What drives Lance Armstrong? Director Alex Gibney, along with producers Frank Marshall and Matt Tolmach, offers an answer, and reexamines their role in promoting his story.

How the Stanford physiologist is trying to change the hydration game

How Sandra Steingraber is leading the war against hydraulic fracking

Devin Graham is creating a Youtube empire

Billy Parish's quest to make renewable energy the way of the future

A new art piece in an English café lets patrons use recycled Tour de France memorabilia to sound off on America’s most infamous cyclist.

When outdoor athletes put down their gear and pick up guitars

Essential wisdom from the American running coach and legend

Les Stroud, the most trusted name in survival, has seen it all—and lived to tell about it. Next time you’re up a creek, you should probably do what he says.

An embedded film-maker boldly documents Lance Armstrong’s downfall

On staying fit and preparing for the next step

Now’s your best chance to hold nothing back

Peter Metcalf, CEO of Black Diamond, on climbing, keeping your composure, and the nature of pain

The GoPro founder on what he wants to capture next

The Boston Marathon icon and on staying young

The secret to aging well? Work hard, fish harder.

You can learn a lot just by walking out your door

What do you get when you combine six eye surgeons, thirteen runners, six educators, two nonprofits, 871 cataract patients, 63,000 students, two of the fastest men on the planet, and one trail race in the remote highlands of East Africa? Accelerate Ethiopia. Welcome to the brave new world of adventure philanthropy.

Surf icon Dave Kalama is still riding 60-foot waves and winning Stand-UP-­paddleboarding races two years shy of his 50th birthday. What’s his secret? Stephanie Pearson enlists at the waterman’s ­legendary North Shore camp, where he serves up nonnegotiable commandments for lifelong ­fitness—and lots and lots of crunches.

The Olympic decathlete on how to eat, train, and perform better

The world’s most accomplished blind adventurer has jumped out of airplanes, mountain-biked Leadville, and summited Everest. But nothing has proven to be as challenging as his current goal: to solo-kayak the Grand Canyon.

The director of HBO's fracking documentary talks environment, contamination, and community

He was a passionate crusader for conservation and alternative energy, but his first love and last steps were in the wild.

The king of survival talks about his new NBC reality show Get Out Alive, mending fences with the Discovery Channel, and making regular people eat awful things. PLUS: Exclusive video clips from the new show.

When Hurricane Sandy closed in on New York City, the Weather Channel dispatched (who else?) Jim Cantore. Nick Heil tagged along for a wet, wild adventure that quickly became something else—a survival challenge in the darkest hours of a killer storm.

When Polly Green set out to work her way back to kayaking's World Championships, she had no idea that she'd end up documenting the rise of the sport's next generation

Life Lessons from the toughest, hardest, foulest-mouthed children’s author on earth. *Parental guidance suggested.

How do you teach a boy to love the wilderness when you’re terrified of what might happen out there? Hiking with his ten-year-old son, William Broyles confronts his memories of Vietnam–and one very large grizzly. (And three other great essays on fatherhood, from Jack Hitt, W. Hodding Carter, and Anthony Doerr.)

The paragliding community is spitting mad about a video that purports to show a paramotor provocateur chasing and assaulting an owl for nearly seven minutes. But how do you identify the guy?

A brilliant American financier and his wife build a lavish mansion in the jungles of Costa Rica, set up a wildlife preserve, and appear to slowly, steadily lose their minds. A spiral of handguns, angry locals, armed guards, uncut diamonds, abduction plots, and a bedroom blazing with 550 Tiffany lamps ends with a body and a compelling mystery.

The reputation of American cycling has been dragged through the dirt in the last few years. Time has shown that Lance Armstrong, Tyler Hamilton, Floyd Landis, Levi Leipheimer, and many others built their reputations on cheating. But there’s a new generation of U.S. riders emerging to take their places—hopefully in an honest manner. This is another in the series

Anson Fogel, founder of Forge Motion Pictures and winner of more than 60 awards at outdoor film festivals, on how to get the most out of your action cam.

This week, the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards will crown the mightiest rides and nastiest wipeouts of 2013. We called surf journalist Chris Dixon, who will help pick the winners, to check in on the state of big wave surfing.

The Harlem Shake, a sheik, and a badass grandfather

Says he was 'unjustly enriched' by sponsorship

As ski season wraps up, we ask 10 big guns to predict the future of the sport

Two men who are changing the way the adventure world works

At 17, Keegan Swirbul has already beaten cycling's former despot at his own game

Junger’s powerful new documentary about the life of war photographer Tim Hetherington shows us why dedicated journalists are needed now more than ever

Take a page out of new books from Pollan, William McDonough, and Michael Braungart

Elizabeth Gilbert says she’s never going back to Luang Prabang. Her memory of the place—and of one meal in particular—is too wonderful to risk a second glance.

Hollywood sticks it to the energy establishment with the new Matt Damon and John Krasinski film

With more than 57 World Cup wins and four overall titles, Lindsey Vonn has already established herself as the greatest women’s ski racer in history. Too bad they won’t let her take on the boys.

It's Seven Cups of Deceit time. Read all about it here.

Before publishing Bill Gifford's story on Livestrong one year ago, we had no idea how dangerous it was to cross The Boss. Editorial director Alex Heard tells the inside story.

Though I told myself I wouldn't do it, I watched the Lance Armstrong interview last night. It was like a bad pile-up on the highway or billows of black smoke from a distant fire—you know you shouldn't look, but it's tough not to get sucked in. I had a two-hour…

Wondering how to get through three hours of Lance Armstrong and Oprah looking deep into each others' eyes? We can help.

Outside editors and contributors provide ongoing coverage and analysis. Check back regularly and follow us on Twitter for breaking news, predictions, and reactions to the latest. The show starts at 9:00 p.m. ET. (And follow along with our

Can a keychain make fishing stylish?

We talked with the Survivorman star about finding your meals in the backcountry, and why you should consider foraging your own holiday feast—and maybe even eating it raw and rotting

In this excerpt from his newest book, The 4-Hour Chef, Timothy Ferriss shares Outside contributing editor Steven Rinella's instructions for cooking up a squirrel (or three) over the fire

In this excerpt from his newest book, The 4-Hour Chef, Timothy Ferriss shares the fire cooking technique of Francis Mallmann, the Argentine figurehead of grilling

In this excerpt from his newest book, The 4-Hour Chef, Timothy Ferriss shares Marco Canora's sure-fire technique for carving chickens into thighs, legs, wings, and breasts

Multimillionaire software designer John McAfee conquered the corporate world, but he left it behind to pursue his fortunes wherever the wind takes him

Jason Diamond looks back at Courtney Letts: style inspiration, socialite, and outdoorswoman extraordinaire

Still can't wrap your head around all the doping escapades detailed in the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's Reasoned Decision? Tonight's nationwide debut of The Levi Effect, a documentary about American cyclist Levi Leipheimer, should lend more insight. Leipheimer's testimony about his own and Armstrong's…

Closing the book (we hope) on bike racing’s drug-fueled era of excess

https://youtube.com/watch?v=eIOsL8tumMU Or maybe that should be Danny MacAskill vs. Remington. Look, I'm not criticizing the Scottish trials prodigy for selling out—mountain biking's a tough way to earn a buck, and you gotta make a living where you can. I am, however, laughing uncontrollably at the copywriters and creatives at Remington.

With evidence piling up that Armstrong cheated to win, should he confess and ask his fans, enemies, and cancer-fighting supporters to forgive him? As Brian Alexander explains, that would be the worst move he could make.

In Powderwhore's first ski trailer for its 2012 Choose Your Adventure, Chris Davenport is on a boat, one in Antarctica, skiing sick lines, singing and dancing and raising the roof.  He’s probably crooning so contentedly because he is in one of the…

With the release of his new tell-all about the doping culture of professional cycling, The Secret Race, Tyler Hamilton has been blamed for cashing in on the celebrity of one-time teammate and brother-like figure Lance Armstrong. But what he's really saying—to Armstrong and everyone else—is this: Come clean with me. You'll feel better, and it's not too la

Lance Armstrong has always denied Mike Anderson’s claim that he broke his word on a business deal, and that Anderson saw and heard evidence indicating that Armstrong was using performance-enhancing drugs. His lawyer, Mark Fabiani, sent this response to Anderson's allegations.

I was Lance’s personal assistant for two years, during the height of his racing career. Do I think he cheated? Yep. But my real problem is something that diehard fans seem unable to grasp: the vengeful tactics he uses against people who tell the truth about him, on and off the bike.

Our best writing on doping in sports, USADA, and Lance Armstrong's battle against his accusers

Photo: Peter Morning/Mammoth Mountain Before Southern California downhiller Aaron Gwin won the World Cup Overall last year, no American mountain biker had ever earned that title. Then 23 and racing in only his third season…

Sunday's downtown Denver time trial saw George Hincapie race his bike for the final time as a professional cyclist. And judging by the warm reception he received throughout the Colorado tour, with his name scrawled on the pavement all across the state and some of the biggest…

Courtesy of CyclingSoul Here's an opportunity for anyone who read Outside's interview with Davis Phinney and wondered, “How can I help?” BMC Racing Team will be chasing a top finish at Sunday's time trial finale to…

Now, more than ever, every victory counts

A fundraising trip in Tigray, Ethiopia, next February gives 14 runners the chance to train with some of the world’s greatest runners—and help restore sight to more than 1,000 locals

The Wiggins-Froome show on the Champs Élysées. Photo: Wyll Photographie/Flickr Bradley Wiggins can seem to do no wrong. First came his ridiculously successful season, with wins at Paris-Nice, the Tour de Romandie, and the Dauphiné Libéré…

Last spring, Bear Grylls walked away from one of the sweetest gigs in the adventure world. Was it career suicide? Or a savvy move by a born survivor?

The more we hear from Bradley Wiggins, the more we like him. At a press conference following his historic gold medal in the Olympic time trial yesterday, the 32-year-old Brit downplayed his achievements and vowed that newfound notoriety won't go to his head. Since July, the 32-year-old cyclist has become the…

This might be the ultimate, unsanctioned, impromptu charity ride. This Saturday, July 28, for the second year running, Liquigas-Cannondale racer Ted King and 2009 U.S. Cyclocross National Champ Tim Johnson will undertake a low-key fundraiser ride. The event will raise money for the Colorado Red Cross in the wake of the…

Les Stroud in Norway. Photo: Discovery After almost a four-year absence, 50-year-old survival expert Les Stroud will return as Survivorman on Sunday August 19, at 8 p.m. Eastern. Earlier this year, Stroud traveled to the mountains of Norway…

Sagan roars to a narrow victory on Stage Six. In a Tour de France that has thus far been mostly ho-hum because of Team Sky's insipid domination, Peter Sagan, the Liquigas-Cannondale prodigy, has breathed some life into the race. In just…

The embattled cyclist says USADA is out to get him—using powers that it really shouldn’t have. Brian Alexander says he’s right.

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