug but comfy fit, and there…

Nothing says “I’m here to party” quite like Kavu’s Spectator, with its bright stripes and streamlined two-pocket design. It’s just big enough to fit festival essentials like a tube of sunscreen, a phone, and a wallet.

Based in Bellingham, Washington, High Above specializes in waist packs for mountain bikers. We dig the Lookout’s camo body, which is waterproof and durable as hell, thanks to the Dimension Polyant VX material. Three interior pockets make for simple—not fussy—organization.

Mountainsmith has been synonymous with hip packs for years, and it updated the classic Tour by making it waterproof: built with TPU-coated nylon, welded seams, and waterproof zippers, it ensures everything inside stays moisture-free. A mesh back panel and compression system keep the load comfortable and compact, while detachable bottle…

Your pops is a good man. Get him something that will last.

Slide the 13-millimeter-thick KryptoLok around your back tire and chainstays, then loop the included cable through the frame and front wheel before hooking it to the U-bar and clamping the whole thing shut. The entire system looks damn near unbreakable and can ward off all but the most determined thief.

If you need to carry a lot of stuff, look to this eight-liter pack and its massive main compartment that’s big enough for all your day-hike necessities. An additional zipper pocket keeps smaller items separate, compression straps cinch the load close to your body, and the burly 500-denier Cordura fabric…

Designed to fit in a back pocket, this is one of the best-selling and highest-rated small U-locks on Amazon. Made of 14-millimeter hardened steel, it’s only 5.5-inches wide and weighs just over two pounds.

Ever seen a lock and thought, This would make a nice belt? Us neither. But for quick and easy deployment when you’re hopping on and off the bike, the Spin wraps comfortably around your waist. The chain inside the nylon sheath is six millimeters thick, so bolt cutters could make…

It doesn’t get much lighter than the Z Lok, which is essentially a burly zip tie with a steel core. It’s not going to keep your bike safe all night long in, say, Manhattan, but it’s great to have in your pack for times when you want to lock your…

Croakies uses miniature nylon climbing rope for this burly retainer. PVC rings slide onto your sunglasses’ arms, and the whole thing weighs just nine grams, so you barely know it’s there, even as it’s keeping your shades from hitting the deck.

Is the Vault overbuilt? Maybe. But if you really want to protect your shades, this semirigid case pairs a crush-resistant exterior with a soft liner to ensure that both lenses and frames remain intact. The mesh pocket in the lid can hold a cloth or a retainer, but it also…

Running rapids or tackling bumpy singletrack? You want a tight fit on your shades. The Orbiter’s stainless-steel wire has a lock-down cinch system, so you can snug them to the back of your head for security.

Fingerprints and dirt stains are annoying. This nonabrasive microfiber cloth lifts oil and other crud off your lenses, so you can rock your specs without smears.

It’s not fancy, but this polyester-cotton pouch will keep lenses from getting scratched and smudged when you drop them in a pocket in your backpack. And we don’t mind the flashy floral hibiscus print one bit.

The biodegradable spray in this kit is a simple combo of water and mild soap. Make a habit out of giving your lenses a spritz after a hard day on the trail, then wipe them clean with the included microfiber cloth. The ritual will go a long way toward maintaining…

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I beat the snot out of it to see how it holds up

Hengda is one of the most trusted names in kites. This low-maintenance parafoil-style model doesn’t have a frame—it still flies taut in the wind, but there’s not much that can break. You need a solid gust to achieve lift, but the Parafoil is easy to pack and carry, and the…

Want to do stunts? This dual-line kite is built for performing flips and twists, with a lightweight fiberglass frame and ripstop nylon body. Wrist straps keep the lines secure, but the Osprey and its 60-inch wingspan are best suited for medium-strength wind (think eight to eighteen miles per hour).

The Symphony Beach packs up small and is easy to transport, thanks to its frameless design. Its dual lines give it exceptional handling so that even beginners and kids can pull out-of-the-box tricks.

Keep this tiny kite (just 3.9 ounces) in your backpack and you’ll be ready to fly whenever the breeze picks up. The single line control and ripstop nylon lend the Pocket Flyer durability and ease-of-use, so it’s perfect for a hilltop on a windy day.

Suncloud manages to bring quality ingredients (a flexible and durable Grilamid frame, polarized polycarbonate lenses) to an inexpensive set of shades that performs well on the go. We dig the sporty rimless look and full coverage. And Megol pads at the nose and temples help the Contender stay put.

These new glasses from Smith come with two pairs of interchangeable ChromaPop lenses—one for low light, one for full sun—and a magnetic frame that unlocks to make swapping easy. They’re light, and the middle-of-the-road coverage doesn’t make the Caravan look huge on your face.

Forget classic frames. Spy goes futuristic with its Tron 2, which is oversize and has a massive field of view for near goggle-level protection. The shades offer 100 percent UV protection and are made from super durable yet flexible Grilamid.

The polarized lenses in these sunnies change tint based on light conditions, getting darker in bright rays and lighter when you’re under tree cover, making them ideal for trail running in the woods. The adjustable temples and curved frame give you full coverage and a snug fit in a package…

There’s nothing crazy about the Swank, just a retro frame with shatterproof and scratch-resistant lenses that offer complete UV protection while the hydrophilic rubber nose pads keep everything in place. It’s hard to find more capability at this price point.

Zeal took the same Automatic Lens technology it uses in its goggles and brought it to the Big Timber: the tint of the lenses adjusts to the available light. The frames are also made from plant-based Z-Resin (instead of petroleum-based plastic), and Proflex rubber on the temples and nose affords…

An incredibly agile kite, the Synapse has dual Dyneema lines with wrist straps that let you whip it back and forth across the sky. Its large wings are responsive but not finicky. And the Synapse has good range, able to fly in winds as slow as six miles per hour…

It doesn’t matter if you’re backpacking or car camping—lounging in a hammock is the most relaxing way to spend an afternoon. The SingleNest is ENO’s original backcountry model, and it still overperforms in the wild, thanks to bomber 70-denier nylon-taffeta fabric that can withstand loads of up to 400 pounds.

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