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They’re all over your social media feeds, but do they actually work? We turned to a pharmacist and dietician for answers.

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Nature is the ultimate source of wonder. But what is awe, really, and why is it good for us?

A psychedelic renaissance is underway in the U.S., with an emphasis on the healing potential for depression and trauma. An Outside editor gives ketamine a test run and reports that the power is real.

Microadventures are short, sweet, simple, and above all, accessible. Build more of them into your life this year.

Scientists are focusing on the power of awe, and for good reason. Experiencing it is essential for our health. Our author hit the road during California’s superbloom to figure out how our mind and bodies are transformed when we’re blown away by nature.

Studies show that astonishing experiences in nature can have life-changing benefits, and that even small everyday doses of time outdoors can have immediate impacts

There are both healthy and harmful ways to get away from it all, psychologists point out

The surfer’s agoraphobia was preventing him from living the life he wanted, so he reached out to his wave-riding community for help

I have ADHD, occasional anxiety, and my sleep schedule sucked. After a four-month experiment, I found the antidote to my problems was right outside my front door.

For climbers and hikers who strive for higher peaks, these exercises may help prepare your lungs for thin air

Plus, what to keep in mind as you ice that sore muscle

The practice of adventure racing can satisfy a deep-rooted need to strategize and push one’s physical limits. For this writer, it also gave her an unshakeable feeling of escape.

In her new book, ‘Laid and Confused,’ Maria Yagoda explores why we’re having such bad sex—and tactics that may help change that

Good for the planet, better for your innards, vegan and vegetarian hot dogs are a win-wiener

When the travel guide’s life turned upside down during the pandemic, he saw a chance to venture toward the kind of future he really wanted

Some doctors are now prescribing physical activity for mental health. Here's why.

The scientific evidence is overwhelmingly clear: spending time outdoors boosts your brain function. So what are you waiting for?

Wildfire seasons are getting worse. The increase in smoke is harming heart, lung, brain, and skin health.

The features include new metrics for cyclists, improved cellular access data for hikers, and mood tracking for wellness enthusiasts

The ancient ritual turned TikTok trend is happening everywhere

Instead of berating yourself for wasting away your time, focus your energy on these three key benefits

Gladys McGarey, MD, explains what we should all be doing to seek out happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives

At the end of my mother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, I realized I needed to handle my sorrow the same way I approached athletic training

These science-backed hacks can help you lower your stress levels almost instantly

You’ve probably never appreciated hang time like this before

These odd scraps of property tell us more about ourselves than we realize.

Kelly Murray, a certified pediatric and adult sleep consultant, shares what you need to know about this common habit

Nature and nurture both contribute to a dog’s lifespan. Bobi, the world’s oldest dog, is a perfect example.

Sure, pretty sunsets and endorphin-pumping summits do the trick. But we’ve also found plenty more surprising moments of wonder and delight.

I only recently learned that hitting the trails solo makes me feel more alive.

The sport sweeping the country taught me how to feel like a kid again

Answers to three of the most common questions asked in the springtime

Because staying hydrated doesn’t have to be complicated

When upgrading your kit becomes a way to ignore your problems

These 8 concepts I learned translated far beyond just the physical practice

Visiting the indoor crag during peak hours helped me cultivate a community

Reap all the physical and mental advantages of mindfulness without ever saying “ohm”

Americans live in one of the most individualistic nations on earth—and it can be one of the most isolating, too. Could hiking be a way for us to find our way back to community?

You'll want to try this hack to beat your insomnia

How to deal with death, injury, and loss, and why the tough-guy culture of the mountains is so toxic to healing.

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Training, tools, and techniques vary. What you need to know to choose a physical therapist versus a chiropractor.

At a dark moment in his childhood, the actor found belonging when he buried himself beneath the snow

When her son was jailed for a crime he didn’t commit, the former legislator dealt with her pain in isolation. A powerful experience in nature spurred her to turn to her community for support.

My sport is a huge part of my identity, but I’m not as good as I hoped I’d be. What if this is my peak? 

New studies confirm that spending time outside can ease physical symptoms

We asked experts what to consider before you hit the pavement

An argument in favor of catching sunrises, running errands, and talking with your friends face-to-face

5 tips to help you feel less critical and embrace your body

Therapy on the hiking trail couldn’t fix the new normal of Oregon wildfire season, but could it help me grapple with it?

After a grapefruit-size cancerous tumor nearly killed her, the physician committed to spending as much time as possible doing what she loves most

In a time when people are more attached to their devices than ever, getting outside has never been more vital to our happiness and wellbeing.

Experts weigh in on whether your period ought to have a say in your workouts

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Hydration isn’t just for race day. The latest science shows that it not only makes you feel better and stronger today, but is key to a long and healthy life.

She was one of the world’s best big-mountain freeskiers—and then, suddenly, she decided she was done

One yoga teacher immersed herself in freezing water for 31 days. Here’s her advice for how you can do it, too.

Research makes a strong case for taking your practice into the wild as the weather warms—or at least your backyard

A slow walk through the woods has psychological and physiological benefits—and it could teach you a few things about hiking, too.

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Learn about the benefits of being properly hydrated daily

Exploring how the simple act of spending time outside can solve so many of life’s problems

COVID-19 lockdowns were critical for preventing the spread of the virus, but the isolation also took a toll on the strength of our immune systems. Plus: smart ways to stay healthy next time you get on a plane.

When one of the world’s best crack climbers was grounded by chronic fatigue syndrome—a mysterious illness with disabling symptoms that can include a mix of confusion, headaches, and sensory overload—his life became an uphill struggle just to feel human again.

All that hiking, biking, and climbing can take a toll on more than your quads

After suffering a brutal accident while on a kite-skiing expedition expedition in Patagonia, Jim Harris’s painstaking recovery took a sudden leap forward when he had an experience with magic mushrooms