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The complexity of doping rules in endurance sports can be alienating for fans. But what’s the alternative? 

The post–Usain Bolt era has delivered a bevy of thrilling performances

If doping admissions and bans are the threshold, just one U.S. rider has ever worn yellow

Katie Compton has said she never intentionally or knowingly took a banned substance after the USADA issued her a four-year ban

The multiple American record holder is a huge fan favorite—does that give us a biased view of her case?

With working conditions like these, who would let their babies grow up to race bikes for a living?

But do they work to improve endurance performance? The evidence, so far, is mixed.

When the Olympian accused her former team of skirting anti-doping rules, she became an outcast. But she kept talking.

Whether we needed another documentary about the disgraced cyclist is up for debate, but 'Lance' is an entertaining look at the saga—and wait until you hear what he says about Floyd Landis

How director Marina Zenovich got the most infamous bike racer in history to share more than ever before

Russian women got slower after the Athlete Biological Passport was introduced in 2012. Anti-doping officials think they know why.

For starters, there's hesitancy about the confluence of drug testing and unregulated products

Their coach might have been sanctioned, but Nike Oregon Project runners are slated to compete this weekend

For years, the Oregon Project coach pushed the boundaries of what was allowed. Now, it has finally caught up to him.

Cycling's international governing body is busy going through the motions of looking for cheating riders, but what if it just looked for the motors?

In his long-awaited memoir, 'One-Way Ticket,' a cheater turned reformer tells all about performance-enhancing drugs, the Tour de France, and a rider he used to know named Lance

The disqualified former Tour de France winner speaks openly about doping in cycling, moving forward, and his burgeoning CBD business

Five years in, the virtual cycling and running game has acquired massive investment capital, thousands of daily players, and a professional bike-racing league. The platform has changed the way we run and ride.

The benefits of running go far beyond health and fitness. Scientific advances may replicate the physical benefits, but running gives us much more; it makes us better people.

Thanks to its dominant women’s squad, the BTC has supplanted the Oregon Project

At a certain point in life, it’s not ethically possible to cheat

2019 has already been an eventful year in doping news. If the Olympics don’t care about clean athletes, why should we care about the Olympics?

In founding a new team, the fallen cyclist is seeking forgiveness, which many fans may not be willing to give

A new study explores attitudes toward performance-enhancing drugs in the ultrarunning world

After years of being the bad guy, athletics’ international governing body is in a unique position to defend what’s right.

What did I learn after watching every stage of this year’s three-week race? The supertuck needs to go, Peter Sagan is as entertaining as ever, and Stage 17 was epic.

What a new interview with America’s most infamous cyclist can tell us about cycling today

American sprinting, Shelby Houlihan, Caster Semenya. The list goes on.

The Tour de France still has cheats, but we owe it to the clean riders to keep watching

The UCI's decision in the Brit's case may have far-reaching implications for international drug testing

In his debut novel, Joe Mungo Reed captures truths about the Tour de France, doping, and cyclists' obsessive natures. Cycling nerds, however, may notice a few discrepancies.

Amid an ongoing doping scandal, the Sky racer is within his rights to continue racing. He shouldn't be.

It sure looks like it. Bill Gifford on the $100 million legal battle that ended with a whimper.

Armstrong has agreed to a $5-million settlement in the federal case. It's a big fine, to be sure, but nowhere near the penalty the cyclist once faced.

A mathematical approach to flagging suspicious race times shows its worth

It's too easy for runners to get disqualified

As the case over Chris Froome's elevated salbutamol levels slowly churns on, cycling officials are preparing for a protracted battle

The British government published a report detailing system abuses by the coaches and athletes on Team Sky

We must resolve the sexism ingrained in cycling—starting with ditching the outdated practice of flanking successful male athletes with scantily clad women

The USOC has failed to do enough to protect American athletes from abuse for years. Getting rid of its chief executive won't do anything to solve the problem.

Can a controversial new form of statistical profiling weed out cheaters?

Athletes can come back with adverse test results without getting even temporarily banned from racing. That's like allowing a drunk driver who failed a breathalyzer test to drive away—so long as he has a good excuse.

The microbes in our digestive systems can affect everything from our mental health to our weight and vulnerability to disease. So why not athletic performance? New science is set to revolutionize the way we eat, train, and live.​

We’re told that the sport has cleaned itself up and cheating is a thing of the past. Yet with the world’s top racer pushing the limits of fair play, it's sure hard to believe that.

In desperate times, even desperate measures won't suffice

Lance Armstrong has a new narrative about his incredible rise and fall. Should we believe him this time?

USADA tried to place a gag order on Armstrong when he partnered with the Colorado Classic to broadcast his podcast. No matter your thoughts about the bike racer's character, that's just wrong—and it's really bad for the sport.

The headlines can be misleading, particularly with track’s most famous doper

Three new films take on conservation, climate change, and doping

We tried to have a serious conversation with the SNL alum about his new HBO cycling mockumentary, Tour de Pharmacy. It sort of worked.

Pro cycling’s most famous ex- (and exiled) athlete will again take vigorous aim at the Tour de France—with a daily podcast and a blog on Outside

With their new drug testing policy, race organizers hope to lead ultrarunning's anti-doping charge—but the sport still has a long way to go

Last year, Kim Ciolli, a longtime fixture in Texas cycling, got busted for doping. Her case is evidence of the fact that maybe the anti-doping system for older athletes—and especially for women—is broken.

A new proposal would scrap all track and field world records set before 2005, all in the name of the war on doping. Will the radical measure do any good?

Why it's more upsetting when endurance athletes fail drug tests than when NFL or MLB players do.

News that the FBI is involved could be a major game-changer

From turtle blood to contact highs, our favorite PED "explanations," ranked

A new study looks at whether stories about PEDs in the mountains have any truth to them

A new social media initiative has many prominent endurance athletes publicly speaking out against doping. But in order to affect real change, the initiative has to come from the top down.

An inside look at America's history with doping and double standards related to performance enhancement

Skepticism about doping is at an all-time high. What, if anything, will save sport? Seven experts weigh in.

The (unlawful) wins might not be worth what comes after.

If pro cycling is so dirty, why can't I make a clean break?

For December's “Still Out Front,” Outside editor Christopher Keyes sat down with seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong for a candid conversation about fundraising, politics, and his life post-cycling. Here, read more of Keyes's interview with Armstrong, where he talks about the temptation to make a comeback. OUTSIDE: I…