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Build strength and alignment to help eliminate overpronation and protect your feet and ankles

A physical therapist explains why your wrists hurt, and how to rehabilitate and protect them

We may be closer to answering lingering questions around concussions. Plus, we provide a rundown of the most common head injuries—and what you need to know about them.

Working stabilizer muscles can lead to big gains in and out of the gym

A body in motion will inevitably need a little maintenance

A spiral of injuries—and the attendant existential crisis—can be an opportunity to revisit the fundamentals

These tools are suitable for beginners and hard-charging athletes alike

Since Mary Cain spoke out about the Nike Oregon Project in 2019, a growing wave of young runners have come forward with their own allegations of negligent coaching and toxic team cultures across the sport

This often-overlooked cause of heel pain requires a different approach than true plantar fasciitis. Here’s how to test and treat it.

New science shows a disconnect between injury and pain, and suggests we may be better able to self-manage training pains than we think.

The CEO of Thousand shares why she feels passionate about bike helmets

Pro runner Max King offers tips, tricks, and helpful perspective.

It’s easy—maybe a bit too easy—to believe that poor sleep leaves you more vulnerable to injury. But researchers aren’t so sure after all.

In our final segment of this series, we spoke with three sports psychologists about how to prioritize mental health alongside physical health.

Changing hormone levels affect your tendons, ligaments, and muscles, and evidence is mounting that this can influence your chances of injury

Post-injury, follow this step-by-step plan with guidelines to evaluate what pain is okay to run through and what is not.

Doing the work of even the smallest maintenance exercises does wonders for both body and mind.

Six years ago, professional triathlete Linsey Corbin fractured her femur and it took 8 months to heal. Last year, the same injury took 8 weeks to heal. Here’s what changed.

For over 10 years, Daniels had been plagued by stress fractures along with Achilles and high hamstring injuries. Here's how and why he finally slowed down to build a healthier running foundation.

Dialing in your nutrition when you’re on the couch can be hard, especially for an active person. Here’s what you need to know.

As athletes, we tend to glorify discipline, but sometimes it’s necessary to move on to new activities and identities.

How becoming less selfish in our running can help us reclaim our sense of self.

Irene Davis and Daniel Lieberman explain their views on how to reduce running injuries.

How trail runner Keely Henninger found her way back to running after injury gave her a reality check.

Expert advice on understanding the emotions of injury and taking tactical steps toward recovery.

Treadmill running has some unique risks, but you can reduce your treadmill injury risk by following a few simple guidelines.

Rehabbing an ankle sprain is critical for reducing the risk of future ankle sprains and the development of chronic ankle instability. Here's a 5-stage rehab program with 10 exercises.

Embracing recovery will make you a better athlete. Your body is asking you to work in. It’s time to listen and respond.

Elite runners train hard, even when they can't run many miles as they come back from an injury. 2:30-marathoner Becky Wade shows how as she details a week of her workouts.

After arthritis took running away long ago, this coach found himself jumping into a virtual race and awakening a lost drive.

Staying at home has given us an opportunity to go barefoot, thus allowing for comfort, healing, and a transformation of our feet. Here's how to capitalize on those benefits once we're back in the office.

Switch up your training to help ward off injuries and boost your fitness.

Doctors confirm, 2020 has caused an increase in runners getting injuries. Don't be one of them.

4 Therapy experts share the exercises they find most important for injury prevention in runners.

The effects of aging compile to cause calf injuries in male masters runners. Here’s why, and how to keep them strong and healthy.

In this excerpt from "Kicksology," Brian Metzler takes an in-depth look to try and find the culprit behind the prevalence of injuries in runners.

Guidelines for keeping your training on track when you can't do your plan for the day or have to take days off.

You know that pain that’s been bugging you for months? Now’s the time to get it diagnosed, get rid of it, and start solving the underlying issue.

How Renee Metivier came back from nearly career-ending injuries to smash three treadmill world-records.

Save your knees with realignment exercises from "Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes."

Some sports scientists believe that a measure called the "acute-to-chronic workload ratio" can predict your risk of injury. But critics aren't so sure.

Load, not rest, is often the best path toward recovery when it comes to treating tendinopathy.

Build your balance with this essential workout—no beam necessary

Follow this routine to keep your hips happy, reduce pain, improve athletic performance, and prevent further injury

Here are some tips to prevent your pup from suffering common trail-caused health conditions

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4 reasons why running consistently helps you enjoy every run more, and get injured less often.

Tight muscles are rarely the cause of pain; Use these exercises to strengthen your body and solve the source of the problem.

Expert advice to help you recover fast, stay injury-free, and have fun in the mountains

Olympian Dathan Ritzenhein shares how he, and other champions, continue to have success by adapting training and goals over the years.

Improve your range of motion, increase efficiency, and boost flexibility and balance with these five mobility moves

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And new research shows it may be one reason why women tear their ACLs more often than men

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A thorough cooldown stretching routine is essential for injury prevention and helps speed up recovery after any workout

The "Couch Stretch" can reduce pains from your feet to your back, plus improve performance.

Ten moves to improve strength, running economy, and resilience for the road or trail

Flexible, strong hamstrings are happy hamstrings