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In his inaugural column for Outside, the ‘Parks & Recreation’ star sounds off on Henry David Thoreau, emasculation, and bullying in the outdoors

Joey Santore is a tattooed ex-punk who is self-taught in the sciences. Which might explain why he’s getting so many people to care about plants.

From ‘Naked and Afraid’ to ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls,’ these are our picks for the most riveting adventure series on TV

By valuing relatability over action shots, TikTok may be ushering in a new era of outdoor creators and celebrities

Actor Kevin Nealon, star and host of the YouTube show Hiking with Kevin, talks about taking celebrities into nature

From media appearances to World Cup championships, she manages it all—with a little help from her mom

According to a recent story in Bloomberg, celebrities and gallons of champagne are all in a day's work at Aspen. But for the rest of us, it’s not so glamorous.

Reality-TV stars never sustain long careers. Just don't tell that to Grylls.

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This summer, Columbia sent Zac Efron and Dylan Efron to Glacier National Park as part of their Tested Tough series, and the guys filmed each other all the way to the top of the Continental Divide Trail.

“Big Sur” captures the musician's love of the California coast

Bobby Kennedy Jr. has spent a lifetime protecting rivers, an ethos born on childhood expeditions

The actor-singer wants to be that guy who gets everyone outside

Any (non-doping-related) publicity is good publicity

Introducing a complete course in authentic adventure, fitness, gear, sports, sex, and so much more

This segment from the documentary follows survival expert Les Stroud, a.k.a. Survivorman, as he attempts to follow the supposed path two-year-old Keith Parkinson took from his barn into the woods where he was eventually found.

We tried to have a serious conversation with the SNL alum about his new HBO cycling mockumentary, Tour de Pharmacy. It sort of worked.

From Carhartt Handmade Films, Fathers Talking Fatherhood features actor/climber/father/badass Jason Mamoa and a group of exceptional fathers as they reflect on what it means to be a dad.

Bill Nye the Science Guy breaks down the important features of fitting a bike correctly.

With only a few inches of the boat above water Jimmy Carter and his mentor Claude Terry, co-founder of American Rivers, completed the first tandem canoe descent of Bull's Sluice rapid.

Buying your first bike can be a daunting task, but renowned scientist Bill Nye is here with Diamondback to provide a formula for success.

Bill Nye The Science Guy has teamed up with the team over at Diamondback to bring you the Let's Ride series explaining the fundamentals of biking.

There's one thing Zack Giffin won't give up in his Tiny House Nation contract, and that's two weeks chasing powder in Alaska.

And how you can prepare for the apocalypse better than a billionaire

The legendary adventurer breaks down blade skills

In 2013, Kelly Lund started taking photos of his dog. More than a million followers later, the pair have officially gone pro.

Jason Momoa is most known for his rugged exterior in Game of Thrones, but this film looks at his humble beginnings.

The pioneering astronaut was the first American to orbit earth. He died Thursday.

A new generation of runners, skiers, entrepreneurs, activists, surfers, explorers, climbers, and photographers are tackling the biggest challenges on the planet—and they’re succeeding. Introducing 30 individuals—all of them under the age of 30—who are leading the way, starting with alpinist David Lama.

Vikings star Travis Fimmel has exactly three possessions: his trailer, his pickup truck, and his horse

The actor known for playing terrifying characters with less-than-exciting dialogue wants you to meet his artistic, climbing-crazy, film-directing side

The popular comic writer and entrepreneur can trace his success back to one day: the day he started running

What’s spurring so many A-list celebrities to appear on a survival TV show? The chance to experience a little fear and risk, which, as Grylls keeps telling us, only makes you stronger.

The North Face co-founder left an indelible mark on outdoors recreation and environmentalism here and abroad

Bono and Revo team up to release a new collection that will raise money for eye care across the world

In search of the everyman who will make bike commuting the norm

To capture professional-grade footage on the world’s highest peak, the makers of Everest turned to a Colorado cameraman who got his start shooting for Warren Miller

Does the catastrophe that gave us 'Into Thin Air' still have the power to captivate? We talk to the cast and crew of the new movie 'Everest' about making an adventure epic roar to life for a new generation.

Tony Schiena's go-anywhere, do-everything fitness regimen

When you build the two millionth edition of an iconic 4x4, it deserves special treatment

Human-rights superhero Kumi Naidoo has a tough assignment: lead the organization into 21st-century relevance. But after a year that saw activists lionized (imprisoned in Putin's jails) and then vilified (unfurling a banner on Peru's ancient Nazca lines), can he save the day?

It's a long story involving snow gods, the director's next film, and big money for the ski town. Take a seat.

A marathon swimmer's reenactment transports theatergoers to the middle of the Florida Straits

Former reality-show skipper Chris Fischer has revolutionized shark science—with a daring system for catching the beasts alive and a radical new research-funding model. During an expedition off the coast of Chile that was interrupted by an undersea earthquake, our man wonders if this guy is the next Cousteau or a corporate-sponsored hype machine.

Patagonia's Jenna Johnson is on a mission to get women into high-tech gear that can take on real adventures.

The soccer superstar checks off his next goal: launching his own whisky.

Examining the perpetual youth and singular talent of surfing's king

More pain quest than workout, misogi is the secret, punishing ritual that has revolutionized Atlanta Hawks supershooter Kyle Korver's game. You have time for this—if it doesn't kill you first.

It's been a national park for 50 years. One more step will ensure that it's safe forever.

Erika Bergman turned her career as a submarine pilot into an international engineering and exploration curriculum. The goal: to get more young women outside and involved in the sciences.

With a bevy of new ski and snowboard films in theaters this month, a quick primer on what sets ski porn apart from other titillating genres.

The Olympic gold medalist on dominating slalom—and what's next on her agenda

The pro traveler needs cutting-edge survival gear as he explorers the farthest reaches of the planet. And his favorite place to play might surprise you. (Hint: It’s in the Midwest.)

The movie version of Cheryl Strayed's hit book features Reese Witherspoon like you've rarely seen her—tangled hair, ratty clothes, and dirt under her fingernails. But the backpacking film has a secret: it's actually a brutal story about loss and love.

It’s rumored Game Of Thrones star Jason Momoa plans to open a brewery and rock gym in Detroit.

This year's star attendee: Caroline Wozniacki

The Olympian is a beer-drinking, book-writing, and record-setting outdoorsman who can run a half-mile faster than you can read the first page of his new book.

Own Reese Witherspoon’s Hollywood-ready hiking boots.

The greatest entertainer of our generation wants to defy death on wires strung 50 stories over the cold, windy streets of Chicago

We polled an all-star team of experts and adventurers to put together our new rules of travel—all the airfare tips and digital tricks that make getting out there easier than ever.

After his loss to 20-year-old Brazilian phenom Gabriel Medina in historic conditions at the Billabong Pro Tahiti, the 11-time world champion will want an even dozen more than ever.

Matthew McConaughey says yes.

Yosemite Valley, the birthplace of rebel climber culture is supposed to be all cleaned up and mellowed out. But as a new film shows, the outlaw spirit is alive and well.

Roman Dial is an adventure icon and Alaskan legend who raised his son, Cody, in the outdoors. Now Cody is missing in a Costa Rican jungle and Roman is leading the search.

On the 100th anniversary of Ernest Shackleton's legendary expedition, a writer retraces the explorer's steps to one of the cruelest, most gorgeous wildernesses on earth.

One man and his canine pal cover 13,000 miles in 32 states to discover just how strong our relationship is with man's best friend.

Reed Timmer gets right into the thick of huge storms for a living. So we asked him to watch Into the Storm, a new tornado thriller, and report back on how it compares to the real thing.

Outside and Greenfield chew the fat about locally sourced food—and learning to grow and hunt your own.

Armstrong talks about his revoked Tour wins, how life has changed in the past year, and working on his golf game.

There is nothing we’d like more than to see the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time return to the five-ringed stage. Can he make it happen at age 31?

When 23-year-old Lahr went missing on a trail outside Ouray, Colorado, the world lost an amazing young talent

What we think will happen on, and off, the course at Sochi

No venture is safe from crowdfunding these days, not even searching for an African warlord. Robert Young Pelton wants you to chip in and help track down the notorious leader of the Lord's Resistance Army.

Morgan Beck Miller mostly kept quiet about the bitter custody battle consuming her and her husband Bode. Until she didn't.

Bode Miller (skier) and Morgan Beck (volleyballer) have had a few rough moments as a couple, including a bitter child-custody battle with an ex-girlfriend and the death of his younger brother, Chelone. But as Bode plunges into the most ambitious ski season of his career, he’s already met his match—a woman who, like him, seems to thrive on a little craziness.