Before last month's Boston Marathon, a big win had eluded her for years. This changes everything.

Two weeks after Kathrine Switzer made headlines at Boston in 1967, 13-year-old Maureen Mancuso quietly shattered the women's world record. Few people noticed.

After the craziest race in decades, a controversy emerged about prize money. Luckily, this story has a happy ending.

The 122nd Boston Marathon was wet, windy, and cold, with many runners dropping out of the race because of hypothermia. Here's what you should wear to avoid the same DNF fate.

A new study probes why athletes like Callum Hawkins sometimes push themselves to collapse

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Non-elites on the podium. Crazy clothes. Mid-course pandemonium. The race gave running a much needed shake-up, if only for a day.

As Boston looms, so do the fears that haunt every marathoner

Ahead of the Boston Marathon, three of pro running's female giants discuss the country's chances (they're very good) of finally ending a 33-year dry spell

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A running-obsessed owner. Tons of track memorabilia. What's not to love?

A record-holding marathoner and a journalist explore how your mindset can improve your running, and your running can improve your mind

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Until recently, the Nike track star seemed destined for burnout. But last year in Boston, after a wave of disappointing races and a personal tragedy, she ran a record-shattering debut marathon. Will the new distance of 26.2 miles save her career?

Temperatures were brutally low at this year’s running of the 300-mile competition, and one frostbitten competitor may lose his hands and feet. Is this just the price of playing a risky game, or does something need to change?

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Legislators in the state have proposed restricting marathons and half marathons to those older than 18, claiming that running damages kids' bones and joints. Science doesn't agree.

In an exclusive excerpt from his book 'Endure,' Outside's Sweat Science columnist explores the brain's role in setting our physical limits.

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And they've been my go-to running and hiking companion for more than 20,000 miles

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Sometimes a little bit of recklessness pays off

The microbes in our digestive systems can affect everything from our mental health to our weight and vulnerability to disease. So why not athletic performance? New science is set to revolutionize the way we eat, train, and live.​

This year was full of famous farewells, marketing stunts, and big-time wins for team USA

You could call it a spider-man meal plan

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Sally Bergesen, founder of Oiselle and a running activist, asks why don't we have established women's equivalents of the four-minute mile or the two-hour marathon

Any (non-doping-related) publicity is good publicity

Every July Fourth, hundreds of racers descend on Seward, Alaska, for one of the most difficult short-distance races on the planet—3,000 feet up, and then straight back down Mount Marathon

Cycling, running, and obstacle course racing are dominated by white-collar workers. And while disposable income makes competing more feasible, researchers are also starting to discover a psychological pull that draws these people to masochistic events.

Joel Cohen hates running more than you do

There's something a little gimmicky about celebrating distance purely for distance's sake

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The number of weeks you need to train for a marathon depends on if you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced runner. Here's a guide.

You wouldn't think running shorts are all that different from each other. But you're totally wrong.

For the sub-elite running class, it can be hard to decide when those five a.m. 15-milers are no longer worth it

Ten simple, stylish, environmentally friendly options

More women in the running community are beginning to speak out about amenorrhea

The Olympic marathon champ—who hopes to become the first woman over 60 to run a sub-3-hour marathon this fall—shares her hard-fought wisdom

The former pro has had two full knee replacements in the past decade. Neither slowed him down—and they don't have to slow you down, either.

Four of the sport's best on what they've learned from taking time off and coming back

A new proposal would scrap all track and field world records set before 2005, all in the name of the war on doping. Will the radical measure do any good?

No matter how your big race went, feeling a little empty after it's finally over is normal

Like so many others, Jameson found himself struggling to settle into normal life after returning from the Vietnam War, but then he found running.

Elite runner Kate Martini wants to bring an edgier aesthetic to the straight-laced world of running apparel

After closing in 1996, Boston's Eliot Lounge is coming back—if only for the weekend

Be good to the runner in your life

Later this month, 50 years after making history, the first woman to run the iconic event will race it again

We asked four pros how they fuel for race day. We learned not to fear the beer and that sweet potato popsicles are the bomb.

Remember to take care of yourself after your big day

Researchers say that when Paula Radcliffe ran a world record 2:15:25 marathon in 2003, she broke the female equivalent of the two-hour marathon

The record attempt will depend as much on the runners' food and hydration strategies as their speed and stamina

So, you're undertrained and about to run your first marathon, eh? Take it from me: you're not alone—and these tips might help you thrive.