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You’ll want to know about these earbuds

After months of testing, it’s proven to be everything I need for adventuring. And then some.

There’s a great new wearable for every kind of athletic goal

A disruptive startup is poised to rewrite the definition of performance apparel

The company’s newest flagship timepiece promises astounding battery life as well as efficient solar charging, and it comes with a flashlight

Our Sweat Science columnist spent two months measuring his blood sugar around the clock. Here’s what he found.

For those folks always seeking the competitive edge

Your GPS watch and other gadgets are great at describing training, but prescribing it is a harder challenge

There are five wearables in our print magazine, but several more worth checking out

A new app called NatureQuant harnesses the latest research to track and rate your time outside. Next up: determining how much you need.

Contributor Andrew Skurka tested the Ambit3 Peak for more than 1,500 miles and 300 hours in 2018. For ultra runners and backpackers, the Ambit3 Peak excels in three important ways: its long-lasting battery, its barometer, and price. “It makes the traditional outdoor ABC watch obsolete,” he wrote.

Electric muscle stimulation claims to be a more efficient form of exercise. Here’s how it holds up.

When it comes to safety, training, and exercise, gadgets and apps can’t beat old fashioned consistency and patience

We’ll be combing the site for the steepest discounts, so you don’t have to

Do you jog around the block at the end of a run so your mileage equals a nice round number?

Devices for passing the toughest training milestones

These stylish pieces are ready for adventure

A bad sleeper tries to train her brain with the help of virtual jellyfish, space-flight simulations, and the URGOnight device

Black Diamond’s Spot has all of the traits that made the original version so popular (red night vision, multiple power settings, IPX 8 waterproof rating) but in a smaller package that weighs just 3.2 ounces. It’s not rechargeable (it requires 3 AAA batteries), but its 300 lumens at the highest…

Why Apple’s CEO wants to make health and wellness the company’s greatest legacy

It's more affordable than the Series 6 and comes with the most important features

An award-winning science fiction writer paints a compelling — and rather disturbing — vision of running in the near future.

Apple's CEO says technology can help us lead healthier, more balanced lives—but we also need to learn how to ignore our screens

As any child will tell you, smartwatches are one of the most popular items on holiday lists this year. Be careful what they wish for.

Keeping tabs on training and health has never been this seamless

We'll be combing the site for the steepest discounts, so you don't have to

It’s the one training metric virtually all runners track, but running scientists think we can do better

In a time when most of us are struggling with restricted access to the activities we love, I wanted to know if VR would help. What I found surprised me.

The pandemic is prompting activity-tracking companies to pivot from personal to public health

Timepieces that check all the boxes

Hardware to help you maximize your workouts

This gear has kept me active without bogging me down

The technology hasn't gotten anywhere close to the early hype—and I'm fine with that

It has everything to do with odor control

In our 2019 Summer Buyer’s Guide, the Inspire HR Fitness Tracker was one of our favorite pieces of wearable tech. The touchscreen watch has 24/7 activity and sleep tracking, guided workouts, and VO2 max measurement. Plus, it’s water-resistant up to 50 meters, so you can track swimming as well.

If you’re looking for a pair of water-resistant headphones on a budget, look into the Fit line from Plantronics, which has everything from burly over-ear models to true wireless buds. We like the the 350’s security, six hours of play time, and sweatproof IPX5 rating. Just don’t take them swimming.

If you spend much time in the water, you’ll need a “SwiMP3”—a waterproof set of headphones with an MP3 player that straps to the back of your head. The Finis Duo is fully submersible down to nine feet, has four gigabytes of storage (enough for 1,000 songs), and uses bone-conduction…

One tee to rule the trail—and to wear to the bar

Smart devices that track everything you do

New and revamped classics for adventurous wrists

Getting the most out of your beloved Apple gadget doesn't have to be costly. Upgrade your devices with these affordable tools.

The Versa’s simple interface allows users to track their heart rate and sleep quality, while boasting 15 exercise modes. The sleek design of the watch face doesn’t look bulky, like most sport watches. We included the Versa in our roundup of The Best Wearable Tech of 2019.

After years of empty promises, hydration-tracking wearables are finally close to hitting the market

These Headphones deliver audio through your cheekbones, so you can stay vigilant while listening to music. These are a great option for running and bike riding, especially in an urban environment.

This little dynamo’s best feature is its 360-degree sound—you don’t have to worry about where the thing is pointed for unobstructed listening. Other perks: it’s completely waterproof and floats, plus you can pair two devices at once for friendly DJ battles.

True wireless headphones, these fit snugly inside your ears. And they can handle spray from a shower or the sweatiest workout of your life with no problem. The sound quality is great, there’s a built-in microphone for calls, and 4.5 hours of play time on a single charge isn’t shabby.

The Charge 3 is a favorite of ours for several reasons: it has great battery life (up to 20 hours of play time), it can charge your phone (via the USB output), and it’s IPX7 waterproof (read: it’s fully submersible). Oh, and there’s that ample bass. Lash this speaker to…

You don’t have to drop serious cash for serious sound. Anker specializes in budget-friendly speakers, and the SoundCore Sport is no exception. It’s shockproof and waterproof, so you can take it on the trail, river, or out in a rainstorm without worry. Its eight-ounce frame belies its rich sound and…

Precision data-gathering devices to optimize your workouts

When it comes to wearables, go easy on the bells and whistles

New tweaks mean they're easier to use at work and on the trail

Relax, it's not until May 12—you still have time!

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Mom is the hardest charging member of the family. So this Mother’s Day, say thanks with a gift that can keep up with her. Packed with tons of different built-in sports apps, animated workouts, music and smart notifications, and a 60-hour battery life, the Garmin fēnix 6S Sapphire Edition…

With a new line of premium watches, Garmin aims upmarket

Simple rules for keeping your timepiece ticking

This lightweight GPS watch calculates heart rate, pace, and mileage, and shows incoming texts. …

A legit flagship watch, but it needs a firmware fix

The luxury brand partners with the Explorers Club to support far-flung scientific journeys

The latest fitness bands are smarter and svelter than ever

Timepieces that look good and play hard

A proper timepiece can handle adventure and look just right back in the office

The Boston tech company is now selling monthly access to its Strap 2.0 data-tracking device

Devices that do the thinking, analyzing, and recovery for you

In March, Under Armour announced that the accounts of more than 150 million MyFitnessPal users had been compromised. What does that mean for the rest of the workout app industry?

Enough already with skis and headlamps that can talk to our phones. The whole thrill of being outside is in escaping the modern tyranny of tech distractions.

Ultra runners and backpackers, take note: this tool offers unmatched performance for the price

Scientists make the case for a new real-time measure of endurance effort

The hype around a new breed of running tech is raising the ire of biomechanists. Here's why.

A software update brings phone-free music experience to the Watch

Dial in your—and your pet’s—training.

The new Watch is a more sophisticated fitness tracker than its predecessor, with an updated operating system, upgraded hardware, and cellular connectivity. But will it be enough to win over athletes?

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