Freestyle kayaker Dane Jackson grew up on the river, living out of his family’s RV and trying to keep up with his peripatetic, four-time world champion super-daddy Eric Jackson. Back in 2007, when I hung out with the Jacksons at their home in Rock Island, Tennessee, while reporting a …

Traveler and author Mark Twain filled 50 journals before he died. He wrote sketches for stories and characters, schemes for inventions, observations, drawings and dirty jokes in his little notebooks. He always had one on him to remember the little oddities of the world…

Brain Farm productions, along with the best cameras in the industry, changed the rules of action-sports filmmaking with their latest, The Art of Flight.

In one year, Eric Larson mounted an unprecedented expedition to the polar trifecta: the North Pole, the South Pole, and Everest. Here is a preview of his story, which will be released by year’s end.

Author John Gimlette's travelogue through Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana is filled with adventure, from errant grenades to American cult suicides and tales of half-settled slave revolts.

Rush Sturges’s film Frontier breaks new ground for whitewater kayakers.

Jonah Smith and Palmer West, both 38, Los Angeles

Alexandra Fuller's Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness

Arctic adventurer Lynne Cox tackles the legend of Roald Amundsen

An exclusive interview with singer, songwriter, and Yosemite lover Brett Dennen

Outside photographer Ben Moon teamed up with filmmaker Andy Maser to produce this video of Brett Dennen’s latest hit, the Comeback Kid.

By Katie Arnold Dane, Eric and Emily Jackson shoulder their kayaks as their dog, Roxy, follows close behind near their home in Rock Island, TN. (©Corey Rich/ & his prodigal spawn, Rock Island, TN    photo: Corey Rich/Aurora Images With four world championships…

Turns out, the Grand Canyon is no misnomer. Anson Fogel shows us why in this exclusive clip from his classic adventure flick, Wildwater.

Kayaking season’s at its peak in California. See the state’s best whitewater in Shasta Boyz Productions trailer featuring the Knight Brothers.

Slopestyle will be an Olympic sport in 2014. Toy Soldiers Productions latest trailer shows us what we can expect to see.

When it comes to outdoor gear, few items are as seductive and covetous as….backcountry cribs. OK, maybe you’d rather be fantasizing about the newest, sleekest 29er mountain bike or a flyweight backpacking tent, but chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve got more pressing priorities on your plate. Such as:…

Jimmy Chin, Alex Honnold, and the crew from Camp 4 Collective head to Chad to claw their way up virgin spires. Read the Story “The Rainmaker”…

Save yourself (and your future travel plans) with these quick tips

Two new books detail the ongoing search for drifter Everett Ruess, plus required reading for August

A documentary about electric cars, a cool climbing app, and the best long-form journalism websites

It happens. You spend a weekend in the woods, listening to nothing but dancing trees, the hiss of a well-built fire (because all of our fires are well-built, right?), and, if you’re up in the Boundary Waters, that heavenly swoosh of your canoe…

The author on his new book and the search for Everett Ruess

Living through a disaster is just the start of a survival story. The rarely discussed psychological recovery is often the hardest part.

I’m fairly new to this whole adventure parenting thing, but I’m lucky to have some great role models. Number one was my dad, who raised my older sister and me to be curious about the wider world around us. A photographer and editor at National Geographic for most of his…

A new documentary takes viewers inside the fiery rise and sudden fall of the Earth Liberation Front

Tim Hetherington's last interview

All you have to do is “like” the Send-a-Kid-to-Camp Facebook page from an in-store kiosk and Mountain Hardware will donate $5 to this great program. The campaign benefits Outdooor Outreach, Kismet, American River Conservancy,…

The creator of the Slopestyle course breaks down how it was built. By Steve and Brody Zaccardi, Outside Adventure Film School…

Advice on how to shoot close-ups of different body parts.

 Mark Synnott, James Pearson, and Alex Honnold join Jimmy Chin and Camp 4 Collective to climb the towers in Chad’s Ennedi desert. Read Synnott’s account of the trip in Outside‘s April issue.

A new film to inspire and captivate all who love the sport of flyfishing.

A preview for Teton Gravity Research's 2006 ski and snowboard film…

A photographer's cautionary vision of outdoor fun. By Paolo Marchesi, Outside Serac Adventure Film School…

Pro kayakers Dustin Urban, Eric Jackson, and Specht land big tricks.

A new series by Fitz Cahill and Bryan Smith explores the lives of five adventure athletes as they push their limits.…

A sneak peak at Gone Missing: Vanished in Papua airing November 2.

How to vary shots and edit them together.

How planning can improve your summit shot.

Matt has three shiny pieces of gear, a renewed enthusiasm, and a date with the guillotine flake.

A film about Teton Gravity Research's 10 yrs in Jackson Hole…

A small elite fraternity of high-altitude skiers climb the highest peaks in the world in pure Alpine style, carrying their skis for the trip down.

Alec Puccio returns to Teva to defend her Bouldering World Cup title. By Austin Haugh, Outside Adventure Film School…

Kayaking's first family travels the country competing in whitewater events.

Alpinist Colin Haley faces the routes that scare him most.

Follow four athletes in different extreme sports on this adventure series. For more go to…

Chris Collins's triple back flip on skis in TGR's '06 ski/snowboard film, Anomaly.

Ed Lucero and other whitewater kayakers push the envelope for life. By Sam Bricker, Outside Serac Adventure Film School…

A cruiser and a mountain biker team up to check out Vail's bike scene.

Kayaker Paul Kuthe started canoeing as a small child with his father before graduating to whitewater kayaking and picking his own lines.

Filmmaker Greg MacGillivray documents a wild ride down the Colorado River.

Award-winning director Michael Brown talks about the pros and cons of shooting with a DSLR.

How and what to pack when filming an expedition.

The countdown has started and it舗s time to see how Scott Petett is going to do against some serious talent.

Preview the upcoming film about the brutal trail featured in “Chasing Ghosts”.

Get great ski shots by taking advantages of different angles.

Athletes risk serious injury for love of their sport. By Dylan Welter, Outside Adventure Film School…

Eric Jackson gives a tour of the family's RV.

Krissy finds friendship on trails all over the U.S.

Kelly Slater stars in this new 3D film by Stephen Low about searching for the perfect wave.

Big Mtn Snowboarder of the Year from TGR's 06 ski/snowboard film Anomaly…

Outside's Ryan Krogh casts a line in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. By Troy Wong, Outside Serac Adventure Film School…

The cruiser and the mountain biker on what they've learned.

Climber Anya Miller continues push the limits of bouldering despite nine surgeries on her left knee.…

This film documents an expedition into the spectacular pristine Corcovado wilderness in Southern Chile.

Award-winning director Michael Brown talks about how to work out rights and find the right music for your film.

The team gets ready to climb the mountain.

Award winning director Michael Brown talks about the positives and negatives of shooting with a DSLR camera. Outside Adventure Film School…

Paul Kuthe and company have a decision to make. Stay or Bail?…

Sender Films' new movie features the biggest names in climbing.

Advice on camera movement and getting a good ski shot.

TMG celebrates the mountain lifestyle in all its forms. By Peter Vertefeuille, Outside Adventure Film School…

The competition between family members heats up.

A large-scale mining project on British Columbia's Flathead poses some issues.

Rob Machado chases surf in Indonesia and Bali.

A few tips on filming in bad weather.

A look at adventure filmmaking with the Outside Serac students. By Rob Jackson, Outside Serac Adventure Film School…

International climbers compete in the World Cup.

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