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Instructor Ann Schorling explains how to shred like a pro after a big snowfall

The short-radius turn is an advanced technique ideal for steeps and bumps. It’s also fun.

Heading out on your first overnight? Use this handy list as your guide to packing for a three-season backpacking trip.

An Outside editor discovers it’s never too late to learn how to ski better

Mental advice and skiing drills that will give you confidence on longer, steeper, and more challenging runs

We tend to assume that a nice-looking stride is a fast one, but maybe looking good is its own reward

Three pro tips to restore your childlike joy of running fast and make speedwork more enjoyable and effective

Overcomplicating sports nutrition wastes money and time. It also perpetuates privilege.

‘Fuel for Life: Sam Elias’ takes us inside the athlete’s mental strategies for success

In an excerpt from his new book, ‘There and Back: Photographs from the Edge,’ the renowned climber and filmmaker recounts a 2003 expedition with snowboarder Stephen Koch

Aerobic capacity, not speed, is usually the limiting factor in how fast you can race, even for a distance as short as the 5K.

Make sure to include these smart, specific workouts in your half marathon training to land you that PR.

Watch the short film ‘Queen Maud Land’ with your Outside+ membership

The IFSC had to apologize—twice—for broadcasting sexualized footage of climber Johanna Farber. The time for women athletes to be portrayed with respect is long overdue.

It’s not just a momentary mood booster, but a reminder of what we’re capable of

We’ve all felt that panic when you wander off trail and can’t find your way back. Gaia GPS solves this problem.

When Drew Hulsey started climbing, he weighed 300 pounds and wondered if the ropes would hold. He found out that they would, and found a community that embraced him. Now he sets an example that inspires others to join him.

These are the best climbing movies on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ right now

Getting lost teaches me mindfulness, even when I’m terrified

There’s no such thing as a truly accurate one

Sustaining and delicious whole-food meals and snacks to pack for your next mission

A DIY almond—or cashew, or sunflower—spread should be a staple in any kitchen

Challenge what you think you know about diets, nutrition, and why we eat the way we do

Staying in hiking shape during the off-season is a serious challenge, but it’s not impossible

Long stigmatized in the United States, wider adoption of guided backcountry skiing will boost knowledge, reduce gatekeeping, and promote human-powered skiing on public lands

Discover and foster goals that spark passion, excitement, and daily enjoyment through these science-backed mindfulness strategies.

What science says about setting meaningful, internally motivating, and satisfying goals that are exciting but not overwhelming

This expert advice will help you get out of a rut and take your skills to a new level

You're never too old—or too good—to brush up on your technique

Mindfulness meditation can enhance focus, boost racing performance, lower pain perception, and treat anxiety. Here’s what it is, and how to start.

Follow these steps to spend less time stressing over the details and more time on the trail

We asked professional photographers for the skills you can practice in your own neighborhood

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Learn to quiet your mind to improve your day, your night, and your game

Your mindset is your most important tool in the backcountry

What types to bring, where to find them, and how to make your own

A desk jockey’s guide to not being a slouch

The gear and the skills you need to get home safely

John Clendenin, hailed as the greatest instructor in the U.S., has some unexpected advice for skiers: forget style, practice a four-word mantra, and get to know your feet

Get outside for a night (or two) with this roundup of backpacking must-dos

The filmmaker and photographer shares his wisdom on how to capture a great shot

Jenni Gritters, a Power Vinyasa yoga teacher, walks us through nine common poses

Ready to go backpacking but don't know where to begin? Start with buying the right pack.

If you pick the right class, it's an invaluable tool for building strength, flexibility, and resilience

What elite athletes wish they had known when they first started climbing

Everything a first-timer needs to know before hitting the trails

How to prepare physically and mentally before tackling your first wall

An overreliance on technology can make you slower. When it comes to training, it's time to rewind the clock and rely on our more primal instincts.

The secret to ultimate fitness isn't all that complicated—just spend a month outside, hiking eight hours per day. Kyle Boelte breaks down how his body evolved into an efficient, fat-burning, testosterone-fueled machine over 29 days on the Colorado Trail.

Climbing is one of those sports that can seem way out of reach for newcomers. But it doesn't have to be.

I'm planning to walk from Sandy, Oregon to Seattle, Washington. How should I train? The Editors Santa Fe, NM