Why even the healthiest athletes stock their carts with Lucky Charms and Ben & Jerry’s—and how to beat the junk-food craving once and for all.

Ski slopes are hard enough to navigate without injury. Don’t let your snack be a liability too.

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Exactly what alcohol does to athletic performance

What to do when it's dark and frigid outside? We have some ideas. For starters, try building a backyard sauna, mixing up a powerful cocktail, joining a mountain race, mixing up a powerful cocktail, joining a mountain race, creating the perfect cabin fire, learning to dogsled, swinging a war hammer, kicking back with a classic adventure book, or escaping to a tropical island. Just hurry up—spring will be here before you know it.

Breakthrough therapies are helping athletes recover from injuries previously thought untreatable. But many doctors remain unaware of the advancements.

It’s not just for elite athlete. Training alone—in the right dose—will make you a faster and more resilient athlete.

Specializing in one sport will take you only so far. To really break through, you'll need to branch out.

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Something about messing up has us tiptoeing around mistakes, but embarrassment can help us get ahead by making risk-taking seem a little less risky

Nothing in this world is certain, except death, taxes, and traffic on the morning commute

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Even if it means eating a bar on the bike

Cue: A sleep deficit, a Saturday morning. Reward: Fun dreams, self-awareness, less stress.

There have never been so many innovative solutions for sleeping in public

Because even a great pair of socks can make getting fit more doable

Fact-checking trusted training maxims

More protein than beef. More omegas than salmon. Tons of calcium, antioxidants, and vitamin B. In their secret R&D lab, the scientists at Beyond Meat concocted a plant-protein-based performance burger that delivers the juicy flavor and texture of the real thing with none of the dietary and environmental downsides.

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I'm sick and shouldn't take my flight. How can I avoid paying expensive rebooking fees?

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Or is another mysterious condition to blame for deaths during the swim leg? A new report unveils a long-misunderstood killer.

We don't know if the biohacking craze is full of snake-oil salesmen or prophets. Probably a little of both.

Face it, most of us aren't complete athletes. We lack the strength to make us fit, and we follow cultlike exercise programs. But there is a cure: Listen to renegade coach Mark Rippetoe, grab a barbell, and get back to basics.

Health-and-fitness publications often takes liberties (gasp!) with scientific studies. Here's why you shouldn't believe everything you read—and how to separate the facts from the slough.

Ultrarunning recovery and racing tips from the winner of the TransRockies Trail Run.

I like to exercise in the afternoon or evening, but I often feel too tired to motivate myself. Could a quick rest help?

As patients jettison insurance plans for concierge care, some are looking to optimize their fitness level along with their health.

We're all familiar with digital detoxes, but one young man took it a step further. Many steps further in fact.

Rule One: Don't confine your training to the gym. Movement needs to be a lifestyle. Rule Two: Don't just move. You need a goal. And you need to train.

Sure, running five minutes a day will help you live longer, but it's not going to get you in shape—or even scrape the surface of your potential.

Anxiety, depression, obesity—kids are increasingly becoming unhappy and unhealthy. But there is a pill-free solution: outdoor play.

Ingenious tips from essential wellness books

Nathan’s Zeal race vest packs a lot of hydration into one small, efficient must-have.

No, don't stop using it. But you need to go beyond SPF and add more protection to your arsenal.

I thought that starchy foods aren't good for you—why do I keep reading about the health benefits of this certain type?

Most of us shower daily to stay clean. But from a scientific standpoint, our modern hygiene habits are overrated.

Hint: It has nothing to do with mileage or speed

Don't listen to the headlines—you need more than seven hours of sleep to play hard.

Sports nutrition companies like Herbalife have been hawking health-in-a-pill for years with no evidence that their products work. And despite edging into possibly illegal territory, they're going to continue to get away with it.

I usually sleep for a full eight hours, but lately my new baby has been waking us up every few hours. Does interrupted sleep still count as sleep?

Plants have long been lauded for their health-promoting antioxidants. But recent research upends that thinking—broccoli is good for you precisely because it stresses your body.

Whether you're an elite rock climber or just plain hard on your hands, these are the tips you need to keep your skin strong and healthy.

1,800 CrossFit gyms already offer programs for kids. Should they?

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We caught up with Wallace J. Nichols to learn about his new book, which explores all the surprising ways water contributes to our happiness—and our success.

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Hardrock veteran Kirk Apt has logged 2,010 miles and 680,000 feet of vertical ascent through the San Juan Mountains since 2000. Here's how.

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Most CrossFit affiliates across the country welcome out-of-towners who want to take part in the workout of the day—or WOD—making any vacation into a possible CrossFit vacation. But if you’re looking for a trip that specifically caters to people who like to spend their free time doing burpees, snatches, ring…

Sometimes you have to take your own advice—or suck it up and eat crow.

From wombats to killer whales, animals suffer from OCD, PTSD, anxiety, phobias, and mood disorders. What that says about us, and how we can learn to be "therapy humans" for our pets.

You’re likely to face some hot races, or at least some hot training days, this summer. So I asked five elite ultramarathoners what gear they recommend to keep cool during the hottest months of the year. Below, I’ve listed five gear hacks, tips, and products these men use to battle…

That magic threshold is, well, bogus. And we've known it for years. So why are we still so obsessed with logging 10,000 hours of deliberate practice?

Taking your kids to an ultramarathon can be a distraction from the aches and pains of running long distances