Fast tint shifts, seamless lens changes, and better antifog technology mean you can focus on your line

Speed demons, air addicts, and powder hounds, meet your matches

This season’s best for climbing up and ripping back down

Versatile lids that keep your noggin safe, inbounds and out

Three smart tickets to winter riding fun

Keeping tabs on training and health has never been this seamless

Like always, Apple made important upgrades to its new device. The 12 Pro Max, which launches in November, will be even better.

Zero emissions, 1,000 horsepower, 0-60 in 3.0 seconds, and better angles than a Jeep

If you work in an open space area or spend time traveling, these headphones are essential. We recommended them for getting work done while on the go because they have Bose’s top-notch noise cancellation technology, 20 hours of battery life, and are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

In the fall of 2019, Garrett Madison canceled his expedition on the world's highest peak. Then one of his clients sued him for breach of contract.

Flashlights have flooded the market. Here's how to choose the best one for you.

These buds made it into our 2019 Summer Buyer’s Guide in our list of the best audio gear. They’re lightweight and have a cord that clips to your shirt to stay in place. The sound quality is “faithful to your favorite tracks,” our tester says, but be aware—the buds…

We'll be combing the site for the steepest discounts, so you don't have to

Forget working from home. Here's everything you need to stay connected from your vehicle or a trailhead.

Whether you're hunting, bird-watching, or visiting a national park, the six-ounce Kestrel Glassing Systems Monopod will drastically improve your experience

This high-tech—and high-priced—workout gear looks like it's out of science fiction

The Yeti 200X is Goal Zero’s lightest power station yet, and it’s compact enough to bring on a variety of adventures. “A wise choice on long trips,” wrote our tester, who used it to power his DSLR, laptop, and phone on car-camping excursions.

Compact townie e-bikes are finally gaining popularity across the U.S. Here's where they've been, where they're going, and how to get in on the rise of electric yourself.

It’s the one training metric virtually all runners track, but running scientists think we can do better

Mosquitos can make any outdoor excursion much less enjoyable and bad smelling spray repellent doesn’t make it any better. The portable MR300 creates a 15-foot zone of protection. Bonus: it’s odorless, silent, and easy to use.

New tools to make your next adventure better

There's so much more to seeing through the dark than brightness alone

We're always looking for that magic outfit that can be worn for days on the road before you need to clean it. Here are some tried-and-true picks.

Technology and hyper-anxious parents were destroying one of the last bastions of unfettered childhood long before the pandemic closed camps for the season

The odds of dying on Everest are about one in 100. A new pulse oximeter claims it can drastically reduce that risk.

AdvenChair 2.0, coming out late this year, will allow more people to experience more wilderness

In a time when most of us are struggling with restricted access to the activities we love, I wanted to know if VR would help. What I found surprised me.

From iconic brands like Patagonia to that indispensable camping store in your hometown, the adventure economy has taken an unprecedented hit. The good news: the people who created these businesses are doers, and they're putting everything they've got into staying afloat and preparing for an uncertain future.

Versatility is this headlamp’s calling card. A solid companion for your next camping trip, the Cosmo 225 has a beam distance up to 72 meters and is waterproof, too. Plus, it has five different modes including red night vision and strobe.

Well, sort of. There's no racing on the roads yet, but pro teams are flocking to a digital version that will be broadcast to fans.

A 2.5-liter engine with more torque has bolstered the 2021 iteration

PrimaLoft and Sitka have collaborated to make the material more reliable

In a few years, performance e-bikes will be common on tarmac

We asked professional photographers for the skills you can practice in your own neighborhood

This was the most exciting mountain-bike category of our test

Hardware to help you maximize your workouts

We caught up with Scarpa's climbing shoe category manager Heinz Mariacher to talk about what's next

Versatile bags to withstand your wildest journeys

John Cordoba thinks the future of bikes—and bike racing—includes e-bikes

Meet Robb Jankura, bike builder turned camera-gear designer

Jessica Rogers and her team make some of our favorite trail-running gear

These innovative whips rode to the top of the heap

This category is coming for your road bike

Patagonia's Nano-Air line works for almost any adventure, thanks to its rare combination of durability, stretch, and breathability

We featured this folio in our roundup of gear that gets better with age. It has room for a 13-inch laptop, smartphone, business cards, tablet, and notebook to boot. Our tester wrote that the environmentally certified leather “will make you feel like executive material.”…

The internet is full of gizmos to help your body bounce back from training. These stand out.

Researchers put the four main running power devices through a series of tests and picked a clear winner

Could the company's latest play to own the experience economy transport me virtually around the world? I made sangria with drag queens in Portugal, meditated with sleepy sheep in Scotland, and visited stray dogs in Ukraine to find out just how far Zoom-powered travel could take me.

Rugged, high-clearance, all-wheel-drive vehicles are great for getting out there—but at what cost to cyclists and pedestrians?

It's an upgrade on my previous favorite, the Iota, and my new go-to for backpacking and trail running

In an era dominated by online shopping, dubious influencer endorsements, and trendy, direct-to-consumer gear, it’s harder than ever to know who to trust. Jenny Gyllander, the mind behind the product-review Instagram account @thingtesting, is here to cut through the noise.

If you've done everything in your power to salvage it, and it's still not working like it used to, maybe it's time for something new

You don't need to invest in a lot of equipment and expensive photography classes to get high-quality shots. Just use these simple tricks, courtesy of a professional travel photographer.

Even with major races postponed, the sport remains upside down, with the focus still on shoes instead of who's wearing them

Wes Siler is a terrible photographer. So he asked his buddy, photographer Chris Brinlee Jr.​​​​​​​, to help him take better shots.

Turning to technology may be the best way to get a workout in as we continue to practice social distancing

All that time in the sun and wind takes its toll. Be prepared with these moisturizers.

How to build a system of equipment that will offer direction in wild landscapes

And how to tell if you really need one

A new Southern California resort will feature the same tech—and waves—as the prototype

Computers can identify sounds much better and faster than humans. So what do we learn when we ask them to listen to everything?

Matt Sterbenz believes his company, Wndr Alpine, may have just made the best ski ever. It happens to be built with algae.

Six decades after learning on wooden planks, one person's quest for the holy grail

The simple story of an unfair shoe with “springs” doesn’t capture the true complexity of the ongoing debate about technology in footwear

Track and field's governing body, World Athletics, has prohibited racing in prototypes and issued a limit on stack heights

A new study by Outdoor Foundation finds we're playing outside less than we did a decade ago

The controversial author and personal trainer shares his lessons from the outer limits of self-experimentation

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