The Joto Organizer is just a sleeve, but one side is packed with customizable elastic straps so you can fit dozens of items, from keys to cords to pens as well as SD cards, your phone, and notebooks. The back side has a thin zippered pocket, great for a passport…

Peak Design takes a more holistic approach to organization with its Tech Pouch, which opens a bit like an accordion and has slots that can accommodate sunglasses, a wallet, phones, and boxier items like a MacBook wall plug. There are smaller slots for thin cords and pens, as well as…

Trying really hard works—and then it gets in your way

A new study prompted misguided reports suggesting that digital technology is just fine for kids. It isn’t.

Seven free apps and one website that will make long travel days a lot less painful

Yet it—along with its meteorologists—is struggling through the shutdown

Stress-corrosion cracking associated with the Future Shock system puts riders at risk, says the bike maker, which issued a full recall of certain models last week

And why you might just prefer a good old-fashioned website

Amid concerns over trail conflicts and land-management issues, e-mountain bikes just keep getting better and better

Three pairs of glasses, two weeks, one goal: to find out whether blue-light-blocking lenses could actually make me sleep and feel better

The ski trail map at your local mountain was probably painted by James Niehues. Now you can see his life's work in one beautiful book.

A legit flagship watch, but it needs a firmware fix

The fabric is knit to form air pockets, offering warming benefits without exposed fibers prone to shedding

Under Armour's new PJs promise more Z's, plus athletic recovery. This I had to try.

It's never a bad time to re-evaluate your digital addiction

And what it could mean for the future of footwear

How do you design something for a user whose only feedback is incessant tail wagging?

Smartwool's Smartloft is a superior insulation

In which we unplug a generation of screen-addicted kids from their devices, give them freedom to roam (unsupervised!), help them make friends with animals, and show them that we, too, love to play outside

A solid budget-minded option, so long as you can tolerate the infuriating keyboard

Lighter, more comfortable designs and high-end safety features make these helmets the best

Hot take! Making cars more dangerous will make our roads safer.

A designer's quest to make the world's greatest piece of cutlery tells us a lot about the tireless creators of our favorite things

An important PSA about driving safely in bad weather

Proven software to budget, save, and protect your money

Research on a pro cycling team suggests that subjective training metrics can match high-tech ones

Setting up a mobile office anywhere just got easier

It not only illuminates your path but also projects a laser bike image on the ground to make sure drivers see you coming

A crowdfunding project promises to bring smoother pack-carrying experiences to the masses

New lens designs are improving the view even on low-contrast days

Timepieces that look good and play hard

A quick overview of Outside's journey to rid its Drupal 7 site of jQuery and use emerging standards

From virtual-reality meditation to infrared saunas, these are the latest innovations and insights for improving your well-being

As your children get older, your trail strategies have to change. Here's some advice from parents who have been there.

Ben Greenfield has some extreme ideas for living healthy. The thing is, most of them work.

Because sometimes you don’t want to listen to bird sounds

New research suggests that national parks are getting hotter and drier faster than the rest of the country

The 45-year-old reached 183.932 miles per hour in her ride around Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats

Want to de-bro cycling? Build more and better bike lanes.

A proper timepiece can handle adventure and look just right back in the office

A guide at a wilderness therapy organization observes an increasing number of teens coming in to treat technology addiction

Most solar powered gear is clunky and doesn’t work as well as advertised. Not this stuff.

Lyfx wants to ­revolutionize the way we play by ­connecting local guides with ­traveling ­adventurers. But can it ­succeed where other apps have failed?

There’s a simple solution to the vexing challenge of getting teens to put down their phones: education

Today, we are going to work on customizing tests by passing in custom parameters.

Puppeteer allows you to do anything you would do manually in Chrome but through code. Need a screenshot? Want to test form inputs? Need to test your web speed? Puppeteer can do all that and more.

At the end of this tutorial, we will have a fully working test that implements Puppeteer, Mocha, and Chai for Outside Online.

The upgrade offers more accurate fitness tracking as well as new smart features, like quick notifications

Developers want rivers lined with high-rises and environmentalists want reintroduction of native grasses. A successful waterfront revitalization needs both.

Floods of people coming out of the city looking to save have positioned the suburbs for renewal

Techies turn to adventure to blow off steam. As San Francisco and Seattle price out everyone but executives, startups and established firms are seeking surprising outdoor play­grounds to put down roots.

Green beer isn’t just for Saint Patrick’s day. The craft-beer industry is growing with the planet in mind.

Great places to live don’t just happen—they’re made. We talked to experts around the country to find out exactly what the most livable towns are doing to rev up the local economy and attract adventure-loving residents.

Garmin and Apple are among a recent wave of companies who’ve entered the stress tracking market. Do the products live up to their claims?

Imagine a future where a robot checks you into your hotel, carries your luggage through the airport, and tunes your skis. Turns out, that future is already here.

Alpina's new offering is a breakthrough for the industry—which is probably why it was launched on Kickstarter

Thanks to a grassroots movement, it's soon going to get a lot simpler to book campsites on federal lands. But with more than two-thirds of public campgrounds controlled by the states, the work has just begun.

Smith claims these sunnies can help you focus better. Do they actually work?

Sleeping in a tent doesn’t have to mean roughing it

Our world is more digital everyday, but humans are analog creatures

For decades, brands have been on a quest to develop ever more capable timepieces so they can capture your imagination

The high-tech material has been used to build frames and components for decades, but as bikes age, catastrophic failures are leading to lawsuits

After falling off a 100-foot cliff and surviving for 36 hours high on the mountain, Scottish climber Rick Allen was found alive.

In 2015, in a secret medical procedure carried out in Bogota, Colombia, the 44-year-old woman got dozens of experimental gene-therapy injections. Why? Because Parrish, the creator of a longevity company called BioViva, believes that science is on the cusp of delivering radically longer lifespans—and she wants to help bring on the revolution.

First off, before I go any further, if you operate a Drupal site and have not applied these patches already, please patch your site right now.

New tech automatically adjusts settings to keep the watch in tracking mode longer, without sacrificing accuracy

Portable solar gadgets are better than a decade ago. But are they worth it?

Our lead bike reviewer set out to answer the question: Do you really need all the fancy riding tech, or will a smartphone suffice?

Guide apps and GPS tools can be vital for off-grid adventures. But relying on them too heavily means we miss out on hidden gems that aren't online.

The electric rigs and bike computers are on the latest list of Chinese imports to be slapped with the 25 percent tax

The DOMDocument is a class built in to PHP that helps developers navigate an HTML document tree and provides methods to help interact with the document.

The family of three watches gets even fancier navigation features, and the 5X Plus gets a pulse oximeter

The problem isn’t dockless bikes. It's dockless cars.

Up your #vanlife game with these apps that help you find camping spots, compare gas prices, and avoid city traffic

Even if you’re not planning on climbing Denali, you can still learn some backcountry best practices from these mountaineering incidents

Experts say most of them don't live up to the hype

Behind the scenes with the Japanese manufacturer and its new mountain bike group set

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