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While trying to qualify for an English Channel crossing, swimmers swallowed ingestible thermometers. They got really cold.

Our national park system has 424 units, but visitors pack into only a few of those. You’ll find jaw-dropping scenery, awesome adventures, and way fewer crowds in these often overlooked parks. And yes, we picked our favorite one in every single state.

Havasu Falls is reopening to visitors after a three-year closure, with limited visits ahead of a full reopening next year. Now’s the time to be thinking about a permit, lodging, and getting in shape for the hike to this beautiful place on the Havasupai Reservation.

In a park whose heart is a volcano, see ancient obsidian lava flows layered with red and orange cinder cones. Explore green gulches, bamboo forests, warm lagoons. Hike, run, bike, stargaze, soak up sunsets. Hey, you might even fly.

The five-time Ironman world champion says she unknowingly wore a banned wetsuit in competition. Triathlon organizers have decided not to punish her.

Outside visits every state in the U.S. to find the best parks—national or state—in every region. What park made the cut in your state?

We’ve collected tales about curious mountain lions, amorous warthogs, hardworking beavers, and more from our adventures in the wild

And faced my fear of the ocean to boot

Looking to sign up for your first triathlon? We share everything you need to know to help you have a successful first race.

For as far back as she can remember, Mardi Fuller grew up in a world of swimming lessons and swim teams, which was unusual for a daughter of Jamaican immigrants. Why the emphasis on water? Because of a mysterious death that haunted her family’s past.

A new study measures the physical and cognitive load of four different treading techniques. The key? Generate lift.

“I would contend that stupid behavior is sometimes the proper response to stupid laws”

Follow the founders of the Collins Cup as they organize and train for a new kind of global triathlon

For serious training sessions that end in the ocean, any old bikini won’t do. Here are our favorite specialized sets.

It’s finally time to take that beach vacation. You might as well post up right by the ocean.

This month, Roger Deakin’s cult-favorite book about swimming the waters of Britain will be published in the U.S. for the first time. In her introduction to the new edition, writer Bonnie Tsui reflects on what she’s learned from it over the years.

This batch is up for adventures big and small

These bottoms can tackle any wave—and then hit the bar

When Konstantin Grigorishin—über-wealthy Ukrainian businessman, aspiring philosopher, former pal of Russian oligarchs—introduced the upstart International Swimming League in 2019, he made the first move in an ambitious plan that could blow up Olympic sports and usher in a new era of athlete fairness. He also commenced a game of chicken with some of the world’s most powerful and dangerous men, including Vladimir Putin. And he just might win.

Snag some of the best spots to pitch a tent during peak season

What percentage of your running volume can you replace with other types of exercise and not have to adjust your goals?

After my mom suffered a massive stroke that left half of her body paralyzed, my family and I decided to create adventures where none seemed possible

Welcome to Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes and home to the Boundary Waters. Our 62 Parks Traveler found her own private island at her 28th stop on her quest to visit every national park in the U.S.

Switch up your training to help ward off injuries and boost your fitness.

From Alabama to Wyoming, we found the best off-grid sites for chilling out, escaping the hordes, and finding adventure

With at-home schooling the norm in many areas, we put together a P.E. plan for a full semester of fun and creative movement

This high-tech—and high-priced—workout gear looks like it's out of science fiction

No matter how experienced you are with swimming as cross-training, you can always get better—and these workouts can help.

These affordable digs are within driving distance from major cities but feel like far-away escapes

7 must-haves to keep your skin happy wherever you're headed

When veteran adventure writer Rowan Jacobsen went eye to eye with a sperm whale, he was changed in ways he never expected

Sperm whales are extra­ordinarily intelligent animals with deep family traditions and the ability to communicate across oceans with sonic clicks. But when Rowan Jacobsen had a close encounter with one in the Caribbean, he saw a creature far stranger than he'd ever imagined.

'Hydrotherapy,' from Friction Collective, highlights the benefits of cold-water swimming

'Why We Swim' and 'In Praise of Paths' are timely inquiries into human locomotion

Suits for women with butts, boobs, and big-wave dreams

If you only want one men’s swimsuit, contributor Aaron Gulley recommends the Wavefarer board shorts. The quick-drying nylon-spandex blend is comfortable and stretchy. Plus, the zippered thigh pocket doubles as a self-storage pouch for compact packing.

In an excerpt from her new book 'Why We Swim,' Bonnie Tsui explores the ways that immersion can radically shift our perspective

There's something about swimming that makes us feel very much alive—even as we enter an environment where the risk of death is all around us

Our writer tests out a novel “natural performance enhancer”: breathing through your nose. It's harder than it sounds.

Don't let your insecurities stand in the way of what you want to do

Klaus Obermeyer shares some tips on work, exercise, and (of course) skiing

A new court ruling says the Swiss-based organization must answer accusations of exploiting athletes and operating a global monopoly

On October 6, Nabongo became the first documented black woman and first Ugandan to travel to every sovereign nation. Here’s what she learned along the way.

Smart devices that track everything you do

Thanks to drone footage, we now know how often sharks are close to us in the ocean

4 ways every runner can benefit from supplementing their road miles with time training in the water.

'Between the Lines,' from filmmaker Jason Hearn, profiles ocean photographer Sacha Specker documenting his swims across the globe

Stunning swimming holes, lakes, and pools to dunk into as temps heat up

Don't waste a minute of your next vacation—let a local show you around instead

Like the rest of us, Tom Vanderbilt was dreaming of a new kind of vacation. He wanted adventure and a physical challenge, but also a trip that would appeal to his wife and young daughter. The answer: swimming in the open ocean, day after wet, wild day.

Five casual timepieces that offer a pop of color and don’t mind a swim

Build confidence and skill before your first big dip

We pulled together a few of our favorite places to camp—some developed campgrounds, some not—alongside America’s most stunning rivers

Ötillö Swimrun is a grueling race series alternating long passages of open-water swimming with rugged runs of up to 40 miles. But unlike a triathlon, there’s no biking. That’s great news for W. Hodding Carter, a former collegiate swimmer who plans to qualify for the world championship. At age 56.

Watch the waves, watch your children, and, above all, keep it fun

Perform your best in these stylish yet technical bottoms

Surf-ready bikinis and one-pieces that protect and flatter

The brand's new paper and wax model biodegrades—and costs only $10

Feeling hemmed in and obsessed with purging the toxins in her life, the author heads to the hot springs of the Chihuahuan Desert

The oldest woman to swim the English Channel wants to continue knocking off marathon swims into her 80s

Probably the most embarrassing article I’ll write this year is also, for your crotch, the most important

If Ryan Levinson fell in the water, there would be no easy way for him to swim to safety. But he decided to live on a sailboat anyway.

Studies show jumping in the pool may be more effective than rest to help you bounce back between running workouts

David McMahon and Sydnie Uemoto, young pilots for Mokulele Airlines, were just trying to log some hours flying between Oahu and the Big Island. Then the engines went out.

Plotting top-100 marathon times for the past decade shows that Eliud Kipchoge’s world record is a huge outlier. The question is why.

Alastair Humphreys wrote the book on quick, cheap ways to shake up your day-to-day. Here's how he builds quick and inexpensive outings around the idea.

An expat travel writer who spent the past five years exploring the two countries reveals her 12 favorite down under trips

Waterlogged, from filmmaker Ben Cox​​​​​​,​ is a reminder that simply spending time outside can be an escape from anxiety

Avoid coral-killing chemical sunscreens and try one of these safer sun-protection methods

It depends—but you can hold your breath longer in cold water

Ross Edgley is in the middle of a 2,000-mile swim. Here's how that epic slog is affecting his skin, heart, and mind.

These lightweight, super-packable water wickers deserve a place in your travel bag