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Forget dorky sun hats and zip-off pants. These versatile pieces will keep you looking great and your carry-on light—no matter the adventure.

Want to get away on a dime? Here's where to go.

I caught up with Shane Dillon Gidcumb, a former winery executive and author of 'The Franklin Fi' book series who up and quit his job one day in favor of cross-country touring

Paperwork? Fuggetaboutit. From Brazil to Thailand, just get a ticket and go.

Take the stress out of solo travel with these simple strategies

How you organize your gear is just as important as the gear you take

Save up for the trip of your dreams in six months or less

Who says you can't camp in (or near) big cities?

Look no further for your go-to playlist for the long hauls

Tips (including how to make the most of the barter system) from a woman who makes below the average U.S. household income

To raise strong, independent kids, you need to let them make some brave choices

We get it. Solo travel can be scary. But trust us, the idea of it is more frightening than actually doing it.

Expert advice on surviving family travel mishaps

From a barrier island off South Carolina’s coast to a remote ski town in British Columbia, we’ve rounded up our (and our kids'!) favorite places to chase adventure this summer

Ancient European pilgrimages. Coastal treks along jungle isles. Surprising Rocky Mountain summits. Checking off any of these bucket-list hikes is sure to be the experience of a lifetime.

The best route to a cheap flight can be treacherous. Here’s a tried-and-true method for finding a great deal.

Forget airline storm delays and baggage fees. The best way to travel this winter is by hitting the open road.

Instagram readers share epic outings for the new year

Research almost any travel destination and you'll probably wind up on travel-industry Goliath, where passionate people praise and denounce everything from romantic getaways to cockroach-infested hotel rooms. But who can you trust?

These 9 open-air tubs are worth traveling for.

Don't plan any vacations before reading this year's Best of Travel winners.

The classic VW camper gets a futuristic upgrade.

Control your sustainable energy on the go with a smartphone app

Tow this ultralight camping trailer with a motorcycle.

Gas is cheap and flying is not. The dollar is strong, so tourists will be flocking to Europe—leaving domestic destinations blissfully uncrowded. The result: stay local and the country will be yours.

A cooler that does double duty as an air conditioner.

Bring your creature comforts wherever the road takes you.

Among the benefits to hitting the trail in winter? No mosquitoes. But there are more!

Sometimes, technology can actually help you get off the grid.

Mountains, water, and Incan myths collide in this Peruvian playground.

Think you know a deserving lodge, guide, or service? Show us your best.

Jack Kerouac spent the summer of 1956 manning a fire tower on Washington's Desolation Peak, in the northern Cascades. He didn't do much writing there, apparently, despite being alone with pencil and paper. But he stayed for 63 days. The views were good.

They've put in the time up in the air, and some of them tell others how to see the world for a living. We asked them: What's the one piece of travel advice everyone should know?

Crying babies, endless delays, and that one aggressive seat-kicker are almost inevitable travel companions. Doesn't mean you can't have a nice journey: savvy packing will keep you collected and calm. We can't promise the same for the new parents across the aisle.

We polled an all-star team of experts and adventurers to put together our new rules of travel—all the airfare tips and digital tricks that make getting out there easier than ever.

You should be packing like a technomad.

Behold: The #OutsideMobile Instagram contest winners

Despite the republic's best efforts to modernize, its legacy of trade and cultural expansion still lingers three centuries later

An epic, 10,000-mile road trip across America to find the best place to live in the country.

The short answer? No. Or at least not always.

One man and his canine pal cover 13,000 miles in 32 states to discover just how strong our relationship is with man's best friend.

The 5 best ways to paddle, eat, and sail your way through "Vacationland" this summer

Some plan trips in advance; others let the current carry them. For Amy Ragsdale, traveling with risk takers like herself has helped her trust the process of exploring without a full map, rather than fight it.

A visual breakdown of what makes for blissful travel—backed by science.

We can boat the same backyard river with our family a dozen or more times, and it will never get old—because rivers, like our children, are constantly changing.

You'll need a scenic location, some motivation, and a lot of imagination. Oh yeah, there's also the money.

For the sake of your spine and your sanity, heed these rules

The roomiest, sturdiest, and most stylish hanging nests of the year

Beat the crowds on the not-so-beaten path this summer in one of America's favorite national parks.

Five wild mountain ranges. Hundreds of miles of trails. Zero crowds. That’s what awaits visitors at the country’s newest Naitonal Monument in New Mexico. Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks consists of four separate patches of the Chihuahuan Desert surrounding Las Cruces in southern New Mexico. Encompassing a half-million acres…

The Pennine Way, England’s first national trail, turns 50 this year. Even if it’s literally over the hill, the 268-mile route of rolling terrain is as popular as ever, especially this weekend. July 12 marks the annual National Trails geocache release, during which new coins…

These ground-tested strategies will help you conquer every last weekend.

The drive from Eureka, California, to Coos Bay, Oregon has dunes, salmon, and Jurassic Park-worthy greenery—but no crowds. It'll be our little secret.

Seven men want to share a few thousand pieces of gear with the world. And they need your help.

To best appreciate the fruit of the vine, you have to go to the source. And if the source happens to be the eastern foothills of the Andes in Mendoza, Argentina, all the better. This high-altitude terroir produces rich flavors, but the environs are also ripe for exploration by bike,…

We’ll start by stating the obvious: with the 2014 FIFA World Cup about a week away, now is not really the best time to book your trip to Brazil so you can brag afterward about seeing soccer’s big dance in person. But you already know that—and you…

Dream all you want about your adventure bucket list, but isn't it better to get right out there and start ticking off boxes? Let these trips be your inspiration—or your exact blueprint.

Gone are the days of lugging around travel tomes with dog-eared pages. In the digital era, all that info is jammed in a Smartphone-size package. And sure, you can still download entire guidebooks in app form—such as Fodor’s City Guides or Rick Steves’ audio tours—but those…

Enveloped by New York City's concrete jungle, a family finds its perception of adventure and the outdoors irrevocably changed.

Are we trolling here? Of course we are. But that’s not all we’re doing. As anyone who has ever downed a High Life in the shower knows, nude drinking is an excellent way to exercise free will while toasting our birthday-suited ancestors who drank fermented stag blood by moonlight. But…

Outdoor music festivals are becoming as much a part of the American summer as baseball games, barbecues, and mosquito bites. At them, you can enjoy space to move (and sometimes pitch a tent), natural scenery, tastes of the local food vendors, Frisbees flying, and the wafting…

Enjoyable family trips require positive attitudes, not five-star hotels.

Having a child makes you reexamine the adventure lifestyle, especially when you're trapped in a storm at sea with a one-year-old.

Budget-friendly prices, and the freedom and comfort of staying at a home-away-from-home have made vacation rentals popular alternatives to hotels. Property owners list their homes on sites such as Home Away and the associated, VRBO, and Flipkey, the latter of which is…

A proper randy romp in the backcountry takes preparation.

Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia have the biggest mountains among the 14 states on the Appalachian Trail. The southern portion of the Appalachian Trail. Although the promise of southern temps might draw spring break hikers to Georgia, sleet and snow are common here in March. Georgia is better hiked in…

This season, choose outdoors over indoors, adventure over eating, and hiking over cooking.

Do nudists know something we don't? If you mean where the best luxury spots are, then yes.

A peeping stroll is not an acceptable last outdoor gasp before winter. Presenting the best active autumn escapes.

Jaw-dropping fall drives that lead to drool-inducing DIY dishes

Gunther Holtorf, a 75-year-old former airline CEO who has driven more than 820,000 kilometers over the past two decades, doesn't care if you remember his travels. But you better respect Otto, his G Wagon that will be placed in a museum if it makes it through this final leg.

What started as a simple idea four years ago finally ended last week when Graham Hughes became the first person to visit all 201 countries without setting foot on an airplane

Behold, the ultimate recreational vehicle

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