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Modern gadgets tell us more about our physiology and recovery needs than ever before, but how might this constant data bath might actually work against our training?   

This avid runner wore his GPS watch 24 hours a day for one month, performing every single workout it suggested

Jean-Luc Diard, cofounder of Hoka, has been innovating in the outdoor world for decades, and he’s not done yet

Here’s a look at the gear, tech, media, and general miscellany our Outside Run editors loved last month

These humble blue straps may have been designed for rafting, but their utility is (almost) as limitless as your imagination

Our Outside experts examine the internet drama and nasty comments about this week’s Titan submersible catastrophe

What storytelling around running can tell us about where the sport is headed

The features include new metrics for cyclists, improved cellular access data for hikers, and mood tracking for wellness enthusiasts

We tapped a gaggle of testers—from a search and rescue pro to an aspiring tennis star—to sort the top sport watches for any activity

We traveled to Los Angeles to Strava’s exclusive event of panels and announcements. Here were some of the essential things we learned about where the tech giant is headed. 

We crunched the numbers from hundreds of thousands of Strava uploads, to see how athletes running in different marathons train differently, and why the Boston field is so speedy

How to satiate your curiosity about the cosmos

Real-time video coverage of ultrarunning events is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Is that a good thing? 

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With ZOLEO, you can be off-grid without being out of touch

An argument in favor of catching sunrises, running errands, and talking with your friends face-to-face

So-called “augmented feedback” can offer both information and motivation. A new study tries to separate the effects.

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The latest technology from Iridium keeps execs and entrepreneurs online in the most remote parts of the world

Great news: you can now explore our entire network, taste-test everything, and easily share stories you love

After suffering a brutal accident while on a kite-skiing expedition expedition in Patagonia, Jim Harris’s painstaking recovery took a sudden leap forward when he had an experience with magic mushrooms

The activity tracking company received criticism after raising fees based on a user’s region, billing type, and date of signup

Whether you’re determined to embrace a healthier diet or finally ride that mountain bike you bought during the pandemic, wellness-focused getaways can help bring those good intentions to fruition. Here are awesome travel-focused ideas designed to do just that.

Sure, everyone has a light on their phone, but preparedness nerds, we need something more

After years of infinite scrolling, it was time for a drastic intervention

Reliable weather apps are crucial for summer adventure-planning, so we spent a month testing dozens to find the best ones

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A global leader in energy innovation, Jackery is building a more sustainable future with affordable solar power that goes anywhere

For the gearhead in your life, here are our editor’s top picks for the runner who is technologically inclined

Garmin's new small satellite communication tool is simpler, but it's their new app that makes the real difference

Join Run Intel to have your GPS watch generate ultra-specific email updates based on your running activities and goals

Make your loved ones’ lives easier with these cutting-edge products

In a post-pandemic world, workers are demanding remote flexibility, more time off, and generous health benefits. These are the companies meeting that bar and more, while encouraging their employees to live an active lifestyle and allowing them to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Travel to earth’s final frontiers is more possible than ever before, with exciting plans on the horizon. The question today isn’t whether you can actually get there anymore, but whether you can afford it.

Bikes today perform better than ever, but many are too sophisticated for home mechanics. What’s being lost?

Smart upgrades remove most of the frustrations with previous generations of the ubiquitous action camera

Will the iPhone eventually do to personal locator beacons what it did to digital cameras?

Whatever your reason for considering an EV—your wallet, the environment, or practicality—adding an e-bike is a far better choice than replacing your current car

The Ultra gets a titanium case, sapphire face, significantly better battery life, and better GPS and off-grid route-tracking features, making it a much more robust backcountry tool

Behold, direct satellite-to-phone connectivity “anywhere you can see the sky”

If you don’t want your phone to ring, just turn it off

Less time digging through bags means more time nailing the perfect shot

The Outerverse Passport will offer up exclusive NFTs, including invites to special dinners and events with Biju

With fabrics created from alga, graphene, and copper, and hoodies built to last a hundred years, two British ad men are creating the apparel and gear of the future

Amid all the noise surrounding Web3, something fascinating is emerging: a new kind of immersive adventure storytelling

You’ll want to know about these earbuds

Doesn’t look like you’ll head back to the office any time soon—why not add some luxury to your home setup?

Our picks for Outdoor Retailer Gear of the Show flip old ideas on their heads

The Revolution Go is an ideal machine for toting your favorite records to picnics, park days, or anywhere else under the sun

We reviewed 341 pieces of gear. But these ones stood above.

This travel speaker impresses with studio-quality sound

There’s a great new wearable for every kind of athletic goal

The best gear for capturing your adventures

This portable, packable device will repel mosquitoes no matter where you take it

This compact solar panel will juice up your next long-distance trek

Devices bringing innovation to the trails and beyond

Carv’s digital coaching software uses insoles with pressure sensors to give you real-time feedback. But can it really help first-timers improve?

The star runner’s decision to be less public on the app illustrates how pro athletes have to find a tricky balance between privacy and exposure

When you’re covering 145 miles through the Alps, every gram counts

A recent climate commitment pledge among leading cycling brands conjured an unexpected feeling in our Bike Snob columnist—empathy

Something surprising is happening on the video app best known for silly dance moves: users are finding inspiration for adventure

The company’s first try took forever to release and wasn’t perfect. Will the new system live up to the hype?

When life started feeling a little stale for writer Graham Averill, he went out in search of a new hobby. He found it in his Toyoya 4Runner, which he’s been converting into his very own adventure vehicle.

Don’t assume a noise deterrent will save you from a run-in with a wild animal. Do your homework before you head out into the wilderness.

Can two and a half minutes of instruction turn you into a better athlete? Givego thinks so.

Potatoes, popcorn, paella, and apple crisp—all of these, and more, can be made using a smokeless fire pit

Starlink promises to bring high-speed internet to rural and remote areas currently underserved by wired internet. Naturally, we had to test it.

Matej Mohoric used a dropper seatpost to win Italy’s Milano-Sanremo road race, and then declared that the traditional mountain-bike component is “the future of cycling.” Here’s why that matters for you.

The phone feature can be a convenient safety tool. But for one writer, it served as a crutch for anxiety.

Missoula, Montana’s M Trail is many things. But mostly it’s just steep.

Buying a house just so you can rent it out on Airbnb is lame. And predatory.

Eco-conscious shopping is hard. Here’s what you need to know about the ten most common standards

Water-cooler chat? Make an appointment.

The Speedland SL:PDX might just change how runners think about their equipment

A disruptive startup is poised to rewrite the definition of performance apparel

The Bowhead Reach is designed to help those who can’t walk access mountain-bike trails

Our Sweat Science columnist spent two months measuring his blood sugar around the clock. Here’s what he found.