Winter 2018 Buyer’s Guide



Thanks to a plethora of new materials, skis are getting way more versatile.

Seven boards that put fun first.

Just remember one thing: it’s all about fit

Don't let the cold shut down your training.

Play atop the powder with these new decks.

Tools to prevent a breakup with your bike.

Trail bikes aside, no mountain machine adds more versatility to a fleet than a fat bike.

Dial in your—and your pet’s—training.

Pump up in the convenience of your own home.

Walk on—no matter the weather.

Gear that can keep up, no matter how hard the efforts.

Up your skin-care game with these cold-weather remedies.

Stylish hats to keep you covered

Wherever your cold-weather escape trajectory leads, these best-in-class shades improve the view.

Tools that make it impossible to take a bad picture.

Comfy, classy shoes for ski-beat feet.

Cylindrical lenses that strike the perfect balance between performance and price.

Win the parking lot post-ski scene.

Survive a night (or two or three) in the snow.

Rugged, refined timepieces for nights out, the depths, and, yes, even space.

Pavement? Trail? Snow? These workhorses have you covered.

Load them up, kick them through the snow—these haulers will serve you well no matter what.

Even outdoor gear deserves a second chance.

Don’t leave home without a warm winter buddy.

Nothing’s quite as cozy.

Stifle that laughter. These aren’t merely kids’ pj’s anymore.

Apparel that looks its best after you’ve put it through your worst

Smart, classy apparel for the chilliest time of year.

AT gear keeps getting better and better at handling the down.

Six solutions to age-old boot flaws.

Backcountry boots are stiffer and more powerful than ever.

Keep fit all year with this fast-gliding skinny-ski gear.