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Though hotly debated, many call Kamloops the birthplace of freeride mountain biking. The area is known for its constantly improving trail system and is one of freerider Reece Wallace's favorite places to ride.

From full-fledged resorts to rustic, remote pools, these spots are worth tracking down

This off-grid escape sits on a small, remote British Columbia island and overlooks the Salish Sea. Rainwater barrels provide water for outdoor bathing, solar powers the cabin, and a woodstove keeps everything warm and cozy.  Buy Now  …

When filmmakers and avid mountain bikers Scott Secco and Mike Hopkins set out to make 'Flow State,' the objective was to set the viewer in a perspective that would allow them to witness what it's like to find flow on a mountain bike

Our PlayNow series highlights an epic POV clip so you can get in on the action even when you're stuck behind a desk.

A new bike rack promises to make schlepping two-wheeled rigs as easy as carrying skis

Mountain Biker Patrick Rasche lives between the metropolitan and industrial sections of Ruhrpott, Germany. It's not quite the hotbed of biking he was hoping for.

With little fanfare, one of the tallest, largest ski resorts in the world is taking shape in British Columbia, masterminded by the most visionary resort architect you've never heard of

Cody Townsend and Elyse Saugstad bring you the second edition of It's Called Backcountry Skiing.

Whether it be a seasoned pro, local shredder, or selfless friend, mentors are a pivotal part of the outdoor experience.

It started with Salomon asking their fans: "What is your #FreeskiDreamTrip?"

Stringing a hammock across a canyon above a waterfall just screams summer fun. For filmmaker Ryan Harris and friends, Gibbons Whistler was the perfect spot to shoot "British Columbia: Adventure is Waiting".

In its final season, A Skier's Journey explores the far reaches of skiing and the places it exists.

The preeminent Colorado corporation is buying up ski resorts left and right. Many are hollering “Evil Empire!”, and say a monopoly would destroy the sport—but it's not all bad.

Rider Sid Slotegraaf takes to some of the finest trails in Squamish, British Columbia, with Canadian XC world cup veteran Ricky Federau.

For years, Chuck Thompson dreamed of picking some random spot on the map of British Columbia and plunging in for an adventure. He got all he could handle and more on the Klinaklini River, a Class V rager that cuts through heavily forested wilderness north of Mount Waddington. In fact, he's lucky he got out alive.

In 2015, Chuck Thompson set out on an epic rafting trip on the Klinaklini River, one of the most challenging, remote rivers in the world.

It's Canada’s take on California—hip coastal cities, rugged alpine terrain, and huge ocean swells—but without the tech bros and traffic jams

Squamish is home to a vibrant culture of mountain bikers and trail builders, a combination that manifests in world-class mountain biking trails

In our new Play Now series, we give you a slice of the action through thrilling POV shots—each one minute or less.

You can hang in Cancun with the rest of the world, or head to one of these less well-known spots for a real ocean adventure.

From epic skiing in Antarctica to a lazy beer-fueled canoe trip in North Carolina, these are the best places to visit this year

Your guide to North America's best skiing. Inbounds and out.

Not visiting the in-laws? Have an adventurous Turkey Day in one of these destinations.

The famed big-mountain skier at the helm of Bravo’s new Whistler-based reality show, has her eye on the bigger picture: encouraging more women to get outdoors

No matter how you like to ski or how long you can take off work, we've got the perfect trip in our guide to the best alpine escapes of the season

Fulfill that childhood fantasy and book one of these high-end treehouses, from Costa Rica to Italy to San Francisco

The secret? Leaf blowers, peat moss, and cornstarch.

We talked to the filmmaker behind a new Patagonia-funded film about a controversial ski resort development in British Columbia

Bushwhacking, pack rafts, and a historic float down one of the world's most beautiful wildernesses.

The untouched sections of forest, orca whales, salmon runs, and curling waves inspired Jeremy Koreski's latest project, This is Nowhere, a collection of photographs in which he reminds us that beauty exists in places we can’t easily see or access, and that it’s worth saving.

Island Lake Lodge has moved way past its ski-bum beginnings, but the snow will still make you want to quit your day job.

7Mesh, a new British Columbia-based mountain bike clothing company, aims to raise the standard in outfitting cyclists.

Can't get to the slopes yourself? There's a virtual reality goggle for that.

North of the U.S. border lies a paradise filled with powder, untracked steeps, wild vistas—and remote lodges with access to the massive winter playground.

For those who value quality over quantity of runs

Every winter, the ski and snowboard world lets its hair down at a few marquee events. Here are the ones we're stoked for this season.

Five mountain towns where the skiing and riding are matched by equally entertaining off-the-slopes escapades.

Looking for the funnest terrain in North America? Go here.

Where deep powder meets uncrowded runs

Tired of epic lift lines, hostile locals, and $15 burgers at the lodge? Something wonderful is happening in a remote pocket of British Columbia, where homegrown spirit is flourishing beyond the reach of corporate resorts and there's plenty of powder to share.

Afterglow isn't just the year's most captivating ski movie—it's also a giant TV ad. And it could be the future of adventure films.

As climate change threatens snowpack, ski areas are adopting a new survival strategy: Beefing up the summer fun.

Pacific white-sided dolphins

Fun for the whole family doesn't have to mean boring for you. These high-adrenaline festivals will keep everyone going all day.

A longtime favorite of the X Games, slopestyle joined the Olympic ranks at Sochi this year. Freewheeling American snowboarders Jamie Anderson and Sage Kotsenburg won gold over the weekend, and strong competitors on the skiing side taking to the course this week (watch the women’s…

Disaster can strike anywhere, at any time. Being prepared can save your life.

Our picks for the resort town cuisine in four destinations.

A peeping stroll is not an acceptable last outdoor gasp before winter. Presenting the best active autumn escapes.

I'm a pretty sustainably minded person and for my next vacation, I want to go to a low-impact resort that's not too insanely far from home. What are the best eco-lodges in North America?

Whether it’s steep shots, luxe adventure, or family fun you’re after, cat skiing is one of the best ways to carve untracked lines

Merv Bodnarchuk's dreams for curling seemed harmless, and even kind of inspiring, at first. But that's not how it turned out.

If you plan to get out in an inflatable this season, you’re probably going to have a great time regardless of what body of water you’re cruising. But if you’re looking for the biggest thrills and the most excitement, consider this your go-to list.

From paddling to biking to hiking, here are the top spots from Nova Scotia to the Northwest Territories

In the stunning and remote wilderness along northern British Columbia’s Highway 16, at least 18 women—by some estimates, many more—have gone missing over the past four decades. After years of investigation, authorities still don’t know if it’s the work of a serial killer or multiple offenders. Bob Friel drives into the darkness for answers.

Summer is the season to embrace the sunlight, celebrate, and make a few hundred new friends

The wildest places to sample the country’s best brews

From weekend escapes for beginners to weeklong expeditions for seasoned pros, the best destinations on the continent for taking flight

Globe-trotters: we've got you covered. Our 2012 Travel Awards honor the best destinations on seven continents—everything from idyllic beach escapes to camping safaris in Kenya to a mountain-bike expedition in Tibet. Plus: Outside-endorsed outfitters, adventure insurance, and more.

A multimedia guide to seven of North America’s best adventure destinations—featuring Duct Tape Then Beer’s new videos series

From hidden fishing rivers in Chile to mountain biking in Whistler, our guide shows you where to go and the gear you'll need to take your adventures to the next level.

Our favorite flicks from Canada’s premier adventure film fest

With La Niña back and the East Coast on a five-year blizzard streak, we devised the ultimate ski calendar to help you and your family take advantage. From a boot-deep New England Thanksgiving through spring-break corn snow in the Southwest, the outlook is decidedly epic.

What qualifies an adventure lodge as one of the world's best? Hot tubs and high thread counts, sure. But what sets these ten launchpads apart is access—to remote trails, steep runs, and lonely peaks.

I sea kayak in the cold Pacific waters of British Columbia. Being a warm-water boy from North Carolina, I'm always freezing out there. I have a dry suit but have never found the perfect combination of layers below the suit to keep me warm while doing rolls and rescues involving submersion. I've even tried wearing my wetsuit with Sugoi thermal shirts and still been frigid. What else can I try?—JohnSalt Spring Island, BC

It's not enough to be at the forefront. In an era when everything has supposedly been done, these adventure icons ignore convention, court risk, and let their passion lead the way.

Overlooked mountain ranges, river beer, running album, gear of all time, and 47 other big ideas, accidental winners, and awesome things about the world outside we've come to love over the past 33 years. Introducing our first annual Editors' Choice Awards...

Wild weather makes the next couple of months the hardest time of the year to plan an adventure. To help you out, we've worked up game plans for all kinds of conditions. Your job? Just check the doppler—then go.

My dad always said the family that skis together...spends a helluva lot of dough. Here are some ways to trim the fat.

When feet started floating into the dark, coastal bays of British Columbia, it wasn’t hard to imagine the worst, especially when the Mounties went silent. Even paradise has an underbelly.

2009 Travel Awards

Six downhill ski escapes with no crowds or chairlifts—and no hiking

Five refreshingly undeveloped resorts

Everest is shrinking—in status, at least. In the past few years, companies like Nepal Helicopter have been ferrying passengers to Base Camp, allowing well-heeled "climbers" to skip the slog up to 17,600 feet. Cheating? Perhaps. But there are times when a shortcut is worth a little shame. Consider these La-Z-Boy adventures.

A better way to get to know your favorite wilderness this harvest season: Pick, haul, fish, and forage your way from breakfast to dinner

Traveling to Canada no longer comes with a discount, but our neighbor still has eight times as much wilderness as we do