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Our gear-reviews editor will be joining you on a hike through the most iconic mountains in the French Alps, fueled by spectacular views, gooey cheese, and red wine

We've partnered with travel outfitter Modern Adventure to create four epic trips for Outside+ members at discounted rates. Better yet, an Outside editor will join you on each inaugural journey.

In order to achieve his first UTMB win, the American ultrarunning star is taking a whole new approach: rest

It is believed to be the first death in the 19-year history of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc races in and around Chamonix

The Australian WorldTour pro bikepacked the route from Brest to Paris

"I fell in love with cycling while watching the Tour each year with my father. When he was dying last summer, it became so much more than just the world's biggest bike race."

Climate change is melting the glaciers and permafrost of the Mont Blanc massif, revealing crystals hidden in pockets once covered in snow. Simon Akam tagged along on an expedition with one of the area’s most legendary hunters, a daring French alpinist who completes dangerous climbs to discover specimens worth tens of thousands of dollars.

On Sunday the gold medalist became the first American to take the eight-day stage race in Italy

From international hot spots to backyard breaks, here's where you’ll find the reigning women's world surf champ riding waves

Well, sort of. There's no racing on the roads yet, but pro teams are flocking to a digital version that will be broadcast to fans.

If you're taking this time to reassess your career or set some new adventure goals, here are four affordable courses to add to your list

Instead of figuring out what to do about the 2020 race, organizers should start planning for next year and use the opportunity to finally create a true women's Tour de France. Here's how it could work.

In an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, many governments have cracked down on the world's most elemental sport

With a résumé full of wins at kayaking's most prestigious competitions and historic first descents of the planet's deadliest whitewater, Nouria Newman is considered one of the greatest paddlers around. So why can't she turn her passion into a sustainable career?

A week of running rivers around Voss, Norway, with French kayaking sensation Nouria Newman and her buddies

'Saisons' is a celebration of getting outside during all four seasons in France's Massif Central region

While researching his new book 'Author in Chief,' our contributor discovered a forgotten piece of John Adams's life: the time he sailed to Europe during the Revolutionary War and barely survived

The "sunk cost" effect, a false sense of confidence, and fading backcountry skills may all explain why

Extend that layover—these megacities have plenty of outdoor activities within an hour or two of downtown

They say to spend money on experiences, not things—shouldn't gift giving be the same?

Le Probatoire is one of the toughest challenges in the outdoors, used for decades to pick alpine professionals in France's legendary hub of glacier skiing, climbing, and deadly terrain. Only the strongest make it, but Simon Akam wonders: Is selection by ordeal still the best way to groom competent guides?

Adding World Tour events just for women is a huge step forward for professional cycling. But real change has to come from the UCI.

The centifolia can only be harvested by hand, at dawn, within a four-hour window

With big names out injured and the super-team depleted, we were treated to some top-tier bike racing

Cycling’s most infamous legend talks us through the twists and turns of the Tour with his daily podcast and exclusive updates on 'Outside'

For the third year in a row, tempers boiled over at cycling's biggest race, causing two disqualifications. This time it might affect who wins.

In his long-awaited memoir, 'One-Way Ticket,' a cheater turned reformer tells all about performance-enhancing drugs, the Tour de France, and a rider he used to know named Lance

You've heard of Ineos’s Egan Bernal, a possible Tour winner, but don't miss these other fantastic talents—both men and women

Don't miss a minute of this year's legendary race

A broken femur and other injuries forecast a long and uncertain recovery

Ötillö Swimrun is a grueling race series alternating long passages of open-water swimming with rugged runs of up to 40 miles. But unlike a triathlon, there’s no biking. That’s great news for W. Hodding Carter, a former collegiate swimmer who plans to qualify for the world championship. At age 56.

French authorities brought the man to safety after he made a 528-foot free ascent

'Hood to Trail,' from Yak Media and Stance, features three urban running crews as they figure out what it takes to be a trail runner

Tour de France stages. Classic British Columbian downhills. Epic gravel grinds in the American heartland. These bucket-list rides are guaranteed to be the most fun you can have on two wheels.

In ‘Ice and Palms,’ skiers Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck set out from their homes in Germany to bikepack 1,118 miles to Nice, France

Want to stay overnight in a jetliner, a snowcat, or a luxe glass globe dangling off a cliff? You can.

Last year’s options to watch races like the spring classics and the Tour de France were good. This year’s are even better.

Britain's wildly successful pro cycling team might be losing its namesake sponsor, but the dynasty is far from over

From Jaybird’s ‘Run Wild’ series, Chapter 4 profiles a group of female trail runners tackling the peaks around Chamonix.

‘Days of Dreaming’ features rider Clement Petitgrand shredding the downhill trails in Morzine, France.

What did I learn after watching every stage of this year’s three-week race? The supertuck needs to go, Peter Sagan is as entertaining as ever, and Stage 17 was epic.

What a new interview with America’s most infamous cyclist can tell us about cycling today

Last week, a mountain biker hucked himself over the peloton. But he certainly wasn't the first.

Cycling’s most infamous legend talks us through the twists and turns of the Tour with his daily podcast and exclusive updates on 'Outside'

What possesses an American cleric, a man of history and scholarship, to renounce his vows, move to a crumbling stone farmhouse in a small French village, and spend his days digging potatoes and translating Thucydides? Bill Donahue goes in search of his favorite unconventional uncle.

The long, convoluted history of the struggle for a top-flight—and lasting—European women’s stage race

The first Golden Globe Race, a solo, nonstop, around-the-world sailing event held in 1968, was a mixture of triumph, tragedy, and madness—all chronicled in a classic bestselling book and recent BBC movie. Fifty years later, 17 sailors are once again setting out for the most ambitious—and loneliest—regatta on the planet.

The Tour de France still has cheats, but we owe it to the clean riders to keep watching

In the French Pyrenees mountains, artist Manu Topic balances rocks in majestic shapes along the Arros river.

This film La Torche features professional surfers in the middle of the night at Pointe de la Torche in France.

Got a job you can do from anywhere? These eight international adventure towns and cities welcome you.

We must resolve the sexism ingrained in cycling—starting with ditching the outdated practice of flanking successful male athletes with scantily clad women

Ash Smith is the founder and race director of Trans Provence, an adventure bike race in the French Alps. Itinerology: The Workspace, from filmmaker Sam Needham, follows Smith as he tries to develop a technical, stunning, and rigorous course through France’s alpine landscapes.

His fishing boat washed ashore Tuesday morning in France. A massive search is underway.

Filmmaker Adrien Mauduit will always remember October 2017. For three consecutive mornings, from October 17 to 19, he captured the sun rising over France's Jura Mountains to create this film Rise.

From skier, producer, and director Nikolai Schirmer with support from Black Crows, Shapes follows Schirmer and Flo Bastien as they explore the backcountry in Canada, France, and Norway. 

The case for rethinking one of cycling's oldest and most misused components

Freeskier Sam Favret and snowboarder Julien Herry take on steep riding in the heart of Mont Blanc massif.

A watch that pays tribute to America's first fighter pilots.

It's the most grueling competition in the world, and it takes a massive toll on riders' bodies

This knife is so good it has been around for 200 years.

Andy Samberg and Murray Miller's new mockumentary, complete with a strange supporting role for Lance, tests tortured fans' sense of humor

It's too long, too male, too boring, and in desperate need of a rethink

We tried to have a serious conversation with the SNL alum about his new HBO cycling mockumentary, Tour de Pharmacy. It sort of worked.

Clever, goofy, charismatic, and fast, the two-time world champion may never win the Tour de France (he’s not a climber), but he just might be the star who saves bike racing

Pro cycling’s most famous ex- (and exiled) athlete will again take vigorous aim at the Tour de France—with a daily podcast and a blog on Outside

The pint-size Colombian climber has a good shot at pulling off one of cycling’s hardest feats

French skier Maurice Manificat shares how he eats, sleeps, and trains in order to win races.

When filmmaker Edgar Hans set out to film Season with his partner Eliott, they wanted to showcase the connection between mountain biking and nature.

To find out, we compared four iconic Tour climbs with their stateside equivalents

Most days, filmmaker Sébastien Montaz-Rosset goes running in his backyard, which just so happens to be the mountains around Chamonix, France

Take flight with paraglider Théo de Blic in the French Alps.

First Adidas, now Nestle are canceling sponsorship agreements as a result of corruption allegations

During a year-long journey to Paris for the UN Climate Summit, they witnessed a changing environment firsthand

Some our favorite images from this year's Tour de France stages in the French Alps.

Pedal the world’s best dine-and-wine destinations, then sleep in style

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