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I'm looking for an inflatable kayak and folding bicycle to hit some Class I-II creeks in Alaska, float them, and then bike back to my put-in. I would need some kind of inflatable capable of fitting in a backpack or on the bike somehow, and a bike that is capable of being transported (in a folded position most likely) on the craft. Any ideas? Jeremy Anchorage, Alaska

A few buddies and I are planning a five-day trip on the Clearwater River in northern Saskatchewan. We plan on hitting some whitewater, though nothing too outrageous. We want kayaks that will track well on flatwater but also be able to bomb down some whitewater. What would you recommend? Rob Lloydminster, Saskatchewan

As one of the premiere destination whitewater schools in the country, the Otter Bar Lodge Kayak School has the instructor chops, the rapids, and the views to keep you coming back

Could you recommend a kayak for day trips on the relatively slow-moving Hackensack River, a wide tidal river (it feeds into Newark Bay and New York Harbor) with no rapids or whitewater sections? I already have a small nimble boat (an old Perception Pirouette) for other trips, but since it does not track well, I'd like to get a second boat. Stu Hackensack, New Jersey

My son and I are going to kayak Isle Royale. What is the best type of tent to take in a sea kayak? We are renting the kayaks in Copper Harbor. Sharen Columbus, Ohio

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My girlfriend and I would like to purchase kayaks, but I have no clue where to start. I want to get into some whitewater, she is more interested in backwater touring. Is there a boat out there that can mesh our interests? Brian Gainesville, Florida

I want to purchase a kayak that'll handle a four-day river tour in Utah, one that can carry a load and maneuver in Class II-IV rapids. What do you suggest? Phil San Diego, California

Our adventure recon to Madagascar turns up virgin rivers, ivory beaches, and limitless possibilities.

When kayaking wunderkind Brad Ludden made the cover of Outside in August 2000, the 19-year-old Montanan was having a dream summer—winning free- style events while Kerouacking across the country in a flame- emblazoned Subaru, courtesy of kayak maker Dagger. It was as good as it got in a niche sport…

I'm looking into a recreational kayak for flatwater lakes and slow to moderate rivers (nely, the erican River up near Folsom, California). I need a kayak with a cockpit big enough to fit me and a little guy (under 50 pounds). We've paddled in open kayaks in lakes, but I would like a closed hull. Any good suggestions? I've looked at the Loon 111 and Perception Swifty. Annette Roseville, California

We're heading south this November for a last-ditch attempt at tropical paradise before winter strikes. The Caribbean island we'll be staying on is about 18 square miles, and uninhabited. During our three-day stay, we'd like to use kayaks to get around but we don't have any way of getting them there. The charter boat from the mainland just isn't big enough. Short of purchasing a full-blown collapsible kayak ($1,000 and up), do I have any other options? Mark Brick, New Jersey

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I'd like to buy a touring kayak primarily for day trips and possibly some overnight jaunts. I've been sea kayaking a number of times, but was always with a guide so never learned much about the boats. I live in Austin, so I'll mainly be on flatwater lakes. I'm a proficient paddler with medium build and height, so what would you suggest as a reasonably priced boat (under $1,000)? Danny Austin, Texas

In January 2004, top female kayakers from all over the globe joined medical doctor and expedition leader Jessie Stone in Uganda, to form the world’s first all-woman White Nile expedition. But this team’s goal was unique: Not only did they plan to conquer the river’s gnarly whitewater, they also hoped…

Emmy-winning cinematographer and big-water kayaker Scott Lindgren’s new film Burning Time is a bold new Outside-sponsored production that’s been in the making for two years. In it, Lindgren (of Tsangpo-expedition fame: see Outside‘s July 2002 cover story “Liquid Thunder”) scours the globe with kayaking’s best athletes, seeking out some…

Outside‘s January 2004 cover package, “Fit to the Core,” is chock full of advice on how to find the Whole Athlete within. From downtime at spas, to Pilates, to meditation, we show you how to integrate your mind and body for optimal performance. Here, five great outdoor athletes share…

When Ed Lucero plummeted 105.6 feet over Canada’s Alexandra Falls, he set a new world record for the highest plunge in a kayak. What was he thinking? John Galvin finds out. Seeing is Believing CLICK HERE to watch the video clip of Ed…

When I got into motorcycling, I bought a nice standard bike, learned to ride it really well, and in a few years had to trade up to a more interesting, high-performance machine. Now I'd like to get into kayaking. Is there any way for a beginner like me to buy a kayak that will remain interesting even if I become a pretty good intermediate kayaker? Patrick Copley, Ohio

Adventure meets Old World charm in this adrenaline-filled sea kayaking journey around the island of Crete.

In the nearly 30 years I've been hiking, biking, skiing, climbing, and kayaking, I've gone through a lot of gear. Most of it has been pretty good (like my Eureka Sentinel tent of a dozen years ago—heavy, but sturdy and roomy). Some of it has been pretty awful (like the…

I've been looking to buy a (first) sea kayak. I've tried a number of different models and types and have come up with a tentative short list: the Synergy by Northwest Kayaks, the Corona by Perception, the Sirocco by Current Designs, and the Cortez by Dagger. (I haven't tried the last one out yet but I've included it because of Outside's recommendation.) If you were a six-foot, 190-pond guy (and maybe you are) what boat would you consider to be the best value? I'm only considering plastic boats but I want to get the skinny on workmanship, materials, and design. Are these four companies equally regarded? Are the boats? Brian McCarthy Glendale, California

I live near North Carolina's Outer Banks and want to purchase a kayak for island hopping. What boat would you recommend for a beginner paddler? Jie Beaufort, North Carolina

I new to whitewater kayaking and was wondering about a practical, fairly inexpensive way to get into the sport. Jimmy Cullowhee, North Carolina

You've helped me choose backpacking and mountaineering gear in the past and I'm counting on you again. I'm set to shop for a kayak this spring, and want some advice. My plans call for mostly day trips with some two- to three-night trips on mostly flat rivers, never more than class II/class II+ whitewater. I want a comfortable boat that tracks well, is maneuverable for those class II stretches, and that can hold me (six feet, 210 pounds) and my gear for those three-day trips. I'm thinking a boat in the 12-foot range. I'm hooked on Wilderness Systems Phase 3 seating, but open to suggestions Mike Baltimore, Maryland

Could you recommend some shoes for water-based activities like kayaking, rafting, and even canyoneering? Water socks are great inside a whitewater kayak, but they don't lend enough support for side hikes and portages. Mike Tempe, Arizona

Last summer, I bought a Shan light touring kayak from Wilderness Systems (based largely on your recommendation, O Great and Wise One). After some great day trips, I'm now planning a multi-night river trip, so I'm looking for some packing advice. The boat has a rear bulkhead and an air bag up front for flotation. Should I pack my gear at the back with extra stuff lashed atop the stern, or can I replace the front flotation bag with a tapered dry bag? Zippo Baltimore, Maryland

I'm interested in buying a new kayak for touring and open-water paddling, but one that could also take a little whitewater action once in a while. What would you recommend? Jeff Midland, Michigan

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We know at least one sponsored paddler who was so smitten with the new RIOT AIR 45 that he defected to the company. And why not? The six-foot Air uses its surfboard-like bow and two removable inch-long fins along its hull to generate more speed on waves and, therefore, more…

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Bergelicious: ice soup off Chile’s Patagonian coast Q: Where are the best places to sea kayak in Chilean Patagonia? Also, do you know of any outfitters in Punta Arenas that provide good equipment without international prices? Thanks, — Patrick, Lima, Peru Adventure Advisor:…

Somewhere at the bottom of the deepest canyon on earth flows the Cotahuasi—a long, roiling ribbon of whitewater, a river so old and dangerous that you never master it, you just surrender to it. And pay respect to its ghosts.

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North of Havana is a fantasy world of mangrove-lined cays and green water flashing with tropical fish—perfect sea-kayaking country. But the line between what's permissible and what's not in Castro's kingdom falls in a gray area, and comings and goings by water always mean trouble.

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